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  1. Hey everybody! This is my 3rd challenge and I am excited to see the progress I will make over the next 6 weeks. For this challenge, as with the last, my main goal is weight loss. Eventually, I want to get down to a healthy 145 lbs. To achieve this goal, my subgoals will focus on making fitness breakthroughs and finally overcoming bad eating habits. Challenge Goals: 1. Run a 5k I have never been able to run a full 5k. I always get super out of breath, have to walk for a while, and then alternate jogging and walking for the last mile/1.5 miles. This challenge I will build my endurance and by the end hopefully be able to run a full 5k. Yesterday I ran 1.80 miles before I had to walk. So 1.8 will be my starting point: Week 1: 1.90 miles Week 2: 2.10 miles Week 3: 2.40 miles Week 4: 2.70 miles Week 5: 2.90 miles Week 6 3.10 miles The above is how I plan to measure my progress on a weekly basis. If I meet the running mileage for the week I get an A. Currently, my plan is to attempt the 5k once a week at the end of the week. I plan to strength train 4 days. I'm considering swapping a strength day for a sprint day to help with the 5k endurance. What do you all think? 2. 20 Pushups This was my goal for the last challenge, which I wasn't able to complete. Unlike last time though, this time I can do a pushup. I feel like that puts me at a better place for this challenge. My starting point is 3-4 consecutive pushups. Week 1: 5 pushups Week 2: 8 pushups Week 3: 11 pushups Week 4: 14 pushups Week 5: 17 pushups Week 6: 20 pushups The above is how I plan to measure my progress on a weekly basis. If I meet the pushup number for the week I get an A. If I don't, I'll determine my grade based on where I am at the end. 18-20 = A 15-17 = B 10-15 = C 7-10 = D < 7 = F 3. No more binge eating 1 Binge = B 2 Binges = C 3 Binges = D 4+ Binges = F I struggled with disordered eating 2 years ago and never fully overcame it. The stress-induced eating left, but the need to binge (though less frequent) was still there. I did great during most of the last challenge (didn't have any desire to binge on crap food) until the very end when pms started up. I've discovered after doing some research that my binging as of late is actually tied to depression which only sets off at an off and on rate for a week or two during pms. Pms should hopefully finish by the start of this challenge and put me in a good place for starting new habits. On a weekly basis I plan to eat more leafy greens, socialize more (when opportunities arise), and work on positive body image. All of these (plus exercise which I will be doing as well) are supposed to help reduce pms depression. So hopefully, near the end of this challenge when pms comes again, I'll be better equipped to overcome it.
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