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  1. Hi everyone from Barcelona, Since January I started eating ealthier in something close to paleo diet. Nothing too strict, basically my diet would be: 7 30am -- a full egg with 2 eggwhites. plus some chickpeas or rice 10 am -- a fruit, usually apple 1 pm -- main mail, meat or fish with vegetables, (sometimes some carbs like potato) 5pm -- a fruit and a protein shake with fresh whole milk 8-9pm -- dinner, very similar to lunch sport I do: 1 day soccer match - 7 30pm 2 days crossfit 6 30 pm (heavy lifting included) 1 days - 10
  2. No rest week for me. For me, it’s harder to get back on track than it is to just keep swimming. I had so much success with my first challenge and I’m paranoid about the second challenge. I know I can do it, I did so much better with the first challenge than I expected, but I know my track record. But this time, it’s all about building the habits and I’m well on my way. I’m going to lay out this challenge just a bit differently. I’m going to expand on challenge 1 goals, and set my grading scale from the start. Nutrition Quests Track everything I eat, every day. When I tra
  3. Veteran Rebels Mini-Challenge Hi everyone and welcome to the first ever Veteran Rebel Mini-Challenge! While traditionally the Rebel mini has been a step-by-step guide of how to challenge (yes), as things have changed and the Rebel Guild has become an all-Level encompassing place, we found that that started to become repetitive. Therefore, for veteran rebels that have braved the forums for some time, and who wish to add flavour (literally) to their challenges, we have decided to whisk together a simple but fun Mini-Challenge for you. Newcomers are of co
  4. Hi Friends We are back again for part 2 of this challenge all leading towards my first OCR in June, the Boston Spartan Sprint! Last challenge was a major long list of a bunch of small things that I was using to try and cover all aspects that I thought would help me move towards getting prepped for a spartan race. I discovered over that challenge that some things were actually already far along while others still need some serious dedication. This challenge will hammer down and bring focus specifically on those weak spots while grouping the already positive spots into a
  5. In the last months of 2016 (and in January 2017, let's be real), I let myself go, started eating all sorts of junk and stopped working out. I had no motivation for anything no tven for fun things, let alone for necessary but unpleasant things such as keeping a food journal or exercising or being reasonable when eating. I realized I did not have a strong reason to do it. Why bother? I was relatively healthy, (most of) my clothes still fit me, I was not sick or injured. I felt like this for several months, so I decided I would get back on the horse slowly: let this first challe
  6. Mission Log: New Intelligence RECAP: While grounded on Ord Mantell, Gar and her droid companion J4-M0 received intelligence from a mysterious old man, were chased away from the base of some Imperial sympathizers and discovered that their supplies had been bugged with a tracking beacon. The likely conclusion was that a member of the crew was an Imperial Informant, hoping to gain enough intel to sabotage future Rebel missions. Gar and J4-M0 plan to keep an eye on the crew for suspicious activities while continuing as planned to avoid showing what they suspect. ~~~ 1) Mind
  7. Hey y'all! Delinquent on posting a challenge thread, but not on tracking a challenge (picked out goals day 1 of zero week, made a janky journal tracker, and...didn't update. This challenge week 4 happens to fall on the week of US Ballroom Dance nationals, where I'm competing, so I won't be ramping up fitness too much and instead focusing on training and eating like I need to for the big event. ...Decidedly not my pre-competition nutrition plan Here's the goals this time around: 1) Maintain successes from last challenge: Go to mass
  8. So, this is my first time trying one of the 4-week challenges. [I hope I'm doing this right - there are a LOT of links to sift through for what to do...] 4- Week Quests: Lose 5 pounds Since I plan on adding strength training back in, the scale weight will be only one measure of success, since my goal is recomposition. Scale this morning was 174.8 [dinner was a sodium-rich meal out]; scale average has been ~172.5 For the purposes of tracking weight lost, I'm calling 173 as my starting point. [Goal-without-muscle-gain is sub-160. At a solidly-
  9. This is me for the past… long while. Tired and unmotivated. And frankly, I still am. I know I’m capable of so much more, but I just haven’t had the energy for it. I have noticed that I get the most done during the school day. I am not able to wake up any earlier than I already do (trust me, I’ve tried); and by the time I get home from school, I’m so exhausted that I usually just lay down in bed for the rest of the night. So, I’m going to try a new exercise strategy this time around: Go to the gym while I’m on campus. Don’t expect to get it done at home. GO TO THE GYM.
  10. My life turned upside down this December. My boyfriend of four years got a job three hours away from where we lived at the time. In two weeks we moved him to a new apartment in the new city. I stayed behind to look for a job. It took me almost two months but I will start working at a University on February 27. At the same time I was looking for work I was applying to schools for my master's degree. Last week I learned that I was accepted. Things are finally coming together and are no longer so chaotic. All of these things are amazing and I am very excited; but the path getting to t
  11. Annyshay... Wake up... Annyshay, the chosen one... I am Rauru, one of the ancient sages who built the Temple of Time to protect the entrance to the Sacred Realm... This is the Chamber of Sages, inside the Temple of Light... The Temple of Light, situated in the very center of the Sacred Realm, is the last stronghold against the Ganondorf's evil forces.
  12. When we last left our hero, she was preparing for her journey. She started off strong, but got distracted by holiday sweets and busy with friends and family that her preparation took a back seat. With the holidays over and a new year on the horizon, it is time to hit the reset button and start a new game. Back to training. Feeling like she has fallen behind and has not made much progress, RhiaWolfe trains to grow stronger. Can’t fight battles with Stalfos and Moblins if you’re not strong enough to swing a sword and take a blow to the shield! Goal 1: Back to T
  13. Ahoooooooy friends <3 Happy Not-2016-Anymore!!! So, 2016 was not very successful on the "being healthy" front. I ended up gaining all the weight I had lost, and then some. I've fallen out of the habit of regular exercise. It was pretty hard on the mental health front as well (which may have contributed to the falling-out-of-habits etc). So I'm gonna try and start strong, but simple for the new year to see if I can regain my lost progress and momentum. Here are my goals: 1) Food I operate best when I do Strict Paleo diet, so I'm going to be a lot stri
  14. IT IS 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOSH I am so excited!!! 2016 was a royal dirtfire for most of us, and I dunno about you, but I’m quite ready to let the door hit it in its face on the way out. For me last year was especially turbulent, exhausting, scary, frustrating, and while it had some good moments it was overall quite a struggle. But adversity? Is GOOD, because it gives us the ability to turn into stronger stuff. Before I get to my actual quests, I feel it’s important to introduce my trifecta of over-arching goals for 2017. These are some things I have rolle
  15. Hey everyone, I'm new here so hi! Nice to meet you. Quick question: i find that anytime I'm on a strict eating plan or fitness program, I need a cheat day. Something to look forward to and keep me motivated. I'm one of those people who isn't motivated by fitness itself - but I like to be healthy. So, here's my question for you. Do you consider cheat days (where you go off the wagon just a little for a short period of time) to be necessary breaks in the routine to keep things exciting? Or are cheat days just excuses not to stay focused on the goal? How do you view cheat days?
  16. I'm PinkNinja. I've been a monk since 2013, when Adventurer was a little less literal. I've not done martial arts regularly since, well, 2012. But It seemed like a good fit. When they changed the classes, I started to swap, but to be honest, new people are scary, and at the time, I put a foot in the door, but decided I wasn't up for it. Sorry! I'm sure you guys are GREAT, I just was having a weird moment. I'm a park ranger, and I love my job. I get to share the outdoors with people. I worked on a mountain for 6 years, but this past year, I was in a different position where I moved to a di
  17. This is going to sound a bit odd...but... Anybody else getting an odd increase in facial hair since starting? I'm not on hormones or anything, I do take vitamin supplements (especially vitamin D because I'm in the Arctic) but I've noticed that everytime I respawn and clean up my diet and exercise...I get whiskers. Not a terrible amount, but enough to be annoying. Thoughts? (Because beards are cool, but mainly on men and dwarf women.)
  18. Hey guys, I'm going to put a lot of information in this topic in the hope to explain a bit about myself as well as what I am looking for and what I have problems with. If you do take the time to read this I thank you in advance and any advice is very much appreciated. History | I have never really been very overweight or even looked unhealthy however based on things that happened during high school it has been very hard for me to push forward, stay motivated and not be faced with depression and anxiety on a daily basis. I am now 25 years old and I feel the
  19. *placeholder for awesome* Ok so life is about to get HELLA CRAZY because, in 13 days, I have all three of my final exams on the same day, back to back. So it's gonna be a matter of surviving until that's over. And then the rest of the month after that will just be holidays and - dun dun dunnn - my final days at my secretary job. That's right, I finally turned in my notice. As of January, I'll be a physics tutor and nothing else. So... this month will probably be a lot of emotions. In order to survive this month and not lose all the ground I've gained, I'm going to not c
  20. I've been away for so long, I feel like I need to do a bit of an intro. All my life I have struggled with weight, and a little over 10 years ago, I had gastric bypass surgery. Everything was successful, but over time, I've gained back a good portion of the weight I initially lost (about half). I joined Nerd Fitness a little over a year ago and did great! This is such a great community for encouragement; it's really the only time I've ever been successful losing weight through any sort of program. Also through NF, I met my boyfriend (one of my challenges was to return to online dating), and as
  21. I hope to make a return to narrative after this challenge, and to fit this theme, I am battling the demons that stand in the way of me living a healthy, happy and successful life. Not all on here, but the main focus for now is for me to perfect my nutrition and fitness, and balance it with the demands of my studies. I lost some of my enthusiasm for my studies last challenge, but I think it might be burnout, and the preoccupation I keep falling into, of overthinking what to do in the future. It is a concern - but not yet. I cannot drop the ball in the present by focusing on the future. With th
  22. Hey all! Sorry it has been awhile! I kept meaning to get in one of the previous challenges but life stuff kept getting in the way. My job was way too busy since one colleague quit and I had to take on extra work and this situation has been taking up all the oxygen in the room, if that makes sense. I ended up putting all of my remaining energy into training for (and completing, w00t) the Philadelphia Marathon, albeit waaaaaaaaaaaaay slower than my goal time. But I finished without stopping, so at least I pulled some dignity out of the ordeal. Unfortunately,
  23. Passersby were shocked by the unusually large numbers of grue. /bad joke This is my second challenge and, per the good suggestion by @ShadowLion, I'm going to take my lessons from the first challenge and build. Note: Thanksgiving week kind of kicked my butt. I'm chalking week 4 up to not making myself miserable and moving on. The successes and failures are based on my progress up to Nov 23. I'll be starting this challenge with Week 0 to make up for my slacking last week. Successes - Food Tracking - I only missed over Thanksgiving weekend. I don't terribly much
  24. Alright, already starting early with the next 4-week challenge. I nicknamed this thread "the portal" because the challenges I will be pursuing here are designed to help me reach a new level in life. The goals are: At this point, I still have not landed in a martial arts class yet. I have moved and finishing up paperwork so that I can complete my move. I am preparing my schedule and goals for the "martial arts mission" yet. Beyond that, I am working on the foundation that will support that mission. I am pursuing the below goal to build the mental, physical, and commu
  25. These are my feet, when I had the awesome opportunity to spend spring break in California this year! That was the first time (in my memory, anyway) that I have touched the ocean, and gazed out across its sparkling expanse, and felt what everyone always talks about when they describe being by the ocean. Alas, I am landlocked. But due to the wonders of SWIMMING POOLS, I can still have a taste of that watery life... Do you guys remember my mermaid phase that I went through earlier this year? Well, I forgot about it for a little while, but then I came across something a couple weeks ag
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