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  1. Please do not read the following transcript without opening this very important YouTube video below It's 6am as the sun streams through your blinds and on to your dewy morning skin. The usual morning routine begins, perhaps with brushing your teeth, or perhaps with practicing some funky tai-chi on a mountain with a snake (like that woman in that horribly remade movie, Karate Kid). Whatever. The way your morning starts isn't important. You go about your sneaky business. Lurking in the alley-ways (not at all creepy). Traceur-ing to work. Pole-volting your boss. Adeptly eating with chop-sticks, when suddenly a shadowy figure appears in your line of movement. Breaking your chi. Ceasing your flow. Preventing your passage.... basically, you stop. You can't quite make out the figure but she looks old, but not fragile. Strong and lean but not bulky. Her skin glows is radiant but withered. She clearly has some stories to tell. You pull your best ninja pose and prepare for battle. The woman calmly pulls a scroll from within her robes and tosses it at your feet. You look down at the paper for a split second, and return your gaze to her direction to see her gone. Disappeared. Missing. Dissipated. No longer there... I guess is the general gist. Not even in a puff of smoke or anything. Just ... gone. You pick up the scroll and unravel it between your hands. Aren't hooded figures annoying when they deliver vaguely coherent haiku's? Notes and Challenge for the SNB's. This challenge, for us - is all about community. Helping to improve our own, internal Stealthy Ninja Bastard Community, helping the wider NF community, helping our own, physical, local communities, and finally, saving the world (just kidding, those last two points are pretty much the same thing). In that order, too! So, Stealthy Ninja Bastard Community Improvement. Most of us have, via the Facebook page, agreed to (ahem, using Aisle4B's word), go almost "Freegan". Eating what we have in our house, and choosing for the length of this challenge, not to eat out, not to get take-aways, and generally use what we already have in our house / cupboards to eat / drink. So your mission this week comes in three small parts: Post an ingredient you have lots of in your house, but don't really know what to do with (for example, I have about 6 avocados in my fridge)Reply via this thread at to at least one other member with a yummy recipe - not necessarily one you've tried, but one that looks and sounds delicious (please note! Because we're all doing slightly different diets, any recipe that's recommended can be tweaked to suit individual needs).Post a picture of your newly created delicious meal. Because food porn, ammiryte? You can find Aerie's Challenge Here. You can find Aisle4B's Challenge Here. You can find Ceasefire's Challenge Here. DChristian doesn't have a thread yet You can find LegoLady's Challenge Here. You can find Neph's Challenge Here. You can find Peggysr's Challenge Here. You can find Primeval's Challenge Here. You can find Rogaecia's Challenge Here. You can find Sabrinamari's Challenge Here. You can find Sicil's Challenge Here. You can find Starpuck's Challenge Here.
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