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Found 2 results

  1. So, I'm currently not lifting. But, I have no time. I have things to get done, and I don't think I'm going to get it done in time. It's absolutely crunch time, and shit has just got to get sorted or I'm screwed. So, I have a list of goals that are not lifting/fitness related, and I have two that are. And I'm once again motivating myself with money towards some future coaching. So here goes nothing. Goal 1: Get the nursery ready - Paint the nursery ($3.5) - Move in the furniture ($3.5) - Add curtains ($3.5) - Add a light cover ($3.5) - Transfer baby stuff from lounge to nursery ($3.5) - Get nursing chair covered ($3.5) Max for goal $21 Goal 2: Get the house baby ready - clean lounge room ($3.5) - clean hallway ($3.5) - clean kitchen ($3.5) - clean laundry ($3.5) - clean bathroom ($3.5) - Setup cleaning schedule to keep it that way ($3.5) Max for goal $21 Goal 3: Start tracking some meals - Track at least one meal each day - $1 for each day I manage this Max for goal $28 Goal 4: Return to fitness Ger back into things in the last two weeks of the challenge. By then everything should be far enough along that I have time to get to the gym again. - 3 strength sessions per week while rebuilding ($1 per session) - 3 conditioning sessions per week while rebuilding ($1 per session) Max for goal $12 Goal 5: It's NaNoWriMo already! - 1667 words per day for every day in November ($1) Max for goal $18 Once again, $100 worth of goals for the challenge, each broken up into small manageable chunks. And I can start to earn dollars during zero week, although, now that it's Thursday morning already, I'm not so sure I'm going to manage that one.
  2. Hello and welcome to another installment of the Kyliewyotie show. In this episode you will watch as Kyliewyotie learns to better manage his time, prepare for the addition to the family, lose weight, all while getting stronger! Insert obligatory gif here Goal 1: Manage my time better. I have been good about forcing myself to do my workouts, but lately I have been getting home from work late, taking care of the dogs later, and working out even later, leaving dinner and bedtime for really late. And leaving no time for chores, fun, or other needed activities. I have decided to try and adjust my life schedule to allow for more effective use of my time. I im the process of wokring into a promotion at work, which means even more hours at work, and with a baby on the way I know this current path is not sustainable. Something needs to change and this is my plan. A. Work out in the mornings, this means getting up at 5 am but means that when work is over I am free for other activities. I have taken my normal work out and spread it over 5 days instead of 3, so I won't be cutting anything out, but makes everydays work about 45 mins long. My wife (Heathbar) will be joining me for 3 days in the morning. Were collaborating. B.Use work and walking the dogs to get my needed steps in, aiming for 10.5k. Instead of planning walks while watching videos in the park. C. Fully commit to using my electronic planner, I do so for work, but planning out my chores, and other activities at home will allow me to better use my time. D. Continue to do my wizerscices, getting in bonus exercises is a win all around. Goal 2: Lose Weight Lets keep it simple and say I will lose 6 lbs, that is one lb a week. Starting point to be determined tomorrow morning. My plan of action is to track calories using Myfitness pal, and come in under 2k calories with the allowance of one cheat day. I am collaborating with the Heathbar on goal also. Goal 3: Get Stronger I have been doing the morning workouts for just over a week now, and well its kinda sucks. In all honesty I got really into increasing numbers, and my workouts were were becoming so strenuous, that I just couldn't do them first thing in the morning. So I made the decision to drop 25% and rebuild my lifts. I will post my new starting points and I will aim for a 10% increase, since last time 5% came fairly easy. I am still rocking my body weight routine as well and I may adjust my exercises for more difficult varieties. I will see how that goes through the challenge. My wife is doing the body weight stuff with me and I am solo on my stronglifts. Life Goal: Prepare for Baby Makayla The main goal here is to swap our office (fancy sounding video game room) into a nursery. My wife is awesome, and agreed to a star wars themed room, so that great! It will require a lot of demo and most likely a bunch of drywall work. Flooring will also need to be swapped, paint, trim, etc. the list is pretty long and may not be finished in 6 weeks, but it will have to be done in the next 3-4 months to hit a deadline I am unable to move. Pics before after and during should be expected. I will also be having a baby shower soon, and my wife has told me I need to go pick out baby stuffs with her. So I need to make that happen as well. TL;DR: 1. Not enough time, find more 2. Fight the fat kid, fight dirty if needed 3. lift moar weight 4. baby coming, OMG preps need doing I'm super stoked to be part of NF again. It really helps me to keep my fitness and nutrition in mind while life keeps plotting along.
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