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  1. Beach Bods pt. 2 Hello Warriors! Welcome back to the Beach Bods Challenge! In these next few challenges, we're going to take a look at how to level up your beach bod. How to get a good "pump" on some of your most noticeable muscles while you're out there styling and profiling on the beach circuit. Now normally, we don't like to boost our own egos here in the Warrior Hall. But here's the thing, we're the strong ones, the tanks of the party, we take bruising every once in a while for the sake of our teammates. So, every once in a while, we like to strip down and show off dem muscle groups which help us deal damage and make our saving throws against constitution. Each week, we'll give you a new exercise or two that we'd like you to throw into your programming. Get your pump on and gain a point for both Strength and Constitution. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Next up, we're going to start looking at those big ol' core muscles. You've got a lot of stabilizer muscles firing every time you go for a heavy pull, now lets start showing them off. Sure, we can try beefing up your abs, or... we can get a little creative. I'm going to give you two movements, both will be hitting a muscle group called the obliques. Those little muscles that run up the side of your core around your stomach, they tie your pecs to your abs, they're the stitching that allow for that weird pressure you make right before a big squat(also known as the valsalva maneuver). Also, they look pretty sexy. RIP Zyzz. Also, her name quite literally translates to "Thor's Daughter". How cool is that? These muscles are strengthened by rotating your core around the spinal column. The more you can squeeze across your body, the more you strengthen that side of your obliques. The two movements I'm going to show you are essentially the same twisting motion. One is called the and the other is a . They both rely on a tool to properly hit the muscle group. The chipper uses a cable machine while the twist uses whatever form of weight you have around. If you don't have a medicine ball or a kettle bell or a plate handy, use what you have... a jug of milk, a sandbag, a small child... whatever. These sort of muscles need high reps to strain the muscles in a way to force them to adapt. Look to get between 15-25 reps at a low weight for as many sets as you can manage before you hurt.
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