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Found 2 results

  1. Good God it's been cold out there x.x" Hihi! So, like most people, I've fallen into the trap of wakeup, feed pets, go to work, eat, come home, feed pets, go to bed. I take COTA everywhere and catch up on Netflix and Crunchyroll on my 1.75 hr ride (one way) to work and back home. Here's the thing, other than 80.00 phone bill, 62.00 bus pass, 60.00 electric bill, 380.00 rent, and 100.00/month for pet food/kitty litter, and ramen, I have no other bills. Yet, due to not knowing anyone with similar interests in Columbus, OH, I waste money left and right and somehow find myself behind on rent and electric when I make 1200.00 a month! Seriously, wtf?! As you can see, I have a serious problem with Discipline. I'm looking for a friend who is that Asshole friend who will call me on my BS when I go: "hmm, running low on gems on my Shop Heroes/other useless game app, lemme buy the 100.00 package~" "Bad Day" -eat out- "Good Day" -eat out- "Bored out of mah MIND" -eat out- "Breathing" -eat out- But dude, you gotta love movies, gaming, and have that over the top personality that'll keep me pumped and looking forward to gym time with ya! Please note, I give what I request. I will be that over the top friend that will also keep you pumped and call you out on your slacker default settings! That completely blunt friend who loves ya and will sit down and use quiet, cutting logic when all the excuses to fail surface. This is what I need someone to do for me too. I've been going it alone for a very long time now. Always that person who never needed a safety net. But ya know what? My fondest and deepest wish every birthday since I was 4, when I blew out those candles... was to have a partner in crime to share my adventures with. At the age of 37, this still has not changed. My rent and electric will be caught up in a month. After that, I'm want to join a gym with fellow Columbus, OH NF members. Humans were meant to be social. So, who's the local Columbus faction? Let's Do This! *My Very First Milestone will be when I call Uber every Sat to take my dog Kobe out running in those awesome ninja feet thingies on our multiple wilderness run areas. I figure Ohio's bi-polar weather will be a lil less extreme by the time I'm able to do this!
  2. Hey Ya'll, I have two weddings to attend back to back weekends in Central OH so I'm going to be working from there for most of October. 10/2-10/4 & 10/11 are takenI work M-F 8-5We could do: COSI (Museum)Olentangy Indian CavernsWalk the Scioto MileGet trapped in a room with a zombieColumbus Commons has some goings onHike one of the MetroParks I will not have a place to put Nerds who come into town if you're from out of town. I'm also currently looking for a place to lift while I'm there, so if any one has any ideas, I'm all ears If you live in or near Columbus now, check these things out: Columbus Oktoberfest Sept. 26-28Short North Gallery Hop - First Saturday Evening monthly (Go park and walk. Musicians on the street)ALL the Columbus food! It's a test market people, go test!
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