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  1. Captain's Log 20170107 After a restful berthing on the primitive planet of Zimbabwe, where crew members enjoyed some calming shore leave activities such as white water rafting and the view from the Devil's Pool atop Victoria Falls (see pictures below). I find myself reflecting on the mutinous actions of certain crew members. In particular, our Chief Educator, Salambander, whose surrender to her Romulan half's sensitivity made what could have been a wonderful holiday into a tense, rage-filled two-week argument. Although it may have been triggered by exposure to Trellium Ore, I believe she can regain control. We spoke together and she has agreed to follow certain steps towards controlling her emotions: daily exercise, meditation, and management of her time. I see great potential in her, and if she is to take over as Head of Aliens in September, she will absolutely need to find legendary the Oasis of Calm. If only Spock had left us a map. Perhaps all she can do is try to emulate his compassionate logic, and gain mastery of her temper. The rest of the crew, in particular our Chief Bard, Ben Jammin who seems quite enamoured of her, are in full support of her journey. Usually I don't recommend crew fraternisation but the universe is a vast place with lots of emptiness and loneliness in it; I'll let it slide. Primary Mission Directive Find Spock's Oasis of Calm, and retrieve the amulet of self-control. Mission Objectives The first stop on our journey, approximately one month's travel from here, is a world of organization and routine. The Bulletians are a rigid people, repetitive in their daily routines. Any disturbance to their routine is punishable by death. In order to survive our stay there, we will need to assimilate immediately into their culture. 1. Make full use of a bullet journal for the duration of the journey. Update it each morning upon waking up, or before going to bed. Captain's logs will continue weekly. The journey will be physically demanding. I have requested that the crew make full use of the facilities available to them. 2. Gym workouts will be compulsory for all crew, a minimum of thrice weekly. On non-gym days, crew members are encouraged to practise yoga to improve their ability to adjust to high-g speeds and low-g environments. During our second phase of the journey, to the perilous land of Texas, power will be diverted from gym to the kitchens and therefore home workouts will be acceptable. It is only through discipline that we can defeat the monstrous Bleurgh, which preys on sloths and gluttons. The poisons of the Christmas Hotel Buffets are slowly working their way from our systems. The ship's doctor has placed the crew on a strict regime. 3. No sugar and half their usual carbohydrates until our arrival in Texas. There, the only way to beat the Bleurgh is by eating vegetables at every meal, halving any restaurant portions and imbibing only water or tea. 4. Crew members are required to meditate for at least five minutes each day. Any crew members who complete all four tasks to the best of their ability each week may make use of our ship's masseuse. Captain's Log 20170108 1. Bullet Journal 2. Gym & Yoga 3. Nutrition 4. Meditation Captain's Log 20170115 1. Bullet Journal 2. Gym & Yoga 3. Nutrition 4. Meditation Captain's Log 20170122 Arrival in Texas estimated around 20170124, at which point nutritional guidelines adjust: drink only water, eat vegetables, halve restaurant portions 1. Bullet Journal 2. Workouts & Yoga 3. Nutrition 4. Meditation Captain's Log 20170204 1. Bullet Journal 2. Workouts & Yoga 3. Nutrition 4. Meditation
  2. Placeholder at the moment, but there will be housework-related goals, some focus on positivity after a few months of being peeved at feeling fat and useless, loads of pictures of me jaunting around Thailand and preparation for doing so. SpecialSundae sparkles with positivity Look for something in every day that is positive and share it. Bounce with happiness when I can. Try to ignore the demons but share them to allow other people to help when it's bad. Say something positive about every workout. Do your accessory work (maximum two sessions compressed into one, which means two sessions a week at minimum, aim to do it after each actual training session but we all know that won't happen) and aim for progression. SpecialSundae sparkles with innovation Find a way to get the letter of authenticity for REPS registration. Plan out the first four weeks of the barbell training course Plan out social media engagement and announcements Plan out booking scheme SpecialSundae makes her house sparkle too Clean the kitchen and bathroom every weekend until I go away Hoover the living room and bedroom once a week Change the sheets once a week Do at least two loads of laundry a week Put away all laundry at the weekend SpecialSundae spreads some sparkle to her spouse Spend quality time with Grant Spend at least one night a week playing Marvel Superheroes with Grant until we go away Leave the phones in our room (or at least switched off) for at least one evening meal out of two whilst in Thailand Spend time with Grant planning a few excursions and pre-book as needed - thinking of doing a cycle tour in Bangkok and a visit to a Thai boxing match in Ao Nang In the meantime, here's my thought for the day from yesterday... Any time you feel strong, squat with someone who lifts triple what you do. You'll suddenly feel very weak and insignificant!
  3. Merry Autumn, everyone! This challenge will be the twelfth of a dozen documented attempts now, and I'm still floating around the same weight I've been for years. I cannot seem to control the amount and quality of the food I eat for more than a couple of weeks, so you know what? This time, I'm not even going to bother imposing a calorie limit or a portion size limit, I'm just going to say: Goal 1: Eat whatever I damn well like. But: I have to cook it myself, from scratch, using items that are recognisable as bits of plant, fungus, bits-of-plant-or-fungus-that-have-been-turned-into-something-pretending-to-be-bits-of-animal, or something that came directly out of an animal. Seasonings don't count.*EDIT: I hate Week 0 Sarah, she does not consider my feelings. The main substance of my meal has to follow the above; once I've finished eating that, I will then proceed to eat whatever couscous/bread/cheese might be within reach. I am only allowed to eat it between the hours of 7 and 8 at night.Five portions of fruit and veg have to be consumed in that hour regardless of what it is I cook. I suspect that with those caveats, I am going to end up eating about 1500kcal in one sitting because there are only so many calories you can fit into a person when you can't eat pasta or chocolate unless you've made it yourself from plants and despair. Snacking during the day will be combated by leaving my purse and cash at home. Snacking at home will be combated by not having anything suitable in cupboards. Even flour. No flour for Sarah. Tasty tasty flour. (Honestly, I will snap and make terrible pancakes otherwise.) Points: +4 CON; +1 STA Goal 2: Build on walking home from work every night by walking to work as well; I'm going to see how that goes this preparatory week, and if it is terrible I will start Week 1 by walking to work once as well as home five times, and gradually build up to work-and-back five times a week from there. It's all uphill on the way to work, and I expect to be able to crack a man's skull between my thighs by the end or I shall be requesting my money back. Not that I've paid anyone any money. Points: +3 STA, +2 STR Goal 3: Spend Sundays organising everything I'll need for the following week. Will involve the following, in order. - Laundry; and organise five work outfits on hangers for the week ahead like I imagine extremely fashionable people do/n't. - Do cupboard stock taking, work out a shopping list. - Take out just enough cash for food shopping. - Go food shopping, and do not touch debit card. Leave debit card at home if possible. - Cook for week ahead; freeze meals. - Do dishes. - Take out rubbish, hoover. - Hair mask, sauna, shower, moisturise, manicure, pedicure; because I feel a bit grim after housework and not buying snacks, and because self-care is important anyway. - Spend rest of the day reading. Points: +3 CHA, +2 WIS. Life Goal: ...Actually, I think that's probably enough for this challenge, don't you? Oh, wait, no! LIFE GOAL: TALK TO PEOPLE ON THE FORUMS THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS AND YOU ARE A BIG BUTTOCK FOR NOT TALKING TO ANYONE FOR THE WHOLE OF LAST CHALLENGE. No points because DAMMIT SARAH GO TALK TO PEOPLE. There, I have even made a note on my work to-do list for tomorrow to make time during lunch to talk to people. Proper reading-threads-and-saying-hello-and-congratulating-on-progress talking rather than a snatched five minutes of liking old posts. Monitoring: - POST ON YOUR THREAD POST ON YOUR THREAD POST ON YOUR THREAD. Post things about what you ate, how cranky you are, how much sleep you got and why, how much water you drank; not as if it were a lab experiment, but just to see if there are patterns you can manipulate to make life easier. Say, if you have a really easy day, what did you eat the night before, and can you replicate that really easy day by eating the same thing and going to bed at the same time? - Weigh self weekly. * Clarification of Ridiculousness: I know it sounds convoluted and stupid, and I'm really not convinced by the "clean eating" evangelism that happens a lot these days, but it's not about "eating clean", it's about establishing an arbitrary but entertaining rule that will force me to strongly consider the value of what I put into my mouth and eat my vegetables. Is it really worth all that effort turning wheat and milk into a plate of macaroni cheese? Or is it not better in every way to make a big vegetable casserole? And if I do somehow make macaroni cheese from absolute scratch, won't that be pure dead magic?
  4. New challenge! After the last couple of challenges, which I failed to complete because of crazy work schedules (work life balance?? What's that??). But now I'm back! LOTR THEME!!!!!!! OMG WTF LETS DO THIS So one of my goals relates to step counting. By my calculations, by the end of this challenge I should have done nearly enough steps to have traveled from the Shire to Bree. Actually, I think we will end up in Barrow-Downs, but close enough. And being in New Zealand, what could be more appropriate than a LOTR theme?? So what're we doing?? Well, I really want to get into the fitness side of things, and get the right fuel in the tank. I have a tendency to try and leap into things, run hard for an hour every day, then of course crash and give up. So I'm trying to be a bit more gentle. I also want to do some conditioning for silks, I need to build up my strength, fitness and flexibility. For my life goal, I need to keep being organised, now that I am sort of self-employed, otherwise it's all going to fall apart. My overarching goal is still also weight loss, so hopefully I will see some progress on that too. I set up a reward schedule for that at the beginning of the year, and I am keen to get some of those rewards finally! Main Goals: 1. 10,000 steps per day, 5 days per week Grading: A: 270,000+ steps B: 225,000-269,999 steps C: 180,000-224,999 steps 2. Get to the gym/silks/some kind of sweaty exercise 5 days/week Grading: A: 27+ days B: 22-26 days C:18-21 days 3. Eat 1200-1500 cal/day Grading: A: 37+ days B: 31-36 days C: 25-30 days Life Goal: Organise work and home: I need to set up a good spreadsheet for my work, to make invoicing and tracking easier and less time consuming I also need to tidy up the house- 8 rooms total Grading: A: 8+ tasks done B: 6-7 tasks done C: 4-5 tasks done Let's do it!
  5. Hi Nerd Fitness Community! I've seen various blips of information filtering into my life for a while now from Nerdfitness; the community on facebook, Steve's blog and email updates etc. t-shirts!!! and I've decided to do something about leveling up my own life overall. I've got a tonne of aspirations and a life full of tasks and chores, no shortage of motivation, or enthusiasm to get the stuff done (that I'm good at) but I'm permanently tired from having too much going on at once. What I could do with is pointing in the right direction to leveling up generally. I seem to remember seeing categories for structuring these goals to level up in all aspects. Does anyone know where the list is as I can't find it. Once I've got those categories set down then I can work out what needs to be in them and where from this list of tasks - big small or otherwise, and set to with working out how to get them done - THE FUN WAY!!! If I structure my goals in the same way that you're all structuring yours then it becomes measurable and I can join in with you all on the 6 week challenges! - thanks for having me on board
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