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  1. Main Quest: Body weight squat. Sanity. "But HOW can that be?! You're booted!" I'm sure you said. I am. It's true. This obstacle, though, is temporary. My goal right now is to maintain as much strength as possible while healing so that I can pick up as close to where I left off as possible. I learned oh so many things from my last injury and I will not repeat those same mistakes! Goals: 1. Don't eat like a jerkus. Pretty self explanatory. I've been eating like a butthead lately and since I can't work out nearly as hard I'm sure that'll come back to bite me if I don't cut it out. I know whether or not I think I'm eating like a jerkus so I just need to come here and tell you guys honestly if I'm doing what I need to do. The only thing I have trouble with is work numero dos. So many tasty treats. I need to stop. So I'll define only this portion of the goal: If I have a sugary drink at work I cannot have anything else. NADA. Got it, Self? Gah. 2. Armstrong Pullup Program Do it. It's a lot of work and requires an every day effort. Nothing would be cooler than becoming a pullup goddess while I gots da boot. So, do it. I'll check in daily with my push up totals from the morning. Usual workout logs will be here, of course. 3. Nix the sailor talk Gawd. I swear a lot. Way too much. I don't like it. So let's cut that down/out. 4. Live to fight another day Be a good patient. I was being a perfect patient. But now my foot feels A LOT better. So I'm taking liberties. That's not okay. So no more. Notes: Follow up and x-rays 9/18 - that marks the halfway point of my bootage.
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