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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I am Stronkey Kong. I've been on NF about eight years . I'm still fat and making the best of it. I just bought and started moving into a house... aka WIZARD TOWER. For the next two weeks I'm going to be packing and moving things over. Then there are projects coming. Lot's of projects. The house is 101 years old. It's in good condition and the living areas are solid, but the basement gets quite wet and even floods when it rains heavily. I now have grass to cut regularly. More chores than before and a bigger space to maintain and take care of. Also, I am getting a cat. Soon. My cousin found a stray and can't keep her. I meditate and am for all intents and purposes a Tibetan Buddhist of the Gelug Lineage. I am have it in my head to hit the trails and do some camping this summer, tho I will be quite busy. Right now my fitness goals are basically: Stay functional and limber and don't throw out your back doing stupid shit. Eating so I can maybe drop a few pounds And get some movement in so I can push back some of the medical trauma that runs in my family. I am also writing my fantasy novel again, and reading for inspiration. And, yeah, here's that big list I keep bringing up at the beginning of these things. GOALS WIZARD TOWER: I finally have my Wizard Tower. But that means things to do... I have to finish moving out of my old apartment and into my house... goal is by Aug 14. I have one major project that needs to be done ASAP, install a sump pit/pump. I want to be at least ready to start on that by challenge end. I need to go through my home inspection reports, and make a big list of repair projects. Also, add to this, listing improvements I want to make, then prioritizing and scheduling, so I can plan ahead for the future. Also, making this place friendly for my new house mate, Arya: MEDITATE: maintain my current streak since March 21st (127 days) MOVE: I have plenty to do to keep me moving daily. There's plenty of house chores and projects. If not I can go for walks or do some exercise. NOOM: There's quite a bit of daily stuff with Noom: Reading articles daily. Weigh in. Log meals and water Try to hit calorie goal READ/WRITE -- Set up a writing space in my new place and strive for 15 min per day. And get back on following my writing success guidelines.
  2. We all know the Doctor and his companions run. A Lot. So, in an effort to be ready for the Doctor when he arrives to whisk me away in the TARDIS, I am creating a 6 Weeks Challenge to get me in gear. I will focus on running, light weight training, and better fuel for fitness. Companions RUN! Companions have to be first and foremost curious enough to hang out with a 2-hearted, centuries-old alien. Then they have to be willing and able to run. So, getting my running up to par is a MUST for Companion Training. I’m running my first Half Marathon (on 12/12!). So, to follow my training plan I have to get out and pound some pavement. Right now that translates to 3 runs a week. The runs are split into 2 shorter interval runs, and 1 longer run for stamina training. +2 STA, +2 DEX 3 runs = A 2 runs = C >2 runs = F Companions Stand Tall! Each of the Doctor’s Companions has her own talents. Rose is unrelentingly loyal. Martha is a problem-solver. Clara uses her wit to deflate the Doctor’s ego. And all of them are brave. But, running from Daleks and taking on the Cybermen takes more than just fast legs and a sharp mind. It takes strength. In addition to my running, I am going to focus on building a strong Core. This will look like either a post-run short workout once a week. OR a non-run day long work out. In order to accommodate a full schedule either of these options will fulfill my requirement. +1 STR 1 core workout = PASS 0 core workout = FAIL Companions Fuel Up! In order to keep up with the Doctor, the Companions need to have the right fuel to get them going. Sometimes that’s alien foods on far-away planets. Sometimes it’s a school lunch while hunting an evil principle. Whatever it is, Companions must make good choices in order to keep up with the seemingly indefatigable Doctor. I will implement the “7 Sins†System. Each eek I will allow myself 7 sins to be allotted as I desire. Sins include: Fried foods (French fries, etc), Sweets (candy, ice cream, pastries, etc), and Alcohol. While I will strive to be under my 7 sins each week, only if I go over will it constitute a fail. +2 CON, +1 WIS 7 sins or less = PASS >7 sins = FAIL Companions Don’t Forget! Companions have amazing adventures as they travel among the stars at the Doctor’s side. But, every Companion’s time in the TARDIS must come to an end. In order to remember all the adventures, it’s probably best to write them down. So, in order to get into the habit of writing regularly I am giving myself the challenge for writing creatively for at least an hour 3 days a week. +2 CHA 3 days = A 2 Days = B 1 day = C 0 days = F I’m a little behind already, as I thought the Challenge didn’t start until next week and I was gone at a conference through Sunday night. But, I am starting and not letting an awkward start keep me from getting this off the ground. Big Hopes for this Challenge: Improve running. Currently I can run about 5 or 6 minutes, then need a minute walk. My hope is to get to a point where I can run a (slow) 5K without needing to stop. Lose Weight. I’ve been stubbornly at 150lbs for a couple months. I’m hoping this plan will jumpstart my weight loss. I’m turning 30 in February and want to look and feel my best as I enter a new decade. My Ultimate Goal weight is 135. So, I’m hoping small sustainable loss will get me there by the Spring. I’ve lost and kept of 27lbs over the last 2 years, so I’m hoping to keep this forward-moving trend (but a bit faster, ha!). Get back to cooking. Lately I’ve been really lazy with my food choices. I was great about batch cooking before, but I have gotten really lazy. Hopefully this will inspire me to get back to it! Finish a second revision of my book. In my last challenge I finished a novel I’ve been working on. As I prepare it for submissions to an agent, I want to complete another revision and hire an independent editor for feedback. It would be great to get my revisions done before November so I can get it to an editor by Thanksgiving and have a finished product ready for agent submission by the New Year. I have found such a wonderful community at NerdFitness. I don’t think I could have stuck with my training without the support and accountability that this community gives. So, here’s to being the best Companion we can be, having the best adventures we can have, and leveling up!
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