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Found 2 results

  1. I finally got a new laptop. It's been 2 years. So, hello, forums. You look different! Jumping back in with a super basic 4 week challenge. 1. Orangetheory workouts- 5 to 6 a week, with one designated a green day. Track on activity app on watch 2. Keto (20-30 g carbs) 6 days a week at least Track on MFP 3. Water - 100 oz a day Track on MFP 4. Six Sigma - Complete Data Analytics for Six Sigma on Coursera by end of challenge
  2. Hey all. Over the last 8 months, I've been working out with a facility called OrangeTheory Fitness. Hour long class split between 26 minutes cardio and 26 minutes weights. Heart rate monitor attached to view heart target zone progress as well as calories burned. I typically workout 4 to 5 times per week. The cardio side is just that. The weight side, though, I think may be a bit lacking at this point in my journey. In the weight room, we have access to TRX straps, benches, and dumbbells up to 50 lbs. Like CrossFit, workouts are planned by coaches/corporate. Some days may have a focus (legs this past Sunday, yikes) or you may end up with a more whole body workout. It's been great so far but I feel as if something's missing. This may or may not have anything to do with it, but their clientele consists of about 65-70% females. My wife absolutely loves it. I've enjoyed it too but I don't know right now. I talked to her about possibly joining a CrossFit box in addition to taking a class or two a week at OTF. The problem, like I read on most of the threads in here, are just the number of CF boxes in my area or on the way home. Before I started researching the threads here, the first thing I looked at were certifications at some of the boxes near us. Seems like most have just Level 1 CF certs and not much else. I also looked at the schedule for a couple of the boxes in the area and it seems as if classes aren't necessarily that full. Given my goals of improving upper body strength, I was hoping to get some insight from those more experienced. I think it's time I "graduated" from my current fitness regiment and took on something a bit more difficult. There are 3 or 4 CF boxes on my way home. I was wondering if those more experienced could take a quick peek and recommend which ones to target first. I know at the end I'll need to visit each one and see where I feel most comfortable with but I wouldn't mind some assistance in eliminating those that set off alarms right off the bat. Thanks all! Jorge http://crossfitrebels.com/ - Box that's most out of the way from my house (would need to drive about 8 minutes or so away from my route although I know the area as my neighbor's office is next door). Trainers look impressive; free intro class, then a 6 class intro course. http://crossfitmantaray.com/ - One with most reviews but currently running a Groupon for over 80% off classes. 3 trainers, one with very recent cert scares me a bit. Actually, anything with a Groupon might scare me. http://www.palmharborcrossfit.com/ - A bit closer to home. Looks like a more active box with multiple trainers. Most still Level 1 but some with other certs. Monthly pricing would force me to drop OTF altogether. http://www.crossfit19north.com/ - Didn't see trainer information on website. Looks like it may not be worth my time exploring further.
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