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Found 8 results

  1. Laidir here! I know I'm late for joining this challenge but I'm hoping to set myself up with some basic healthy habits before the next challenge! I'm finishing my Bachelor of Nursing next week (shameless brag!) and I need to start taking better care of myself. Stress has done a number on my body and I just discovered that I've gained 25 lbs throughout the program and am now technically a little bit overweight. Which is super weird because for the longest time, I could not gain weight no matter how hard I tried (I wanted boobs, what can I say :P). Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes all run in my family and I'd like to do what I can to avoid them. ;P I'd like to lose 10-15 lbs and see how I'm doing at that point, but ultimately I just want to be stronger, healthier, and feel energized. Food Have a healthy smoothie every morning - I normally don't eat breakfast and when I start my day eating something nutritious I eat better throughout the day. Fitness Do the playground or living room workout 3x per week - I want to master my body so bodyweight workouts make sense. (future assassin maybe?) (Also, I did the playground workout for the first time this morning and it was so nice!! I live in a basement suite so actually seeing the sun was WONDERFUL!) Life Study for the NCLEX (Registered Nurse licensing exam) at least 1 hour every day - Ideally on days off I need to be studying for several hours but this should build the habit and keep the content in mind every day. My goal is to be ready to take the NCLEX by the mid-end of May.
  2. WOOO! Survived the last challenge! But onwards to better and brighter things! Diet: While continuing meal plans for dinners I want to increase the amount of plants I eat. The goal is to switch out snacks for fruit. 2 serves of fruit a day. Exercise: Continue with body weight x3 a week and yoga x3 a week. I strugggled to keep up last time but am hopeful I'll do better with the aim of finishing the 3 sets! Life: ugh, where do i start? I'm thinking sleep. So no taking my phone to bed. No screens. Plug my phone in with my alarm on the other side of the room. BONUS: I'm going to do a christmas advent with my kids (mostly the 4yo) showing Jesus love every day for 24 days. Big things like buying toys for other children to just writting nice letters to missionaries. Hoping I can fit it in! Again baby steps but important foundations. It's hard with 2 kids and shift work but then I signed up for this life. My husband was very supportive last time which made such a difference.
  3. I've always been an 'overeager beaver' who jumps in head first, tries to make huge changes overnight and then (go figure) falls flat on my face and fails miserably. SO I'm definitely into trying small changes and actually succeeding with my goals! Here's my first 4 Week Challenge! Diet - Replace hot chocolate with tea - Eat a veggie at one meal every day Fitness - Complete the beginner bodyweight workout 3x per week Level Up My Life - ALL dishes must be cleaned or loaded into dishwasher before bed every night.
  4. Hi all! I am here because I'm tired of feeling, well, tired! I am in my fourth year of nursing school and married with a basement suite to manage which have been my main excuses for not taking better care of my health. The challenges of all the above, especially nursing school, have made me incredibly mentally strong (I'm not full of myself, I swear!), but I feel I am lacking in physical strength. I am inspired by black widow and want to be able to kick ass like she does! I also have some GI issues that would be helped a lot by cleaning up my diet, which currently consists of anything quick and lots of cheese and sugar. I'm starting with bodyweight exercises and yoga/some meditation for stress. I just started a 4 week challenge in the Rebel guild but will likely move to assassins as I am inspired by the idea of mastering my bodyweight. I would also like to try parkour! Basically, I see myself at level 50 as a badass action heroine!! On a side note: Laidir is Irish for strong. Strength of body and mind is my ultimate, super broad goal so I picked Laidir as a reminder of that.
  5. Hello, everyone! I've been in and out of the NerdFitness arena for a few months now. I'm a nursing student and have had a lot of trouble keeping motivated, finding time, and just keeping my sanity in general. I just recently have found my inspiration and motivation to forge ahead. I was excited to come across this forum so I could connect, support, and compete with my fellow rebels. I look forward to getting to know and working with you guys! -Neeko
  6. Hello adventurers! I hope I am welcome in your guild. I promise to bring honour to all adventurers My names Tiffany and I'm a full time nurse (assistant ward manager) with a gorgeous but spirited 2 year old and a very laid back house husband living in Australia. This last year has brought me some of the biggest heartbreaks and challenges I have ever faced. However through my last (and first completed) 6 week challenege I found love for my body and myself. I'm quite shy and coming on the forums was actually a huge deal for me! My main goals is to get back down to my pre-nursing-pre-husband weight of 65kg and to build up enough body strength to do regular push ups and pull ups! That's a long way off though. This challenge I want to get under 75kg (and fit into a nice dress for a wedding I have!). I also want to get into good habits for my daughters sake as we eat way too much take out because I'm tired and busy and my husband is a terrible cook So my actions are....... Food: There is a national nutrition week in Australia in october. They are challeneging everyone to cook every meal with no take aways for a week. I want to see if I can stretch that out! So take aways once a fortnight only for the 6 weeks. that means only 3 time. T.T I want to give up already! ha ha Fitness: to walk my dog 3 times a week and body weight exercise 3 times a week Life: read the bible everyday seems pretty easy but when I have night shift I become a tad of a psycho! Monday is my birthday (26 years old) and I finish a night shift at 730 in the morning. Not the best start ha ha ha
  7. 2nd Challenge, got a B+ for the last one. I had some pitfalls, I now have an expiration date on my marriage. Separated now. It threw me for a loop, but now I'm even more focused on being a hottie again. I'm not bad now, but I want to do better. Being sexy is a great motivator, but I also want to fight my genes and live without health problems. I am a juggler, a nurse, a volunteer ranger for the national park, a mom and really stubborn. Goals: STR: Job requires lots of squatting down and standing up for 12 hours. For this reason, I call a work day a workout day. On off days, I plan on going to the gym. Bodyweight plus 10% plus incline on the treadmill. Turns fast walking into lunges. DEX: I'm a juggler. I have a 3 ball cascade down and now working on learning clubs... it's trickier. I also contact juggle, which I am still trying to increase my skillset. CON: Endurance.... I love to hike. I plan on hiking at least 2 times during this challenge. I found some hiking meetups in my area. I also use the treadmill at the gym, my plan is to increase speed from 2 MPH at a 10% grade to 3MPH at 10% or higher for 30 minutes. As long as I am increasing difficulty, I'm happy. INT: Still training in my new nursing job. I have passed the 1st level training and will soon start 2nd level training. Lots of learning to do yet. WIS: Money management. Pack my lunches for work/outings. Also beginning to look at dating. I need to be wise in my companion choice.
  8. My name is Nichole, I am a registered nurse, living in the U.K. My husband and I began the Paleo lifestyle about 6 weeks ago and have noticed a huge difference! We have LOVED the Nerd Fitness newsletters, they have been so encouraging! I've lost 18 lbs in 6 weeks, so it's time for a challenge for the next 6 weeks! YOUR MAIN QUEST Main Quest - My main goal is to get healthy. For me, seeing as I am still 80 lbs overweight, this means losing weight. I started the Paleo lifestyle with my husband about 6 weeks ago and have lost 18 pounds. In the next 6 weeks, I want to lose 12 pounds. Three Specific Goals: Start C25K plan and be consistent with walk/jog/run 3 times a week or more according to the plan. Stay as close to 100% Paleo as possible, keeping any ‘cheat’ meals clean and avoiding any ‘trigger’ foods. I have been a compulsive eater since I was about 12 years old (I am 26). There are certain foods that I just can’t have one or two of; I have to eat them all. So, even though some of them are included in the Paleo lifestyle (olives!), I have to avoid them. Keep a journal to track how I’m feeling each day. I won’t necessarily keep track of every bite, but by having a reflective journal, I can note patterns such as “wow, I felt really good after that run†or “wow, those olives made me puffy and nauseatedâ€. This will help me to better understand my body and what it needs from me. PICK YOUR SIDE QUESTS Life Side Quest: I have been out of work for 9 ½ months due to moving to another country (wahoo!). My life side quest is to secure a job and get back into the routine of working! DECLARE YOUR MOTIVATION My motivation: I am worth it. I deserve a good, healthy, long life. I deserve good things. My second motivation: My husband deserves a wife who will be around to take care of him when he’s old and gray. I will post pictures and starting weight and measurements tomorrow (I live in England, it's 10:26pm...bedtime!!). I just wanted to get in on day 1 of the challenge!!
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