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Found 16 results

  1. Hey everybody- I'm mostly here looking for advice on forms of exercise that have worked for you, or anything you know of that might work out for me. I am 25, female, 5'4" and 300lbs. (severely overweight, obviously) My main concerns are: 1. My size 2. I struggle with severe depression 3. I have a bad left shoulder part of the reason I am so overweight is because I do not cope with my depression or anxiety in positive and constructive ways. I tend to oversleep and overeat instead. So I am interested in some form of exercise that is
  2. So if anyone is a part of the Ladies Nerdfitness Academy Facebook page, you may know that I have been through some major shite these past few months. Because of that, my timing is way off. I realize I only have 13 days left, but, I'm going to start this anyway. So what am I going to do in these 13 days? Continue going to Planet Fitness and follow the personal trainer's advice (see rant below) Meditate the embarrassment, guilt, and desire out of myself. Get a short comic up. Get to Chapt 2 in my Japanese Language course 1. PF- see below rant 2
  3. I love seeing success stories posted all over NF. It is inspiring no matter what the starting weight! Even the smallest victory is a victory to be praised! However, I am getting a little discouraged that I can't find anyone who is anywhere near my level of (un)fitness. Even in the weight loss category... So I am posting here in hopes of finding someone else who has found themselves in a similar position, hiding in a suit of fat and unable to recognize themselves in the mirror. Here is a little about me and some stats. I have been obese since I was 5 years old. I am an emotional eater. I bi
  4. Swirling fire intro: Hi guys, I'm Lady_Dragon. A dragon irl, who is stuck as a female human for at least 80 years (or so the old witch said before I ate her...no offense other witches, this one was really rude and deserved it). The old witch told me, as I held her in my claws, that I was going to be knocked on the head, and be reborn as a human female to live out my life until I was able to transcend back to my dragon self. I was too busy being angry at her for trying to take off some of my scales to use in some spell or some sort to pay much attention. So, here I am. BUT what she didn't
  5. Captain Inertia here, and I need some help... One of the things I want to focus on is climbing, swinging, and hanging. However, I am WAY to heavy right now to be holding onto a bar. I don't want to be doing pull-ups or chin-ups right now. I just want to condition by body to hang better from a bar, and get more comfortable with my feet off the ground. Anyone know of a good starting point for this? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I'm new to this program and have chosen to be a Druid because, well, I am always drawn to that role in RPGs and like the intellectual/mindfulness aspect of it. My concerns are about doing the exercises such as yoga, tai chi, etc. in my current body. I am 400+lbs and only 5'2", so it's hard to get into a lot of poses. I also have back pain due to an injury years ago. I know there are modifications and alternative types of movement geared towards larger bodies, but I can't help but feel I can't count any of them until I can actually fulfill the quests I've been given - like going to a yoga class
  7. Hi ya'll, So, I'm new to NF! I am not sure which Guild I'll want to join yet (Assassins, maybe?), but I'm super excited. I've been stalking the forum for a couple of weeks, but I finally signed up today. About Me I am currently a BMI of 45, weight of 360. This is completely unacceptable. I'm very tall for a woman, and I've been told I "carry my weight well", but that's just not okay anymore. Goals: By 12/1, I want to be a BMI of 40, weight of 320. Of course, the world doesn't always work that way. So instead of focusing on that, I will have 3 behavior goals to help me achieve that! 1:
  8. Argh. I typed most of this, hit the Enter key and for some reason Google Chrome decided that meant "go back." Starting over... *grumble grumble* Main Quest: Obese No More. This requires that I lose almost 100 pounds. My current weight is 261, and in order to no longer be obese according to the BMI, I must weigh 169 at least. Quest 1: Heavy lifting workout 3 days a week (3 exception days permitted). I'm permitting exception days because I know that real life can get in the way, and there's also a much greater chance of me getting sick this time of year, which would prevent exercise. Al
  9. I've been working out on my own at home, but it's hard to stay motivated all the time. Today, I joined a gym hoping that will give me an extra kick in the pants (plus access to a multitude of free weights!!!) I would really like to have a workout buddy in the area who would meet occasionally (often) for workouts and check ins.
  10. Hi guys, I've been battling my weight since childhood. I'm now 30, 320ish lbs with a prescription list as long as my arm. I have zero mobility/flexibility and the worst postural issues you've seen. I took up powerlifting style training a couple of months ago and am really looking for a place for a little additional support really.
  11. Challenge #3 Ultimate Quest: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Necessary skills: - STR: Fend off zombies with melee or hand-to-hand - STA: Outrun hordes for long distances - DEX: Be agile and quick enough to cover rugged, varied terrain effortlessly (parkour style) - CON: Have the supplies and wherewithall to bunker down and equip myself properly - WIS: Be wicked smaht. Because zombies are dumb. - CHA: Charm the pants off of handsome survivors. Steal their shit. Current Quest: 4/14 - 5/25 Main Quest: Complete a 5k in under 60 minutes (Color
  12. So let's get started with a little bit of background. 2012 was the worst year of my life. I weighed in ad 332 lbs, I don't even KNOW what my other relavent stats were, except that my A1C was at 9.6 for those of you familiar with the medical field, that is the Wilford Brimleys right there(diabetes) I had to have a heart cath, after my brother passed away from a freak heart attack, and we lost a couple of very close family members. it was rough. Fast forward to January 2014, I had done a little to get myself in line, but I still weighed in at 324, Here' the relavent tracking stats. Janu
  13. I have very low energy levels. I poke at what needs to be done, but the minimum is usually what I manage to get done. (My minimum is higher than those with a well-kept house, but it's far below any sort of rural workload.) I am weary much of the time. I do have plantar facialis in one foot, tarsal tunnel in the other. I was also reading over a previous post, and I mentioned my legs constantly hurting. I'm hoping that all of this is weight-related, and I know how to manage those aspects. I don't know how to overcome the need to spend so much time resting.
  14. I've come here to ask for MAJOR help so please help me. Currently i'm ~5'9-6'0 (haven't been to the doctor for a while) and am about 216 pounds (I lost 15 pounds in 1.5 months during the summer but I didnt do anything different...). Currently I am unhappy the way I move, the sluggish way I do everything, and the way I look. As a Senior I feel like this should be the height of my youth but alas I am still obese and sluggish. I went to my doctor and he said even though I am 18 my body is the body of a 15 year old when it comes to hormones and what not (how this works, idk). So my question is, h
  15. I've been overweight almost all my life, being a game and a software engineer has been a blessing and a curse. A blessing since I love what I do, absolutely love it but a curse since I'm always in front of the TV or my computer. I'm also diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder which means I had anxiety attacks every other day. But I have managed to overcome that anxiety by taking a stance and being a true warrior. I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, Apnea and I was obese actually I was size 44" XL. I decided to change all of that a year ago and managed to lose 70 pounds. I tracked
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