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Found 5 results

  1. While this theme began as an excuse to get more Cumberbatch into my life, it has turned into a solid plan. Rules of the Game: There are 12 action items (each worth 2 points) that can be completed each day: Egoscue Back Exercises Hip Flexibility Take Prescription Sunlight Strength Training Cardio/Walking Pull-Ups MFP tracking No Sugar No Grains 5-6 Small Meals a day 4 Cups of Not Coffee There are also chores that I can do around the house worth an additional 3 points should I need the bo
  2. I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was I believe that I am ready to be my very best. I know what makes me feel and look my best, I just need to follow through. I'm taking my pokemon with me to give me some inspiration and companionship along the journey. ____________________________________________ Bulbasaur: 4 servings of fruits and vegetables every day Squirtle: 3 cups of water/herbal tea every day Charmander: Keep the metabolism fired up with 10k of walking/rucking every week Pikachu: 5 days of real sun or elec
  3. Lightning Bites the Bullet After completely bailing during the last challenge I have a new perspective on what I am trying to accomplish. While I have absolutely leveled up my strength and general fitness there are so many other ways to "level up" my life. This time around I'm going to focus on trying new things, facing fears and getting used to being uncomfortable. One of the 'new things' I'm going to try is using a Bullet Journal to keep track of my daily tasks and weekly goals. To-Do lists help with my anxiety and the bullet journal is a fun and creative way to re
  4. Tracking on enemy target has been lost. Ground-based recon is required. Begin landing sequence. MAIN MISSION To create and enforce good habits that will help me reach success in my life and in my profession. CHOZO RUINS This mission will focus on progression and maybe exploring different ways of doing them. We will be focusing on 3 things listed in my 2015 bucket list; splits, pull up and cleaning up the diet. We'll be continuing to follow Samus Aran (of Metroid fame) as she lands on Tallon IV and explores the Chozo Ruins during this challenge. Boss: Flaahgra Morph Ball
  5. Unidentified distress beacon has been tracked to a derelict space vessel in orbit above Tallon IV. MAIN MISSION To create and enforce good habits that will help me reach success in my life and in my profession. FRIGATE ORPHEON This mission will focus on preparing to assault my strength/flexibility goals (pullups, deadlifts and various pole tricks), assaulting my diet and keeping sane while preparing for the holidays and the release of a new xpac (WoW). We'll be following Samus Aran (of Metroid fame) as she explores what's left of the Space Pirate Frigate Orpheon above Tal
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