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Found 2 results

  1. OK! Progress on recent challenges has been excellent, time to build on what's gone before. 1) Eat more veggies Remember how much Kaylee valued (for orgasmic levels of "valued") fresh food? I don't live on a spaceship (yet), so I can have all the fresh stuff I want. I need to get more veggies in my lunches and dinners. Goal: everyday have a meal with some solid vegetables in it. I'm doing great on fruit for breakfast, now I need to step up on the other meals. A = 6/week; B = 5/week; C = 4/week; D = 3/week. Sta + 1; Wis + 1 Bonus challenge! Get to a local Farmer's market and explore their offerings. Cha +1 Extra bonus! Make a big veggie-ful meal on weekends to have as leftovers for lunch or dinners. Con +1 2) Exercise changes The Firefly crew can kick ass equally on ship or planetside. I haven't been getting outdoors enough, and I haven't been getting enough cardio. So! Two-parter: a: At work: do a round of this exercise series each day. I found this during the last mini-challenge, and it's perfect for what I want. Potential pitfall--in a few weeks I'll be starting a lab test, and I'm not sure what my cubicle time will look like. But every day that it's possible, I want to do these. b: At home: each day that it's possible, get out for a walk, minimum 15 minutes. We've got some lovely walking paths near our house, and I want to explore more. I didn't manage it today because it was raining, but I was ready to do it! (I went downstairs and did a sledgehammer routine instead.) To be graded on a 90/80/70% scale. Str +2, Dex +2 Bonus: Start jogging! After doing some walking, start upping the difficulty with some interval jogging: 1 min walk/1 min run, that sort of thing. I have disliked running before, so it will be interesting to try it again. +1 Sta. 3) Meditation Book derives a lot of strength and character from his time in prayer. For me that's mindfulness meditation. Goal: *every day* do at least 5 min of meditation. Do 30 min when that's practical. A = 6/week, B = 5/week, etc. I'm adding on a goal to write down three things I'm grateful for every day. I need to get my head in a more positive mindset, and I know that can be a big help. Wis +1, Cha +1 Bonus challenge! Experiment with candle meditation. Wis +1 4) Maintenance Kaylee has to keep the engines in good shape under non-ideal circumstances and within considerable budget constraints. I need to maintain the habits from other challenges that have paid off. I realized that last challenge I dropped some habits because they weren't "part of the challenge." So here's where I change that. This is a long list, but it's already stuff I know how to do. -Bring lunch to work. If not, stick with simple sandwiches and salads from the cafeteria -Go to bed no later than 10pm -Do not purchase alcohol to drink at home -Take all vitamins -Bring healthy snacks to work, no vending machines -Floss -Track calories with MyFitnessPal -Smoothies for breakfast A = no more than 10 lapses/week; B = 15 lapses; C = 20 lapses, etc. Con +2, Wis +1
  2. So I started an hourly pushup club with my team at my office where we each do a set on the hours. Even if you can only do one, the important thing is to get up out of your desk, do what you can, then go back to work with a (hopefully) clearer mind. I was hoping to find an exercise that we can do to work our backs on off days. The only caveat is that being in an open office, we can't simply hang a pull up bar (and most of us wouldn't be able to do a pull up anyway). I was hoping to find something similar to pushups, that requires no equipment and can be done solo. Thoughts?
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