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Found 5 results

  1. http://www.dragonocr.com/race-.html Date: Saturday May 20, 2017 Distance & Obstacles: 3 miles & 20+ Obstacles Location: Sanford, NC Trying to see if anyone is interested in doing this OCR with me, I just got my ticket today and am pretty excited about this. It's a brand new race and the guy in charge looks like he is trying to come up with a lot of non-standard obstacles it says " 1/3 of the obstacles will be fun, 1/3 of them challenging, and 1/3 of them will be very difficult. If your interested I created a Team called "Riders of Brohan" and will be running at the 9:30am run time. Plus, if you use the discount code "mudrunguide10" you can get a discount too! Let me know if you're interested and we can try and meet up!
  2. I have had a couple of weak challenges in a row, and I was unsure if I was even going to participate this challenge. I decided that at least part of my lack of motivation was not having something to train towards. So, I have signed up for a Half Marathon on 20 September in addition to a Warrior Dash on 4 October. I have done my best when I had a clear, inspirational mission. But I met my weight loss goal in February (and since then have gained it all back, but that is a different story), and had to cancel my earlier half marathon race plans because of scheduling conflicts, and have since then simply slipped into a state of dreary *bleck*. I am taking up some new hobbies, but that hasn't yet managed to motivate me to stay active throughout the week. So, new mission: Half Marathon on 20 September. "Finish or Die Trying" (preferably the former). Current goals: Fitness: 1. Train according to my plan based on this PDF. Three runs per week. 2. Walk or run a total of 21 miles per week, trying to get in at least 3 miles per day. Track with the pedometer on my phone. I have done this before and tracked a walk from Bag End to Rivendell to the Lonely Mountain. It helped to get me moving throughout the day. 3. No less than twice per week, crosstrain using bodyweight routines like these by Neila Ray. I will check in at least a few times per week. I have a two week trip to visit family out of state in the middle, with lots of driving, but I will try to keep up. I like to post on other people's threads, especially if I think that I can help with motivation, but I get anxious in crowds so if there are already fifteen people posting comments then I might just "stalk" there instead.
  3. Camp Titan: Radioactive When: Saturday, August 2, 2014 Time: Start at 9:00 am Where: Buck Hill Ski Resort 15400 Buck Hill Road Burnsville, MN 55306 Registration opens February 15, 2014 This is a three mile challenge run with water, mud and obstacles that will have you running up and down Buck Hill. Last year they went up and down it 6 time. It looks like it will be a blast and would love to get a group of nerds together to do this. If you want more info about it, here is the link to their site: Camp Titan Let me know if you are wanting to join, I can register us as a team.
  4. Barriers. Obstacles. Demons. Call 'em what you want, we've all got 'em. My goals this challenge are primarily focused on some big emotional/psychological barriers that are keeping me from moving forward in life. Now that I've got my diet and training program well-established, I feel like I have the personal resources to dig in and face some of the deeper issues that have been hovering like harpies over my life. In discussing this on my prior challenge thread, I heard some comments from other Rebels with similar goals, so I decided to set up this accountabilibuddy group. If you have goals this challenge that target anxiety, fear, stress-management, coping skills, personal demons, emotional obstacles, etc. etc. etc., and you want some support from your fellow Rebels, feel free to sign up. This is a cross-guild group and we only have one rule. (also, those were three separate tags: "cross-guild," "anxiety," and "fear" -- but for some reason when I hit publish, it combined them into one tag. weird.)
  5. Hello, Rebels! My name is Adam and I'm a 28 year old gamer/rpg/anime/card games sort of nerd (and very proud of it!) Until very recently I spent most of my time sitting and watching the shiny picture box cast it's spell of Mesmerizing Pixels. Sometimes I'd lie around and read a book for hours on end.. and very very rarely, I would wander out in the timber. I LOVE climbing trees, walking across narrow things, and generally pretending I'm a ninja. Despite my love for such things, I lack almost ANY sort of motivation. Then, just a week or so ago, my best friend invited me to do something that I honestly can not wait for: Warrior Dash. Apparently, he and his wife did it last year and had an absolute blast. He showed me the website and we looked at the obstacles that possible awaited us while running this 5k. He got me all worked up about it and I decided that I NEEDED to do this. He also directed me to this website for motivation and planning and for that I am super grateful! I'd like to formally thank Nerd Fitness for getting me motivated to do something to better my life because it has been a LONG time since I've felt this. I have a tendency to get excited about something and then sort of just forget about it a week later. But with this, I feel different. I'm setting clear goals, reading inspiring and informative articles, and getting support from my friend. I started the Angry Birds workout as a first step on my path to Warrior Dash and I am going to kick it's ass! Who knows, maybe after I build a little muscle, I will actually be able to start working on one of my life goals: learning parkour.
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