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Found 5 results

  1. While this theme began as an excuse to get more Cumberbatch into my life, it has turned into a solid plan. Rules of the Game: There are 12 action items (each worth 2 points) that can be completed each day: Egoscue Back Exercises Hip Flexibility Take Prescription Sunlight Strength Training Cardio/Walking Pull-Ups MFP tracking No Sugar No Grains 5-6 Small Meals a day 4 Cups of Not Coffee There are also chores that I can do around the house worth an additional 3 points should I need the bonus points: Master Bath Clean Tile Floors Dust Master Bedroom Wash Bedding Clean Wood Floors Wash Cat Boxes Clean inside of Car Dust Sunroom I need 120 points a week to defeat Moriarty and get to the next level of his evil game. If I finish the challenge with a full 480 points I beat Moriarty at his GAME and win a prize TBD.
  2. I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was I believe that I am ready to be my very best. I know what makes me feel and look my best, I just need to follow through. I'm taking my pokemon with me to give me some inspiration and companionship along the journey. ____________________________________________ Bulbasaur: 4 servings of fruits and vegetables every day Squirtle: 3 cups of water/herbal tea every day Charmander: Keep the metabolism fired up with 10k of walking/rucking every week Pikachu: 5 days of real sun or electric sun lamp (20 minutes) Gym Battle: Train for the Rainbow badge by completing 10 kettlebell workouts (following "Enter the Kettlebell") Pokemon Coins Bonus: No grains = 1/2 a coin Low sugar = 1/2 a coins 5 Coins = 100 PokeCoins on my PokemonGo game
  3. Lightning Bites the Bullet After completely bailing during the last challenge I have a new perspective on what I am trying to accomplish. While I have absolutely leveled up my strength and general fitness there are so many other ways to "level up" my life. This time around I'm going to focus on trying new things, facing fears and getting used to being uncomfortable. One of the 'new things' I'm going to try is using a Bullet Journal to keep track of my daily tasks and weekly goals. To-Do lists help with my anxiety and the bullet journal is a fun and creative way to record things. Anytime I get to use markers and stickers I'm a happy Lightning. Main Goal Be strong in body and mind! Body Goal Exercise 5x a week. Anything counts but must change things up by trying some new routines, taking a class, etc. I'm going to try GMB's free Rings workouts and try their bodyweight workout. Also going to try another Spin class. Body & Mind Goal No Grains. No desserts/sweets. Grains and sugar mess with my digestion and my anxiety. No grains or sweets needs to become my normal day-to-day (monday-friday) diet. Special occasions are just that...special. I'll handle those as best I can. Mind Goal Stop procrastinating. Every week I will do something that I have been avoiding. Life Goal Face my biggest fear...flying. Going to Ireland in a few weeks which is on the VERY top of my bucket list. Super excited but also dealing with almost daily anxiety about the flight.
  4. Tracking on enemy target has been lost. Ground-based recon is required. Begin landing sequence. MAIN MISSION To create and enforce good habits that will help me reach success in my life and in my profession. CHOZO RUINS This mission will focus on progression and maybe exploring different ways of doing them. We will be focusing on 3 things listed in my 2015 bucket list; splits, pull up and cleaning up the diet. We'll be continuing to follow Samus Aran (of Metroid fame) as she lands on Tallon IV and explores the Chozo Ruins during this challenge. Boss: Flaahgra Morph Ball Acquired Charge Beam Acquired Missile Launcher Acquired Incoming scan data. Fluid patterns analyzed. Main Source of Toxins in Ruins detected in Sunchamber. BOSS : FLAAHGRA +3 CON +2 STA 4 days/week No Grains Last challenge I did 4 no grain days a week (minus one slip up and a week that was a freebie due to meetings). I'm going to continue with this, because I honestly felt so much better on the weeks where I was careful. The first week is a freebie due to circumstances (I'm at a 3 day workshop and either they're giving lunch, or I'm making lunch for 2 with no fridge/microwave), but you bet I'll still try to get it down. I may add new recipes in, depending on how busy I am (and if I get that spiralizer for veggie spaghetti). MORPH BALL ACQUIRED +5 DEX Splits 4-5x/week I've tried to add this in at the end of last year, but was way over my head. So I'm going to do just the splits for this one. CHARGE BEAM ACQUIRED +5 STR Pull Up Progression 4x/week (or every other day) 2015 is the year I will get THAT DAMN PULL UP. But unlike last year, I'm going to be pro-active about it. Sure I've gotten stronger with the pole, but chasing after a pull up will make me stronger AND will help with my pole progression! So we'll start with dumbbell rows and see how that progresses. MISSILE LAUNCHER ACQUIRED MINIMIZE! Sell/donate/get rid of things you don't need! Sort through paperwork Recycle electronics Another goal for 2015 is to move out (for the last time). I've gotten better (somewhat) at not buying stuff I don't really need (helps that I don't have much room) but I do have stuff that I'm not using any more. I've also gone through quite a bit of paperwork in the interim between challenges, but I'd like to get through some more. And I'd like to get as much sorting/organizing at home done. This is not graded. MOTIVATION To feel better, more energetic and stronger. To lose weight to make learning new moves easier and fit in my old clothes. To help control my crohn's. To stop collecting underpants and ACT on my dreams. To enjoy life and keep momentum! To be the best me I can BE!
  5. Unidentified distress beacon has been tracked to a derelict space vessel in orbit above Tallon IV. MAIN MISSION To create and enforce good habits that will help me reach success in my life and in my profession. FRIGATE ORPHEON This mission will focus on preparing to assault my strength/flexibility goals (pullups, deadlifts and various pole tricks), assaulting my diet and keeping sane while preparing for the holidays and the release of a new xpac (WoW). We'll be following Samus Aran (of Metroid fame) as she explores what's left of the Space Pirate Frigate Orpheon above Tallon IV during this challenge. Scan Space Pirate Logs Boss: Parasite Queen Escape! Gold Quest / Varia Suit Malfunction SCAN SPACE PIRATE LOGS +2 WIS Read Starting Strength (400 pages) Prepare Log to track progress (for SS and for measurements/etc) Removed I'm at the point in my pole classes where I feel like I'm not getting stronger as fast as I would like. Or in other words, I'm impatient. However I want to read the book first to understand what the heck I'm doing and why. BOSS : PARASITE QUEEN +4 CON +1 STA 4 days/week No Grains Track Carb Intake Last challenge I read The Primal Blueprint. I'm not sure I can delve in 100% living where I do (my family loves their breads and constantly buys some. This isn't a problem when I live on my own with the exception of take out). So there are only 3 days a week where I can have grains. The other four are no grain days. The second part is not graded, but I'd like to track my carb intake to see the difference between grain/no grain days and see if I can keep it in the PB range automatically after. I believe a mostly primal diet can only benefit me after the experiments I did last challenge with eating. ESCAPE! +3 DEX +2 CON Splits 2x/week Removed Theraputty/Wrist stretches 5x/week (bumped from 3 on Week 3) Massage Roller/Ball 2x/week Removed We're not practicing splits as much in class (probably because we don't have enough time before next class) so I'm taking maters into my own hands. Cannon. Whatever. Speaking of hands, my wrists, fingers and forearms on BOTH arms are not too pleased with me. Right hand is normal with drawing and gaming. Not both. So I bought some theraputty (thank you for mentioning them sylph!) so let's escape this situation. GOLD QUEST / VARIA SUIT MALFUNCTION +2 CHA +1 WIS Pay off last 2% of Gold Quest Completed Dec 9th Make Gifts Pretty self explanatory. Pay off the rest of the Gold Quest and make gifts for the holidays. Samus does lose her upgrades and Varia Suit as she's escaping Frigate Orpheon, my equivalents are simply the gifts I'll be making MOTIVATION To feel better, more energetic and stronger. To lose weight to make learning new moves easier and fit in my old clothes. To help control my crohn's. To stop collecting underpants and ACT on my dreams. To enjoy life and keep momentum!
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