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Found 2 results

  1. My Second Challenge, Yay! If the doc approves running and working out, I'll edit my challenge after my Dr. appt. on Jan. 9th. He said there's no real reason to not be active. If my tailbone starts hurting again, call him and we'll see if a shot helps again. Even if it does take 2.5 weeks to kick in. But didn't want to continue procrastinating on my other goals. I need to make space, in my house and in my life. I think it will help me feel motivated and a little more in control. So to work on this, 1. I'm going to get rid of 1 thing every day. I am awful at waking up on time. I roll out of bed just before I need to be at work. The fact that I have a laid back job atmosphere & live .5 mile from my visitor center just encourages this bad behavior. I know beyond a doubt that if i could wake up earlier, eat breakfast, and maybe do a small workout, then I would be in a better mood. I suck at going to bed at a decent hour and often only get 5 or 6 hours of sleep. I need to do better. 2. I will establish a morning routine and improve my bedtime & morning habits. *post doc edit* morning routine will include breakfast, some stretching, and some experimentation to find what else it should include.. hmm** I still need to work on pushups. In my last challenge, I only made it up to 3 full pushups and 7 kneeling ones. I really want to make it to 10 full, good form pushups. so, 3. Continue working toward my goal of 10 pushups. *post doc visit edit* all that really changed about this is that it will hurt less.* I miss running. It was the second only to martial arts in how great it was for stress relief. 4. I'm going to get new running shoes and begin a new running program. I probably need to start over with a 5K training program. *post doc visit* Going to get new running shoes at Fleet Feet on my next days off. But for now, as in tomorrow, I'm going to get started back. I think I'll do C25K and see how far into it can start. Maybe for my tail's sake, i should start on week one though.. hm. I want to be through at least week 4 before the end of the challenge, assuming I have no tail relapse. LifeQuests I'm going to limit myself on the number of hobby supplies I keep around. This is an effort to clean my second extra bedroom and get rid of the junk in it. I'm going to have at least one adventure a month this year, either, on my own or with family/friends. Obviously, this will extend past this challenge, but I will make it a part of each challenge this year. *edit* Edited to include tags. Some of them are even useful!
  2. So there are all these things that I want to be capable of and do. Push ups, pull ups, handstands, pistol squats, ninja tuck jump, etc. But I'm fat, and I feel like these are things I have to wait until I'm less fat to begin working on. Is that true? Kind of like "You're trying to progress to do a pull up, but you weigh WHAT?" Or can I work on them now, and as long as I mind my diet, and as I progress toward my goal, I will lose weight, making me fitter for these goals & the next steps in them? I'm starting to consider the second.
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