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Found 7 results

  1. The dawn will take you all Spring is upon us here in Australia and I'm beginning to feel my funk lift, but I'm not out of the woods yet so I'm staying in the temple for another challenge, very grateful for the encouragement the monks have provided. Goals 1. Positives. At least once a week list out some positive things that happened that week. 2. Rehab/Mobility. 2 hours of rehab/mobility per week. This I'm planning as 10 mins per day of exercises for my recovering back and 2 x 30 min mobility sessions of some sort (yoga/swimming/
  2. So, I fell again. I had really good intents last challenge, but once again my spawn died in the first half of the challenge. This has happened consistently for the past few challenges (and all the ones I did not do). So how do I make sure that I don't fail this time? Well, I need a stronger starter. I was like a low level Grass Pokemon trying to win at the Pokemon League against a Leader whose specialty is fire. (Hint: NOT. HAPPENING.) Bulbasaur!!! So cute! Winning? Will be challenging. But even Grass Pokemon have strengths. They have deadly attack
  3. After doing so well on my Whole30 (-17.8lbs & -2 inches to almost all my measurements) I want to keep galloping ahead. I’m not going to do a whole30 but I want to continue some of the eating habits and this time get in more workouts. I’m going to use this week to come up with a way to track my progress and I’m moving back to points. Points : 100% = 244 : 75% = 183 - Will be added to my Jonesy's Fun Adventure I learned a lot from my whole30 and I don’t want to lose that knowledge. I also don’t want to restrict myself as much. I need to find a good balance and th
  4. Hi, guys I’m here to try this thing again. Last challenge didn’t really go so well. I didn’t meet any of my goals. I’m hoping this one will go better, because time has magically built itself into my schedule to Do The Things. I’m not even joking - I had given up on ever having time for this stuff, but now suddenly I do have the time - it’s just how things have worked out. A lot of self-improvement is on the road ahead. Last weekend (Sept 8-10) I went to a retreat for the women at my church, and it was fantastic. I feel like this is the first breakthrough I’ve had in a while, for pr
  5. I'm Severine and this is my first challenge with the rangers. I was in the rebel guild for a long time and finally decided it's time I branched out a little. One of the reasons I stayed so long with the rebels was my difficulty in choosing a guild. I like bodyweight training and rock climbing, I like walking and hiking and exploring, I like barbell-based strength training and aspire to do more of it, and one of my goals is to condition for running and do a 5K sometime soon. Oh and I am doing a lot of work on mindset stuff and just recently started meditating. Plus I just got sucked into OCR st
  6. Nutrition This seems wrong. I feel like somehow the cart got in front of the horse? Or maybe on top? I need to get a plan in place for my meals and I need work my plan. I don’t feel like I’ve developed any bad habits, but I’m not actively controlling what I’m doing anymore either. Eating out of habit is how you get into bad habits, plus it’s kinda boring. I need to re-evaluate how many calories I’m eating and make sure I’m getting enough. On 9/7 I woke up feeling awful and stayed that way until dinner the next night. I can’t help but wonder if it was a lack of protein from ea
  7. So I have a... habit I've noticed when it comes to my nutritionist. I'm willing to incorporate little healthy changes (eating 2 cups each of fruits and vegetables a day, drinking 3 liters of water a day), but when it comes to big ones I balk. Like a show horse that doesn't want to jump over that fence thing. An example of a big change for me is that for two weeks my meal plans were supposed to look like this: American healthy plate 1/2-1 cup cooked brown/wild rice or quinoa or beans and legumes or whole wheat/grain pasta with 4 grams of fiber 1-2 slic
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