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Found 1 result

  1. 2014 was kind of an epic year. I hate that I fell off the face of the earth, but for about 3 months there I was driving 3 hours round trip each day to the new job, which kind of sucked up any time that might have been available for reading the forums and posting. We finally got moved in August, although we’re still stuck in apartment hell while we try to find a house in our price range that’s worth the pain in the ass of buying a house. 2014 highlights! Fitness Did two beginner CrossFit competitions. Was not in last place for either. Did a Spartan Super. Did not die. Had fun. Found a new CrossFit box to train at. Being the new kid is no fun, but I’m getting to know people. PRs Front Squat - 175 Deadlift - 255 1RM, 225 3RM, 205 5RM 2k row - 9:16 Back Squat - 175 (back in February, something tells me it'd be higher now) Power Clean - 115 Life Got an awesome new job! Got to start my awesome new job about 2 weeks before Summer Reading began...eep! In two weeks, planned an entire Summer Reading program for teens, plus created a schedule for 75 teen volunteers (that one was scary) Won NaNoWriMo! 50k+ words written in November on what might someday grow up to be a novel. Binge-watched all 9 seasons of Supernatural in about 2.5 months. Not entirely sure if I should be proud or ashamed of this one. I might be a teensy bit obsessed. Thus the images/gifs in this challenge post. Started reading fanfiction. Why didn’t I do this before? Oh, yeah, because it’s an epic time-suck. Started writing fanfiction. Both awesome and horrible, because now I can’t stop. So 2014 was awesome. I’m looking forward to 2015! I have two main quests that I’m planning to alternate my focus on for each challenge. One is working on a weakness, the other is working on a strength that I want to get stronger. Quest 1: Pull-ups (starting with banded, working my way up to unassisted) Quest 2: 300+ lb. deadlift. The Challenge! Main Quest: To be able to do banded pull-ups in WODs Missions: CrossFit at least 4x per week, run on the rest days (because somehow I got talked into a half-marathon. I'm still not clear how that happened) Grading: A = 22+ CrossFit Days & 16+ Runs; B = 19-21 CrossFit Days & 14-15 Runs; C = 18 or fewer CrossFit Days & 13 or Fewer Runs If I manage more than 4 CrossFit days per week, the extra can count as a run. Strict pull-up training program 3x per week (http://www.boxlifemagazine.com/training/conquering-your-first-strict-pull-up) mmm....where was I? Oh, yeah Grading: A = 16+ days of pullup work; B = 14-15 days of pullup work; C = 13 or fewer days of pullup work Hit ETP macros daily Grading: A = 37+ days of good macros; B = 33-36 days; C = 32 or fewer days. Fitness Side Quest: Mobility work every day. A minute on each side in pigeon pose is the bare minimum. Grading: A = 37+ days of mobility; B = 33-36 days; C = 32 or fewer days. Life Side Quest: Write at least 500 words/day. Fanfiction, starting another novel, whatever. Grading: A = 37+ days of writing; B = 33-36 days; C = 32 or fewer days. If I get As on both of my side quests, I can buy a snarky workout shirt from my list. I'm not going to have the kind of time I used to have to comment on other people's threads. I'll try my best, but part of the reason I fell off the forums was because my perfectionist self shut down when I didn't have time to comment on EVERYTHING. Baby steps. I missed you guys!!!
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