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  1. Ok, so I had a nice set of four goals, and bam! They changed the rules. So… My goals for this cycle are jacked-up. Building on last cycle's life-disturbances, the force continues to be disturbed. This cycle may see me unemployed for an indeterminate amount of time, or it may see me in an office position where I have to *gasp!* leave the house and interact with humans IRL. So. Shit might be getting real, or my schedule might be thrust into some crazy shenanigans. Either/or. With all that in mind, I'm trying to build alternate choose-your-own-adventure paths into my goal settings while sticking to the new framework. Main Quest My main quest for the next few months is to chip away at building the fitness I need to participate in a big challenge event like Tough Mudder or Mudderella. I am most likely looking at sometime late summer/early fall 2014 for Tough Mudder and spring 2014 for Mudderella. Support Goal 1: Yada Yada Fitness Related Track #1 - If I can swing it and my schedule doesn't get completely jacked up, complete the Warrior 90 Challenge from HasFit. 5-6 days of working out per week will get me an A and on my way toward my goal. Track #2 - If my world does get turned upside down and I am forced out into the bright, bright light of day I intend to join a gym near my new place of employment. Actual classes or training sessions with actual people might be good for me. I also found a cray-cray bodyweight circuit I'm eager to try and kill myself with eventually. If picking this route, gym 5 days a week - either pre-set mudder/mudderella training circuits, trainer-assisted workouts to achieve the same goal, or classes that I think will help build strength + endurance. Track #3 - If I'm unemployed, aside from picking up a Skyrim habit, I need to do the Warrior 90 Challenge + break out some of the yoga lessons I purchased before I knew things were going to go sideways if physical endurance allows. 5-6 days of working out + yoga on top of all of that. Or jogging. My DH (dearest husband) has been trying to get me to run for 7 years now. I absolutely, positively abhor running - so much so I wouldn't even do it as a kid. tl;dr - warrior challenge, warrior challenge + yoga or gym: pick your adventure. Support Goal 2: Something Food Related One of my good friends wants someone to commiserate with while jumping into a Whole 30 Challenge. I love messing with my food intake ratios, so I'm in. We will most likely do this in August - prime beer + corn on the cob + lactose-free ice cream season. Be prepared for whining. Aside from the crazybananas, keep with the metrics (under 100g of fat, 80g or under of carbs for weight loss/ 100-150 grams is a fine active range, 70g or over of protein, 60oz. or over of water). I'm to the point with metrics that I either need to 'nut up or shut up' and I really need to make a more concerted effort to hit those goals to see if they actually *do* anything to my body. I've been doing great with the fat and water, have had mixed results with the protein, and consistently hit at around 130 for carbs - but I want to see if the lower limit of carbs works). A revamp of the morning smoothie might (sadly) be happening. Meat. This will help me move toward Mudder/ella by fueling my body to the best of its ability. Peak performance from peak fuel. Support Goal 3: Cut The Stress Looming unemployment, the possibility of not having a job to do, and the searching for a new job/rejection that goes along with it + the stress of actually starting at a new place are all going to take their toll on my mind and my body during this challenge cycle and I need to combat that. Be it through meditation, relaxing with some light yoga stretches, or doing something creative; I need to do something to manage the stress and anxiety in order to continue moving forward on my main goal. Stress ball = workout injuries galore = no advancing on my Main Quest goal. Life Quest - Find a damn job. Or start a damn job. Possibly learn how to interact with people again. Blergh. You can't see it, but I'm totally making the 'I don't wanna' face right now. The goal here is to find someone that will trade services for cash - and it will probably happen at a place of business, since I'm waaaayyyy too lazy to hound the internets for steady freelancing gigs. This goal will be either accomplished or not - I'll be plugging away with the resume sending and (hopefully) interviewing in the meantime. Diet/Fitness Side Quest - Metrics on Steroids My big overarching goal is diet and fitness related, but I want to throw something extra into the mix: I want to learn more about Dave Asprey's ideas on biohacking and to see if any of that can apply to my life. I'm not big on supplements (and he's a supplement junkie), but I'd still like to carve out the research. Also, I want to explore hemp proteins and maybe krill oil in my morning smoothie. Challenge Start Measurements Neck at narrowest: 11 3/4" Bust under breast: 30.5" Waist at narrowest: 28" Hip at widest: 41" Thigh at thickest: 19" Arm at widest: 11" Weight at wakeup: 131.3 Height: 5ft. 2 3/4 inches (5'2" for measuring purposes) According to my FitBit scale, my BMI is: 24.03% (mid-normal). According to the Navy's metrics, my BMI is: 34% (obese). According to a random simple online BMI tracker, my BMI is 24.0% (upper end of normal). And there you have it. Goals, goals, goals and more goals. FTW! Here's my motivation:
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