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  1. Hey guys! My husband and I will be running in the Mud Ninja! If anyone wants to meet up and run with us in the 11:30 wave, feel free to! Information: http://www.mudninja.com/?page_id=22 This will be my fourth mud run and hubby's first. It's a 5k with 25 obstacles to get over! also guaranteed to get you dirty and blood pumping. Check it out!
  2. Zombie Escape @ Panic Point When: Saturday September 9th, 2015 Where: 2808 Cedar Creek Rd, Youngsville NC Race website: http://www.raleighmudrun.com/zombie-5k/ I've already signed up to do this with one friends but it would be awesome to meet up with some friends from NF who might be interested too! The race looks awesome! 500,000 gallons of water, 4 zombie pits, 18 obstacles, and a 5k. What more could us fit nerds dream of? Anyone Interested?!
  3. Right, the time for half arsing it is over. I have 10 weeks till Tough Mudder so it's time to knuckle down and put some work in. It's time to get serious. 10k OCR Near the end of this challenge I'll be taking part in this 10k obstacle course race. This is kind of a warm up for Tough Mudder but it's also to give me something to aim towards this challenge. Build Strength I'm going to continue lifting and doing Body-weight work. My aim is to do at least 2 lifting sessions at the gym and one body-weight workout either at home or in the gym. As well as these sessions, I'm going to continue working on my chin-up progression. Build Endurance I plan on going running at least twice a week. One run a week needs to be a "long run". To start with, a long run will be anything longer than 3 miles. If I can get my long run up to a comfortable 6 miles by the end of the challenge, I'll be happy. Active Recovery After tweaking my back this week, I've realised that I don't do enough recovery work. I rest, but I rarely stretch and other than walking, I don't do much low impact exercise to recover. Active recovery will vary from doing yoga stretches and foam rolling, to swimming and hiking (weather permitting). Anything other than just sitting around.
  4. I wasn't entirely sure where to post this. I may cross post into my own battle log just to keep track of the ideas in case it ends up happening in a non-affiliated way, but... Side note - I have a feeling something like this is happening at Camp NF, which I'm not attending. That being the case, I'd like to keep this separate from that as well. In light of one rebel's recent experience at a poorly run Spartan Race, I've decided to put some ideas I've been having for a new obstacle race on paper. The concept is basically having a race designed around different specializations, rather than a single standard race that only fits a specific type of athlete (which seems to either be Assassin or Scout these days). Also, this is a fairly complex idea, so I apologize in advance for the length. I'm going to save a few posts beneath this first one for updates. The Concept: The idea behind an obstacle/adventure race is to challenge the participant and force him/her to test his/her boundaries. It seems to me that outside side of the more extreme races (IE - The Death Race, which was created by the person who went on to create the Spartan Race and is a bigger testament to his original concept), this idea has been lost in most, if not all of them at this point. The Spartan Race has lost it in the Sprints, but regains it in the longer races. The problem there is that it still only fits a single type of athlete - the Ranger/Assassin who also enjoys semi-long distance running (IE - not me, lol). So how do we change that? Adaptive races. This concept could follow the class system that the Rebellion already uses. Several different courses that range in length that focus on the skills that each class has, or is seeking to acquire. The Scout race would be longer and require mostly endurance style obstacles. The Assassin race would incorporate Parkour. The Ranger race could be designed more like a traditional Spartan Race. The Warrior one would focus more on strength-based challenges (and less on running, think more powerlifting meet). The Druid and Monk ones are TBD, and the Adventurer's one would incorporate ideas from all of them. The Details: Here's a break down of my general ideas for each race. Warrior "Race" - The race for warriors would probably more closely resemble a lifting meet than a race. Powerlifting challenges, maybe a Farmer's Carry, some movement between challenges. End with a stretching challenge haha. Distance not important. Assassin Race - A Parkour challenge course. This would be pretty basic. An obstacle course specifically designed with Parkour in mind. You could have it set up for specific vaults, or simply include the obstacles and allow the participants to choose now they navigate it. Also including climbing and some body weight challenge. Probably about 3K? Ranger Race - This would probably more closely resemble the traditional Spartan Race, with a series of strength- and endurance-based obstacles that would need to be met over the distance of about 5K. Incorporate some lifting, some body weight, some movement-based challenge. Scout Race - I'm thinking either an 8K or 12K footrace or a triathlon. This isn't really my area of expertise. Monk Race - Uhhhh... 3K with sparring/martial arts-focused challenges? No idea. Druid Race - Also not sure... a 3K with yoga-based challenge? Adventurer's Race - This one would incorporate challenges from all of the above. I'd think... about the length of a 5K with at least 5 challenges from each of the other races... some lifting, some endurance, some body weight/parkour, etc. The Problems: Okay, so there are a lot of problems with this idea. A traditional obstacle/adventure race is a single course, which is relatively easy to set up. This wouldn't be, plain and simple. Other issues are funding, location, and timing. The larger Spartans have multiple heats that take place over two days. If this were just a trial were do you have it where people can participate and spectate/stay overnight? How much would entry cost? How much does renting the space and setting up an obstacle/adventure race cost? Things I just don't know. The Rest: What are your ideas? Is this something NF should look into? Is it something we as a community should look into? What do we do for the Monk and Druid races? Are there ways to improve these? What about specific challenges/obstacles?
  5. *sorry, I couldn't find the name of the artist for this Prologue The Nyun cast ever deepening shadows upon the Endless Forest as Lielet tread through hardened snow toward its great base. She could feel the last sign of civilization at her back - the golden light from the Five Wolves Inn - she grit her teeth, willed herself not to turn and answer its beckon. Lielet sucked in the cool evening air, bracing herself for the long and uncertain journey which lay ahead. The goal was the abandoned Queen's Army tower midway up that snow-covered monstrosity, but she had only a crude map from her mentor to know its location and many miles yet to go to reach it. The Endless Forest at the base of the Nyun was a place where even the Grey Men feared to travel. There were few who dared pass through the shadows of the forest; those who did were reluctant to tell of it. It was as though the forest was capable of magic, binding their mouths from spilling its secrets. Lielet could not help but take one last glance back at the inn as a few stray notes of song from its hall drifted on the harsh wind. It was warm inside, filled with the comforts she loved most: mead and roast meats. Perhaps I should just wait another day. It could be that the weather improves somewhat on the morrow, she thought. The wintry landscape was silent but for the crunch of snow under her boots as she shifted from one foot to the other in indecision. No. Frer Linn didn't die for me to just waste my time away in an inn. Taking a deep breath, she turned about and crossed the Five Wolves Inn's last warding circle. Main Goal: Complete the Temecula, CA Spartan Sprint on September 14th, 2014 Upon crossing that last threshold of safety at the edge of the Endless Forest, Lielet felt the cold's bite sting at her cheeks. What once was a silent, looming forest became a fearsome labyrinth of pines which buzzed with the dark energy of the Nyun's malevolent heart. I cannot believe that I thought I was ever safe, she thought with some scorn for her naivete. I still have so much to learn. Sub-Goals: 1) Reduce body fat percentage from 34% down to 30%. 2) Increase my bench press, American deadlift and squat to 95lbs., 165lbs. and 110lbs., respectively (5x5). 3) Be able to accomplish one full pull up. Lielet drew her cloak closer about herself, willing herself to remember the mantra which Frer Linn taught her back at the abbey. She lost countless months to the Dread Slumber spell inflicted upon her by that faceless demon at the edge of the hamlet Melrose. When she awoke in the West Fields abbey two months' time previous, she was dismayed to find herself corpulent and without any memory of her warrior past beyond the name her long dead mother gave to her: Lielet. The wind began to pick up as the last of twilight was eaten up by the inky darkness. It invaded her cloak, chilling her to the bone. A howl, loud and cutting caused her to stop in her tracks. That's too close. What am I walking into, so unprepared? Life Sub-Goal: Dedicate at least one hour per day to writing. Her hand found the hilt of her dagger. Movement ahead. In between the trees, she saw a shadow skulking. Yet, there was no sound from its motion. Is that a man? Do my eyes deceive me? Or is it a wolf, scouting for the pack? Replacing the inescapably cold, looming forest, a dreamlike vision overtook her senses. She saw a woman - it was herself! But unlike her current attire, designed to keep her hidden from the beasts of the Forest, she was garbed in a fearlessly bright red cloak. Unlike her current soft state, her body was honed into weapon-like form. Surrounded by a starving wolf pack, she picked them off, one by one. The image disappeared from her view when a cold hand rested itself upon her shoulder. Disoriented, Lielet tried to remember what to do, clumsily grabbing again for the hilt of her dagger and brandishing it. With a shaking hand, she whirled about. "Lielet," she heard a man's voice call out to her. There was no man about her. Is it the shadow figure? Or, is it the forest? "Lielet, you forget who you are. You forget what your true name is." "What?! Who are you?! Show yourself!" she demanded, turning about in circles, her knife cutting aimlessly through the air. Another howl sounded in the near distance, followed by an answering howl. Wolves. They come for me. "You are Red Puma," the voice continued, "and I will help you to remember it as you make your way through this forest." Red Puma? she thought with a snort. This spirit must think that he is funny. "Trust in me to hold off those which might hunt you, hindering you in your quest. However, my power to keep the beasts and demons at bay is only as strong as your efforts to survive." "Who are you!?" Lielet yelled loudly. She was met only with the ominous buzz of the forest and the answering howls of the predators which hungered for her flesh. /// I have been working out in the gym for the past seven weeks, however I have had a pretty sedentary life for the last couple of years. Before that, I was in excellent shape. At 25% body fat, I was strong and fast, albeit a bit stocky. That's just my body type, though. Current Stats Age / Gender: 33 / F Height: 5'6" Weight: 177.8 lbs. Body Fat: 32-34% Bust: 37" Waist: 31.5" Hips: 40" American Deadlift: 150 lbs. 5x5 Bench Press: 85lbs. 5x5 Squat: 95 lbs. 5x5 Goals and Plans Main Goal: Complete the Temecula, CA Spartan Sprint on September 14th, 2014 I chose to sign up for an obstacle race because I wanted some concrete goal to push toward. Theoretically, you don't need to be a 22% body fat athlete in order to complete the sprint, which is the entry level of these races at 3+ miles and 15+ obstacles. Without knowing specifically which obstacles will be part of the race, I need to strengthen my weakest physical aspects (core and upper body, balance) while cutting fat for ease of mobility. I have 14 weeks until the race, which means I have 2 challenges to get myself in the best possible shape to show what I can do. 25% of Final Grade Sub-Goal: Reduce body fat percentage from 34% down to 30%. In order to accomplish this sub-goal I will aim for 10 calories/lb, per day. I have a crap, underperforming thyroid, so I’m going off of experience as to my needs. I will aim for .67g of protein/lb per day. To start, that will be approximately 1778 calories per day with 119 grams protein per day. I will also be practicing "clean eating," continuing the whole grains/whole foods style of eating I've been doing for the past couple of months. I'm also going to be attending one to two boxing and Krav Maga classes per week as cardio conditioning. Being leaner will definitely help me to get through the Spartan. Grading Scheme: Average of Daily Grades; A = 90-100% "on it", B = 75-89% "on it", C = anything below 75% 25% of Final Grade Sub-Goal: Increase my bench press, American deadlift and squat to 95 lbs., 160 lbs.. and 110 lbs., respectively (5x5). I will be continuing with my four to five sessions of upper/lower body splits per week. I have seen remarkable improvement in just the last month. Only a month ago, I was scared to DL more than 80lbs. Been there. Done that. Boom-fist. I also will be performing accessory exercises to support the "big three." I'm not sure that being able to pull/press more weight is particularly going to help with my Spartan goal, but it couldn't hurt. Grading Scheme: Average of Weekly Grades Based on Progress; A = 90-100% on it!, B = 75-89% on it, C = anything below 75% 25% of Final Grade Sub-Goal: Be able to accomplish one full pull up. I have never completed a full pull up. For a sub-goal, this goal is pretty major. Accomplishing this will be as big a deal as getting married and graduating college were for me. I plan on using a couple of techniques: the negative pull up and assisted pull ups. Upper body strength, from what I can gather with the Spartan race photos and videos, is super important. I've read that being able to do a muscle up is a good idea for getting over a couple of the obstacles. Considering that I can't do a pull up... Yeah. Pull up. I'm comin' for ya. Grading Scheme: Average of Weekly Grades Based on Progress; A = 90-100% on it!, B = 75-89% on it, C = anything below 75% 25% of Final Grade Life Sub-Goal: Dedicate at least one hour per day to writing. As a writer, I'm going through a bit of a slump. I need to get my ass back in gear, which begins with simply sitting in front of my computer for a dedicated hour (minimum) per day. Yes, juggling writing, fitness, marriage, a job and a demanding cat is quite a handful. However, that's what I want to do and who I want to be. I want to be a writer-athlete-geek-wife-pet owner. I'm so close. I can do this. Grading Scheme: Average of Daily Grades; A = 90-100% on it!, B = 75-89% on it, C = anything below 75% /// If I succeed in completing the first 3 weeks of my first challenge, I will award myself: STR: 4 | DEX: 1 | STA: 2 | CON: 2 | WIS: 1 | CHA: 0 Upon completing the second 3 weeks of my first challenge, I will award myself: STR: 1 | DEX: 0 | STA: 1.5 | CON: 0 | WIS: 1.5 | CHA: 1 Since I'm going to be working on some overall awesome stuff I'm not going to micromanage points based on my subgoals. Instead, I'm going to use whatever my grade is from the above goals and award myself points adjusted according to the following scheme: A=100%, B=80%, C=50%. As an optimist, I don't think I'm going to fail out, but if I do... 0%.
  6. Hey, y'all - Is anyone out there planning on running the upcoming Spartan Sprint race (3+ miles, 15+ obstacles) in Temecula, CA on 09/14? I signed up for the (8:30 A.M. and 8:45 A.M.) confirmed start time. Even if you aren't doing the race in my location, if you have a similar race date, maybe we could buddy up and share training tips/be battle log buddies? - Quinn aka RedPuma
  7. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES http://www.runforyourlives.com/files/6613/5964/8819/RFYL_Official_Final.m4v (If anyone knows how to pull that video off the site and embed it to this thread, that would be awesome!) I would kill - er, I mean, I would LOVE to participate in one of these! Too bad the closest ones to me (ie, within drivable distance) are at the end of 2013 or into next year. But I thought maybe some NF peeps would get a kick out of it, and perhaps post pics if they decide to participate so that we could live vicariously through them? (Shamelessly ctrl+c/ctrl+v directly from the website) HOW IT WORKS What You Get Runners: Free Run For Your Lives T-ShirtAdmittance to the Apocalypse PartyOne free beer (subject to location)Race bibRace medalZombies: Discounted race registration for only $45 (optional)Professional zombie transformationZombie t-shirtFree parkingFree camping (camping available at select locations)Admittance to the Apocalypse PartyOne free beer (subject to location)Free snacks and waterA race medal Rules and Safety To be able to participate as a runner or zombie, you have to be 14 years of age or older. For those not running in the race, you may attend as a spectator for FREE! No weapons or mock weapons will be permitted on the premises. No drugs, outside alcohol, or outside food/beverages are permitted on the property. Approved beverages include one factory-sealed water bottle, sports drink, or energy drink up to 1 liter in size. No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed by people under the age of 21 or legal drinking age. For the complete list of rules and what to bring on race day, please click here. Apocalypse Party Waiting for you in the Safe Zone is the Apocalypse Party, a celebration of all things zombie. From when gates open till the dead of night, there will be music, games, zombie/people watching, dance parties, and much more for your entertainment. In addition to great food and beverage, there will be unique vendors and Run For Your Lives merchandise for you to check out. *Apocalypse Party run time will vary by location Obstacles If being chased by zombies isn’t enough, we will have a series of man-made and natural obstacles waiting for you throughout the course. Jump, slide, and climb your way through our blood pit, smokehouse, and maze (amongst others), all while zombies are hot on your tail. Test your strength, speed, and wit as you battle your way to our shocking finish. Make it through this last obstacle, and you are finally in the Safe Zone. OBSTACLES There will be a series of man-made and natural obstacles that will be physically challenging, but not impossible. The obstacles will test your strength, speed and the cooperation between you and your fellow hopeful survivors. Work as a team. There will be mud, water and maybe some blood. You will need to climb, crawl, duck and dive your way to the finish line. Oh and there will be a bunch of flesh-starved undead on your tail. Obstacles vary from race to race, but you can check out a preview three of our sweet obstacles below! Our obstacles are designed to help runners escape the zombies’ clutches, so skipping an obstacle may not be in your best favor. BLOOD PIT Splash on down into the blood pit, where thousands of previous runners have attempted survival, and have ultimately failed. We had to do something with all of the extra guts lying around. We just hope you aren’t squeamish. SMOKEHOUSE The smokehouse is what nightmares are made of. Sure, you may have just dodged that nimble zombie back there…now do it in the dark. With smoke. And electric shocks. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you. THE MAZE The maze is home to several zombies who lie in wait for their next meal. You’d better not get turned around among these winding corridors of horror. One wrong turn, and you’re zombie bait. RULES AND SAFETY Welcome to Run For Your Lives, the original zombie infested 5K. The apocalypse is here and it’s time to see if you’ve got what it takes to survive. Speed alone won’t save you in this race. Runners will have to navigate the series of challenging obstacles and escape the horde of the undead waiting to claim them as one of their own. A few guidelines to make your zombie race experience as fun as possible. *If you're attending an international event, please check with them as different rules may apply.* WHAT YOU’LL NEED TO SURVIVE and REMINDERS:Bring an official form of identification (license, passport, photo ID, etc.). We will not be able to let you into the event otherwise. A signed race waiver. Participants under the age of 18 must bring a printed waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian to the event or we cannot let you in. Cash for food, beverages, and zombie gear You will be covered in mud, zombie guts, body parts, and other apocalyptic liquids after the race, so bring a towel and a change of clothing (especially socks and clean shoes to change into). We will have a “decontamination zone†and changing rooms at the event so you can clean off and enjoy yourself. Bring $10 cash for parking, and please have cash ready. We highly recommend you carpool. Feel free to bring a lawn chair if you want to stick around and catch some of our live entertainment. Check the weather before the event to make sure you are prepared (i.e., umbrellas, warm gear, cold gear, wet gear, etc.). Be prepared to get your groove on. Costumes are encouraged! We recommend you arrive at least 2 hours before your wave time to allow time for parking, packet pickup, and travel to the starting line. RUNNER and ZOMBIE RULES:If all of your flags have been taken, you are NOT automatically transformed into a zombie and you may NOT take another runner’s flags, chase other runners, or pick up flags off the ground. Direct and intentional physical contact with any runner or zombie is strictly prohibited. You are not to touch, hit, punch, tackle, roundhouse kick, slap, scratch, pinch, spit on, bite, or do anything harmful to the physical health of our zombies or other runners… no matter how frightened or frightening you may be. Those in violation of this rule will be automatically disqualified and potentially escorted off of the grounds, without refund. Flags are to be visible to course officials and zombies (not covered by long clothing or tutus) and to be worn on the sides of the body. Participants must wear their Run For Your Lives bib number clearly shown on the front of their attire. Participants will not be allowed to race without an official bib number. Working as a team with friends, family, and strangers is allowed and recommended… it’s the living vs. the undead. Use your juicy brains and the ones around you. Visibly intoxicated guests will not be allowed to participate in the race. Please arrive to your wave time SOBER. Runners and zombies must be 14 years of age or older by race day in order to participate. Age varies with international races, so please check first if attending a RFYL race outside the US. GENERAL RULES:No weapons or mock weapons will be permitted on the premises. No drugs, outside alcohol, or outside food/beverages are permitted on the property. Approved beverages include one factory-sealed water bottle, sports drink, or energy drink up to 1 liter in size. No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed by people under the legal drinking age. No pets are allowed into the event grounds. Not even if they’re trained to hunt zombies. Camping will vary with each race location.Participants and spectators must abide by all instructions given from the race directors, race staff, volunteers, and medical personnel. Do not drink and drive. Photographers and videographers will be stationed along the course. Participants, zombies, spectators, and volunteers must sign a waiver to agree to allow the event producer (Reed Street Productions) to use any pictures or video footage of the event for future promotional purposes. SAFETY: Runners can choose to skip an obstacle, but since these are designed to help you escape the zombies’ clutches, it doesn’t bode well for your survival. If there are reasons you cannot complete an obstacle, due to medical reasons, please alert a course official to safely skip the obstacle. You may not skip an obstacle for no reason; there may be penalties. If you skip an obstacle, you will still be able to finish the race. Run For Your Lives strives to create a fun experience for all those involved. Please be respectful of those around you in the festival area and on the course. Again, any direct and intentional physical contact with any runner or zombie is strictly prohibited. We are serious about this.
  8. I lied... I am doing a challenge So here's a little about me. I've been reading some of the stuff on Nerd fitness for a while and it sort of inspired me to start whipping my act together. I just figured out what the whole 6 week challenge is and I love the idea of all this profession and attribute stuff so I decided to give it a shot. I'm male, 5'10", and about 145 pounds and in decent shape but not a ton of strength. So without further delay, here are my goals... 1) COMPLETE THE RUGGED REGIMEN: I am running a rugged maniac this month and although I am in decent shape, I would like to be able to compete (and show my friends up). +2 STA +2 STR +2 DEX 2) COMPLETE RUGGED MANIAC IN UNDER 35 MIN: This is the time I am going to go for. God help me... +2 STA +1 STR 3) TAKE MY VITAMINS: Pretty self explanatory. Take one Multi-vitamin every day. +2 CON 4) GET A 4.0 FINAL SEMESTER: I just recently got a 2000 on my SAT (This is NERD fitness right?) and I would like a good GPA to complement it. Right now I have around 3.8 but if I do well on all my finals it should get a nice boost. +4 WIS This challenge is more endurance based, but I'm hoping next 6 week challenge will be more strength based. Well that's about it. I look foward to seeing all of your challenges too
  9. Hey, Living Social is running a deal for tickets to the Down and Dirty Run on July 14th in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia! There are 2 races, a 10k and a 5k and two different prices. I signed up for the 10k and it was $57. You can see the deal here (and well, if 3 of you buy then I get mine free )
  10. Hi all! AquaNat and I started this group because we realized at the end of our last challenges that we both are signing up for obstacle runs this year and want to encourage each other and everyone else who might be doing the same. Also, this is a new thing for me (and for her I think), so if anyone who has experience with this kind of race wants to help us tweak our training, it would be much appreciated!
  11. Hey all, First challenge for me as well! I am very excited to really get involved with the NF community. I am doing this to have more accountability in my life and to help me train for the many races that I have coming up this year. I think the biggest thing I want to do with this challenge is create some positive and consistent routines to get healthy and fit. Starting Place 5'7" 240.5lbs I can run about 4 minutes without stopping. (Not very well and not comfortably but it is possible.) Goals 1. Cut candy out completely I had completely cut all candy out of my diet for a month until easter and then I started bingeing on candy again. So I will be creating the automation again that I do NOT eat candy period. I found this article to be incredibly helpful in the past and so I will stop the bingeing on candy by creating an automation that say thata I do not eat candy. 2. Run 5k without stopping **after reading the first mini challenge I am considering rephrasing this goal. Perhaps running an entire 5k is not entirely acheivable. It would be the ultimate goal but in 6 weeks, maybe its a stretch. So I think instead I will just focus on running 3 days a week.** I have already started a couch to 5k type program (completed week 3) which I will continue for the entire 6 weeks by running at least 3 times a week. I think this should make it possible to run a 5k. 3. Do weight training 3 times a week. I am not sure yet what I want to do for this, I do have a total gym at home which I might use because squats and lunges are very difficult on my knees. 4. Go to bed at 10pm or earlier every weeknight. I am a terrible night owl and unfortunately I tend to get into the habit of staying up later and later. I need to cut this out, so another automation I think. So it is 11:30pm right now and I think I will go to bed since that is one of my goals. But since I just saw this challenge tonight, I think I will give myself a pass. I will be back on tomorrow to edit this though!
  12. I am heading to Georgia in March for the Spartan Sprint, repeat of last year's race which was my first ever Spartan race. Completely hooked now. Any other Nerds running this one? I am signed up for the Hurricane Heat and the race Saturday. I am coming up alone but meeting a few other Spartans I have run with later while there but would be cool to meet up with some Nerds as well. Also doing the Midwest Super again which has been moved to July. Hoping warmer is a heck of a lot better than cold as crap as it was back in October!!
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