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Found 5 results

  1. Captain's Log 20170107 After a restful berthing on the primitive planet of Zimbabwe, where crew members enjoyed some calming shore leave activities such as white water rafting and the view from the Devil's Pool atop Victoria Falls (see pictures below). I find myself reflecting on the mutinous actions of certain crew members. In particular, our Chief Educator, Salambander, whose surrender to her Romulan half's sensitivity made what could have been a wonderful holiday into a tense, rage-filled two-week argument. Although it may have been triggered by exposure to Trellium Ore, I believe she
  2. Placeholder at the moment, but there will be housework-related goals, some focus on positivity after a few months of being peeved at feeling fat and useless, loads of pictures of me jaunting around Thailand and preparation for doing so. SpecialSundae sparkles with positivity Look for something in every day that is positive and share it. Bounce with happiness when I can. Try to ignore the demons but share them to allow other people to help when it's bad. Say something positive about every workout. Do your accessory work (maximum two sessions compressed into o
  3. Merry Autumn, everyone! This challenge will be the twelfth of a dozen documented attempts now, and I'm still floating around the same weight I've been for years. I cannot seem to control the amount and quality of the food I eat for more than a couple of weeks, so you know what? This time, I'm not even going to bother imposing a calorie limit or a portion size limit, I'm just going to say: Goal 1: Eat whatever I damn well like. But: I have to cook it myself, from scratch, using items that are recognisable as bits of plant, fungus, bits-of-plant-or-fungus-that-have-been-turned-into-
  4. New challenge! After the last couple of challenges, which I failed to complete because of crazy work schedules (work life balance?? What's that??). But now I'm back! LOTR THEME!!!!!!! OMG WTF LETS DO THIS So one of my goals relates to step counting. By my calculations, by the end of this challenge I should have done nearly enough steps to have traveled from the Shire to Bree. Actually, I think we will end up in Barrow-Downs, but close enough. And being in New Zealand, what could be more appropriate than a LOTR theme?? So what're we doing?? Well, I really want to get into the fit
  5. Hi Nerd Fitness Community! I've seen various blips of information filtering into my life for a while now from Nerdfitness; the community on facebook, Steve's blog and email updates etc. t-shirts!!! and I've decided to do something about leveling up my own life overall. I've got a tonne of aspirations and a life full of tasks and chores, no shortage of motivation, or enthusiasm to get the stuff done (that I'm good at) but I'm permanently tired from having too much going on at once. What I could do with is pointing in the right direction to leveling up generally. I seem to remember se
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