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Found 3 results

  1. Title pretty well says it all. This 5 week challenge is devoted simply to eating right. The goal is to intermittent fast 6 days a week, eating only between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. I figured I should take my lack of food around the house and turn it to my advantage. Instead of grubbing for food on the way home, I can get a decent meal at work for breakfast and lunch, and keep it at that. Simple, measurable, and achievable. Game on! - Murphy's Roommate
  2. Everybody loves the classic PB&J sandwich. However it's not at all paleo, nor is it low-carb or sugar-free or low-cal or 'clean' or vegan. /sigh BUT it actually IS the most delicious thing ever. (and my 'cheat' treat every week ) Here I've got some examples of both the classic PB&J, as well as some delish variations. WARNING: Not for weaklings who can't resist! 1. Literally the first image I got when i typed pb&j into google images Omnomnomnom.... 2. Why not add some banana to that? Balance out with some carrots people!!! 3. Or grill it! mmmmhh... ooey gooey greatness. 4. PB&J SUSHI Admit it, that's pretty awesome. 5. French toast PB&J ? Sweet lord, this one even has cornflakes on it! 6. Ran out of bread? Why not try a donut! The insulin spike already scares the hell out of me... 7. Ran out of donuts too? What about pancakes!! I'm having so much fun posting this!! 8. Want to make your cheat treat worthwhile? Deepfry it! (please don't) It's starting to get gross now.... 9. Get rid of the jelly, throw in some Nutella...and....bacon? OH EM GEE You're in for a surprise, mate! If you're still not up for a pb&j sandwich, get out! Or give better alternatives, always welcome Post your PB&J sandiwches here and i've you've got more of this all-time favourite indulgences, post them below!!
  3. I lean towards a very protein heavy version of the Weight Watchers plan. Part of that is oatmeal, which I despised until I found this method. I cannot remember where I got it, but I may have seen it in an Alton Brown book? I simply take my steel cut oats and put them in a pot with a pat of real butter 1tsp. of EVOO, 1/2 tsp. of kosher salt, and toast them over medium heat until they get a nice rich brown color and the whole house smells like popcorn. After they are good and toasty, I add 3x the volume of the oats in water (6 cups water for 2 cups oats) and 1/2-1 cups of dry nonfat milk. sometimes I plop in a dash of good vanilla extract too. I then bring them to a boil and as soon as they are rolling I clap on the lid and turn my gas all the way down as low as it will get. in an hour I have the best chewy, savory oats in the world. I flavor them with some black or blue berries and stevia, or get this...If I want a savory dinner, I mix in an envelope of onion soup mix and some dark beer to make a right good porridge. I know this site is Paleo oriented but for me there is room for good carbs in my healthy diet.
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