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  1. Hi! This is my first actual challenge as a Ranger, and it couldn't have come at a better time, because I need to up my ability to be flexible and stick to a schedule at the same time, and we are the jack of all trades. I'll definitely need some help to pull it off, even if that help is someone either rooting for me or telling me I am doing too much at once (happens a lot). So this is the deal. I have recently started a new office job (1st of March). It doesn't really change my lifestyle much, I just spend 8 hours sitting somewhere else and not at home. But it has changed it in three ways. I have started getting up at 5:45 am every day. Which means I have to go to bed early and I need to figure out how to not sleep too much on the weekends (gives me a headache). And I come home at 4:30 pm which is right before the time I start feeling sleepy no matter what (5-6 pm) and then feel wide awake. Will this fix itself over time? No idea. Do I need to do things during those hours? Hells yes. I have started drinking far more water - I hit my four glasses goal every day now and I get to 8 at times. It is because I work in a very warm office, and because I get up super early. I eat more (an extra meal or two) because I no longer get up at odd times of the day. I have started slacking in my workouts. It makes me feel better when I do workout however and I want to get back into it and get some of the strength I lost in my legs back. I focused on my arms more so they are pretty much the same. I like routine, but if I do it too often I get bored. I was on a 'see if you can do yoga' kick and it threw me off balance. Slow and steady is not for me, I want my heart to race. I need to keep up with my chores, my freelancing, and my book (I need to finish the self-edit so I can send it to the editor) and the magazine I volunteer at. I need to also read three chapters of a book a friend is writing. I do a lot as you can see. And I need to make myself spend some guilt-free free time. I need to chill. I am a naturally anxious person (but I don't have anxiety, though I have dealt with depression before) and I need to learn how not to take everything to heart and be a bit less like a sponge that sucks up every negative emotion around her. I need to learn to care less and realise that being nervous only hurts me and doesn't help. Easier said than done. Some things I do to help this - I have a planner and a tracker. I track a ton of things, from my water to what I do to my exercise, to meals, to my work. I am aiming for once a week for exercising (probably Saturday), and moving around during other days. I did that this last week and I am still sore from regular squats (as a reference I did assisted pistols by the bed before that). So, saying all of this, this is what I am planning for these four weeks. GOALS: Track everything - I just need to get back on track with this and as these weeks go buy it should get easier. It is an established routine I am too lazy to go through here, but suffice to say I should be doing a chore a day, some work or some relaxation after actual work. It is a bunch of little steps that will amount to big changes. Worked with the bed and brushing my teeth, should work with other things too. Keep calm - I honestly have no idea how to do this one. I know listening to music after work and moving helps a lot. Exercise too - feel free to suggest routines I can do easily below, I could use the links. I do the beginner body-weight workout from here. I just need something to get my heart rate up. I hate running, yoga and anything that makes me sit still. I like weird moves, low rest times and things I can do while listening to Pantera. Learn to say NO - example, the chapters I am reading. I should have just said 'no I can't this month' but nooooo, Echo has to be nice and accommodating because he is a friend and I have so few of those. Open your mouth and say things, he wouldn't have gotten mad. For this I just need to be verbally slapped over and over. Phew that was a lot. I hope it wasn't too much. Hope to hear from a lot of you, I like conversing with people, it makes me happy when I know people care enough to read and say something.
  2. So, I'm currently not lifting. But, I have no time. I have things to get done, and I don't think I'm going to get it done in time. It's absolutely crunch time, and shit has just got to get sorted or I'm screwed. So, I have a list of goals that are not lifting/fitness related, and I have two that are. And I'm once again motivating myself with money towards some future coaching. So here goes nothing. Goal 1: Get the nursery ready - Paint the nursery ($3.5) - Move in the furniture ($3.5) - Add curtains ($3.5) - Add a light cover ($3.5) - Transfer baby stuff from lounge to nursery ($3.5) - Get nursing chair covered ($3.5) Max for goal $21 Goal 2: Get the house baby ready - clean lounge room ($3.5) - clean hallway ($3.5) - clean kitchen ($3.5) - clean laundry ($3.5) - clean bathroom ($3.5) - Setup cleaning schedule to keep it that way ($3.5) Max for goal $21 Goal 3: Start tracking some meals - Track at least one meal each day - $1 for each day I manage this Max for goal $28 Goal 4: Return to fitness Ger back into things in the last two weeks of the challenge. By then everything should be far enough along that I have time to get to the gym again. - 3 strength sessions per week while rebuilding ($1 per session) - 3 conditioning sessions per week while rebuilding ($1 per session) Max for goal $12 Goal 5: It's NaNoWriMo already! - 1667 words per day for every day in November ($1) Max for goal $18 Once again, $100 worth of goals for the challenge, each broken up into small manageable chunks. And I can start to earn dollars during zero week, although, now that it's Thursday morning already, I'm not so sure I'm going to manage that one.
  3. Hey everyone! I'm Rhakna (Ashley is fine too), a recent graduate from the recruits here to chill with the assassins. I'm not a total fitness newbie, but I'm definitely out of shape, and new to all of this body-mastery business. So, uh, a-anyway, I'm not sure what else to say, so let's just awkwardly transition into the meat of the post! Yay! Main Quest: Join the ShepherdsI only just bought Fire Emblem: Awakening. I know, there's already a trailer for the next installment... It's one of my favorite franchises and I've fallen behind. I'm still within the first ten chapters, so no spoilers please while I catch up! D:I'll be getting a little help from my fellow Shepherds on my quest: become the best me I can be. You know, one that can do cool flips and shit. Oh, and a pull-up. It may look like I'm really reaching with these characters, but I'm just working with who I know from the game so far. Judging by some screens I've seen, I'm in for some pretty cool characters ahead... but FE never disappoints with their character designs. 01: Eat Better with Stahl (+3 CON, +1 WIS)I put nutrition on the back burner before. No more! Watching what I eat will help me lose weight and fuel my body, and both of those will help me master my body when I work out.Track all food on Lose It for two weeks.After two weeks: Continue tracking, work on new recipes/cook more often, alter intake... depends on how the first two weeks go. 02: Diligently Train with Sully (+2 STR, +2 STA)(artist credit, btw)Oh, Sully. What's not to love?Work out at least 3x/week for 30 minutes each, or 90 minutes total for the week.Strength, cardio and conditioning are all included in this category. 03: Limber Up with.. uh.. Marth! (+2 DEX, +2 STA)He looks pretty limber, right? Me-yow. (I realize Marth isn't all that he seems, but I'm leaving it this way because reasons.)Practice at least 3x/week for thirty minutes each, or 90 minutes total for the week.Yoga, level 1 & 2 gymnastics, beginner parkour moves (rolls, etc), and flexibility training are all included in this category. And a little something-something on the side: 04: Budget with... Miriel? (+3 WIS)Hey, if anyone can get my finances in order, it's her. (Toootally not just a shameless excuse to include her here. If only she'd marry my female avatar... sigh.) List steps I need to take to fix my finances (week zero goal).Divvy up steps between the remaining weeks & execute (week one and beyond). 05: Branch Out with Donny (+3 CHA, +1 WIS)(dat joke. womp womp.)I've spent an embarrassingly large chunk of my life stuck to a computer. Time to explore all the other cool things I'd like to do.Finish reading No Sweat. This book covers some interesting fundamentals regarding making changes in my life, starting from the bottom of the pyramid: physiological needs.Finish playing through FE:A. I've got 43 chapters left, which is a little over a chapter a day, but I think I can handle it. I think that's everything! Here's to an even better challenge than the last.
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