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Found 4 results

  1. This "little guy" sums up what December is going to be like for me, to some degree. I am however, going to add some play time by training for the Muddy Princess and more next year. Health: Water: 1-2x bottles a day >>> 25 days to pass Sleep: At least 7hrs a night >>> 25 days to pass Food: Go light on chocolates (sugar), and starch. Eat gluten-free >>> 25 days to pass Bible Study: Mornings at least 5 days a week >>> 25 days to pass Exercise: Cardio: Walking or mowing >>> 2x a week = 10 to pass OCR: Strength or BW >>> 1x a week = 5 to pass Mobility Stretches >>> at least 1x a week = 5 to pass Other Stuff: as I'm able to Finish up the tank project (please, please, please get this done!) Paint the pipes Finances: catch up as I'm behind again Prepare school work for next year Handgun training at home (dry fire routines) Luckily the boys' sport is coming to an end this week, but I would like to fit in a couple more HS lessons this and next week. Then we are done for the year as well. So not much change, but I am going to listen to my body and not overdo it, as I am currently suffering from adrenal fatigue (did you catch the wobble in the peasant's voice).
  2. October 8th, 2016 All these people are sooooo young and fit and wow.... scary obstacles too.... but I have the ticket hanging on the fridge. I'm going. Fear be damned. So better get the training on track, summer lull is over. It's time to move! Details will follow. love you folks.
  3. Going for the gainz TL'DR Lot's of backstory, passionate about healthy exercise, avoid overtraining, or bad form, path to lvl 25, and therefore towards lvl50... Will teach class 17th, start PT 20th, get started on license courses Sept, run OCR in Oct, wanna come with? My plan for this challenge is a bit different. The usual would be something along the lines of "caloric goal, exercise minimum, sleep minimum" While all of those are good, and I will probably get back to them next challenge (especially if this challenge busts out) I feel them not enough and at the same time too complex. So I'm going to go with this instead: Act like a grown up (eat well and with restraint, sleep more than you think you need, go to class, exercise at home) aka don't be a moron Make your weaknesses into strengths (shoulder PT taught me that abs and upper and lower back muscle are where I need to grow stronger) PVP the heck out of it I also noticed I have a competitive streak a mile wide. If I see someone do something I can almost do, I can rarely let go and not push myself to get there. When I know there's something I can't do yet (even if I only compete against my younger self) it's really hard to stay within my limits, and I failed a lot in the past, which bites me in my backside with my tender shins currently (case of too much too soon again) but I will find ways to use this competitiveness: The daily minimum activity that I have tried to implement has not taken hold since I had to stop my wall planks when I hurt my shoulder. So I will enjoy some PVP time with all of you fine rebels out there and see where I can land. And maybe I even can find someone to do some other darebee challenge with/against me throughout this challenge, I am currently at ab challenge day 9, and did my 1:20 plank in one go (never done this long a plank), trick: switching from forearm on the ground to on the hand when it was almost too much, and back down, but no disengaging the legs/abs! And I am considering their Age of Pandora Programm. That is my plan anyway, we'll see how far it survives past first contact with the enemy....
  4. I'm kinda making up this challenge as I go so some goals might get edited later! Like a lot of people here, my goals every challenge stay very much the same, as my main quest is the same each month - get myself ready for all the OCR's and Running races I have planned. The last few challenges have been exactly the same, running, lifting/climbing and mobility work and that's been great (well, except for the running) but it's starting to feel a bit dull having goals for things that I will do anyway. The point of these challenges (in my opinion) should be to help work on the things you are struggling with, so with that in mind, my goals this time will be to work on my weaknesses. Weakness 1 Keeping to a running schedule. I love to go out for a run, but with the cold weather recently, I've been finding excuses not to go out and then I have to make up the run later in the week or it gets skipped completely Solution: Set a proper running schedule and stick to it. In the last 2 weeks of this challenge, I'll be starting my Half Marathon training plan which calls for 3 runs a week. So the first 2 weeks will be planning 3 runs a week on set days and sticking to those days. My running days are going to be Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I'm allowing myself to switch days only if something big comes up and I absolutely can't run that day, or if I get sick or injured! Weakness 2 Lifting my own body-weight When it comes to OCR's being able to lift your own body-weight is a huge advantage on most obstacles. I tend to neglect body-weight work in favor of lifting weights instead. I want to eventually be able to do cool things like pull ups, one handed push ups and eventually muscle ups! I want to get better at climbing too so being able to comfortably lift my own body-weight is going to be a big help. Solution: Work on the following exercises each week - Push Ups - Dips - Body-weight rows - Chin-ups(?) I'll be doing each exercise at least once each week. I've put a question mark next to chin ups as I'm only able to do one chin up from standing, not from a deadhang at the moment. So I may do some GtG work here to help me get to finally do a proper chin up and then hopefully, more than one! The last time I did GtG work on chin ups I started getting pain in my elbow so this will depend on how my elbow feels. Weakness 3 Time management Quite simply, there aren't enough hours in my day to fit in everything I want to do with the things I have to do. Solution: Make more hours in the day! Wake up earlier to workout or run at lunchtime I used to get up and do my workouts in the morning, but then I got lazy. I'm going to get up early and get my workouts done first thing. It also means I can double up on workouts (run in the morning and lift in the evening) if needs be. Once I start my Half Marathon training plan, I may utilize the park near my work to run at lunchtime - it has some big hills that are great for hill work! Side Goal: Take better care of my skin The cold weather, climbing and lifting has done a number on my skin over the last few months, mostly on my hands. I'm a completely rubbish girl and tend to "forget" to moisturize and don't take care of the callouses that have formed on my hands. The goal is just to take care of my skin better, use body scrub and moisturizer regularly and pumice any callouses that form and moisturize my hands daily.
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