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Found 13 results

  1. It’s time for another round of “I’m not prepared for the Insane Inflatable 5k!” Woohoo! To remedy this, I need to get out. I’m not super concerned about being able to run it, because I’m with a great group of people and we’re all cool with walking/running/jogging/whatever so long as we all have fun. What I do not want to do is *die* while climbing up the inflatables. Last year, because I’m a doofus, I did this 3 months post-partum and skipped the last few obstacles. It was just too much, so rather than, ya know, pass out, I walked around them. (it was also really hot last year...)
  2. I just want an excuse to dump random GIFs of my favorite drag queen, Katya. But anyway, I'm Raptron. I do gymnastics, lift heavy shit, and sometimes sign myself up for weird endurance events even though I don't like training for them even a little bit. DOING them is always fun, but it's proooobably less fun if you aren't physically prepared, right? 1. Be the person that you don’t think that you have the time to try to figure out how to be even though you can’t, but you want to. *Run 2x per week *One must be 5+ miles! 2. Why try new things when I
  3. It's been almost 1 year since I began my NF journey. From the very beginning I knew that my ultimate goal was to embody the ways of the Assassins. Every building can be climbed, every gap can be jumped, every obstacle can be conquered. I never really thought I could do these things, but after a year of accomplishments and healthy habits I am ready to jump in and Join the Assassin (obstacle course race) Syndicate. Age will not be an excuse, nor fear. MAIN QUEST Get my body and mind ready to complete my first Obstacle Course race. GOAL 1: Combat Upgrade To get my body ready to be
  4. Hey everyone! Just throwing this out there in case someone is in the area. Sign ups are open for Erie's 5k Glow Run, which is on May 29th, and for the 10k obstacle course, Barber Beast on the Bay, held on September 10th. I signed up for both. Never did an obstacle course before, but I'm really excited about it! Here's links to both if you want to sign up! https://runsignup.com/Race/Events/PA/Erie/GlowErieFunRun http://www.barberbeast.org Edit: 1-27-16 My bad, it's not a 10k race, it's a 10 mile race
  5. I'm back! ..... well to the rebellion. It's actually my first time posting with the scouts. I figured that since the majority of the activities I was doing were endurance based (running, biking, swimming) shouldn't I be with the scouts? So here I am! At the end of august is my first spartan race of the year - but that's not the end of my fitness journey. After my spartan races this year, I'm switching gears towards more personal challenges. So that's what I'm going to focus this challenge on. My goal next year - attempt to break the fkt for the presidential traverse. Goal #1 - hit the trails
  6. I don't have everything properly planned out yet, but should finalise this weekend. I had an "image make-over" or otherwise known as "I got tired of my look so I cut my hair and treated myself to some colour", now my youngest calls me "Jen the Super Wasp" after his favourite girl superhero in Avengers. Well, 2nd favourite after The Black Widow. I can't stand those shoes full yet.
  7. Hello All ! I've been a looonnggg time lurker , first time post(poster?) now. I'm hoping I don't break any protocol rules here.. but I figured it might be better to post than not to ! And away we go.. I'm 22 years of age. 5'4" . Got *GROSSLY* obese over a period of around 4 years post 14~15 years of age after I qualified for a premier engineering institute ( have always been a little pudgy , gained all that extra weight due to a lot of sitting on my arse and studying and being an egotistical little chump and not going out to even hang out with people , forget getting in my weekly exerci
  8. I wasn't entirely sure where to post this. I may cross post into my own battle log just to keep track of the ideas in case it ends up happening in a non-affiliated way, but... Side note - I have a feeling something like this is happening at Camp NF, which I'm not attending. That being the case, I'd like to keep this separate from that as well. In light of one rebel's recent experience at a poorly run Spartan Race, I've decided to put some ideas I've been having for a new obstacle race on paper. The concept is basically having a race designed around different specializations, rather than a
  9. I was going to be doing a Tough Mudder on the 19th but after doing a Warrior Dash on the 12th, I realized I was not even close to being ready for the Tough Mudder. So with that, I transferred my registration to an event in 2015 and need help getting ready. So far this is my workout that I am thinking of doing, but I know I need to do more. Any ideas? It has to be a home-based workout that doesn't involve anything other than body weight stuff. I will eventually - hopefully in the next month, get some sand and concrete to make additional milk jug weights, but that will be all that I have.
  10. Hey Nerds, I'm running Tough Mudder in Lake Tahoe on 8/16/14. I'm wondering if any other nerds are running it as well. I'm running with group of friends (Team Name: Tutu Pirates), but it seems like none of them are taking it seriously, i.e., they haven't really been training and they're not really cognizant of what they're getting themselves into (distance, elevation, intensity of obstacles, etc). I'm pretty certain it's going to be slow going with them, but I've come to terms with it. I'm just going to go out and have fun with it. I'd love to meet up with other nerds if any are going. To
  11. Hi all, Looking to set up a team for folks training for a Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, or other obstacle course race during the 6 week challenge. Also posted it in the Google Docs. Mileage + weights, what could be better? Here's the link to the team sign up: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnL943o3CTUvdEJDT3Vvdkc5Rzk4VUdRbXFWcHNvQXc#gid=1
  12. Hi all, I noticed several people are training for Spartan Races or other obstacle course races, so I thought I'd try putting a team together in the accountabilibuddies section. If you'd like to sign up, here's the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnL943o3CTUvdEJDT3Vvdkc5Rzk4VUdRbXFWcHNvQXc#gid=1
  13. I signed up for Mudhero, a 6K, 18 obstacle course. I have never done anything like this before and its going to be a blast! But, even though it'll be a messy bit of fun, I want to train hard to make each obstacle. Has anyone ever participated in something like and might have a few pointers as to what I could do in the meantime to prepare? It would be much appreciated
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