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  1. (It's been forever since I did a themed challenge, but I always had fun writing them, and the story aspect gave me an extra motivation to get things to go in the right direction. So, here goes nothin') NightWatcher woke up and looked around. The area seemed quiet, which was strange - the last thing she remembered was a loud clatter, a screaming hollow, and a sudden dull pain in her chest. She glanced over at the fire, then down at the mark branded into her skin, and groaned as the memories flooded her mind - the undead asylum, the flight, and the warning that if she didn't restore
  2. This challenge I'm going to work on re-establishing habits that I've let slide, or continuing progress from last challenge. 1. Pre-Fuel for success! Eat enough food. Eat high-value foods. Drink juice and protein shakes when I can't eat. (specific goals for this one will depend on what my Dr wants me to work on each week.) 2. French book work Goal will be for 4 20 minute sessions per week. (not 80 minute sessions.... *side-eyes french number system*) Gotta build from the last challenge, as I can really see the value of this in how fast I'm learn
  3. For those of you who haven't seen my recent challenges, they have been a bit...scattered. Mostly they end up reverting to running and counting net carbs. The start of the year everything was more focused - beat the blood sugar monster and reverse Type II diabetes. While I'm still working on that one, the end of this last challenge had my blood sugar numbers averaging under 100 for the last couple of weeks. This despite the fact that my exercise goals have been ping-ponging all over the place and the ability to focus has been non-existent. So we're going to try to change that with more of a pla
  4. 2018 Changing Behaviors This year, my first challenge was a “what the hell am I going to do challenge”. So I threw in some stuff that I thought would be good to focus on. Those goals were good but I still felt a little lost and kept thinking about 2017 and what worked and didn’t work. 2017 was a stressful year and I let my impulses kind of run wild. I’ve always been a wants over needs type of person but have had a difficult time figuring out a way to change that. I just want to do everything now and feel silly taking it slow. Mentally, that’s what I want and I don’t want to wait to
  5. This challenge is mostly a continuation of the last challenge for me, since I came in late and the things I was working on are still in progress ^^; There are some modifications though. Main Quest - Grasping the sword (getting up and fighting back against my mental and physical issues) Sidequest 1 - Daily yoga - I have my yoga set for 11am right now, which means I need to be up a bit before that to eat something (before you ask - I work 3:30-midnight, hence the weirdness of my schedule. I'm trying to roll back my timing so I'm up earlier and in bed before 4am) and I wan
  6. So... This was initially just going to be a picking up the pieces after the holidays sent a wrecking ball through my fitness routine and diet, and most of what I want to do is still the same as what I was planning - I'll be starting Whole30 later this month to break the sugar addiction that's resurfaced, and going to a basic yoga routine until the landscape is less... Antarctic. But. After I got back from holidays, and was getting ready to get started on this challenge a couple of days early, I got the news that my grandfather had passed away out of the blue. Long story short it was sudde
  7. “Read to beam up,” the transporter engineer said. “Engage,” Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge ordered The transponter engaged and Command Kronos stood on the platform. His red Starfleet uniform was immaculate. Even the rank pips seemed polished. Kronos stepped off the platform and he greeted the Lieutenant. “I’m Lieutenant Commander LaForge, head of Engineeering on the Enterprise,” LaForge said and gestured to his right. “This is Lieutenant Commander Data, he’ll be giving you a tour of the ship, before taking you to the bridge.” “Thank you,
  8. I need to work on balance. In more ways than one. My personal physical ability to balance is something I enjoy working on. I even still do balance drills while I stand in line at the pharmacy and my boss just commented on the fact that I was on one foot almost the entire time I taught our active shooter class.(that was an accident) Working on my physical balance is something I already know I enjoy, so that will help me stick to it. This also fits in nicely with my hand stand goals. I also need to work on life and mental balance. I tend to gravitate towards being an all or nothing typ
  9. I just started my bullet journal as part of my injury rehab respawn. Whether it is chicken scratch or Instagram-worthy artwork, let me see your bullet journal spreads for fitness, food, and general life-tracking! Looking for inspiration. Thanks!
  10. So life has been goofy lately. I haven't been very diligent with getting into the gym, or really anything associated with a healthy life style. Been getting 1-2 workouts in per week, but my low back is still a bit of a mess and overall, I'm not doing much to get back on track. So I think it's time to get back into the challenge game to give myself a kick start. So, I've been doing this for about a week now, and it's been working so far so I'm going to go with this for my challenge. I've been physically writing out a list of some daily stuff I want to get done (on top of my jo
  11. As a technomage, Beerzerker himself rarely understood on the planets he visits. His armor appears to be smoother than steel and generates its own light in the conditions. Able to summon illumination, even fire at times, and the ability to boost his strength has granted him legendary status in some worlds. He has battled ruffians before, and they made the mistake of assuming his clear faceplate was a point of weakness. The easy distraction proved their undoing. Beerzerker faces some new challenges. He has heard rumor of the Bandersnatch. An evil creature no one has been able to full
  12. My hubby bust out laughing at my title which I guess tells alot about my adaptability-ness. Overall, I'm an extremely easy going person and will go with the flow for other people. However, when it comes to myself, the ability to adapt becomes much more challenging. This round, adaptability is critical because all of the things I can do right now get reset on Friday, April 8. This is because I have surgery to have my ACL rebuilt (for a second time) followed by 6-8 months of physical therapy. I've built some great habits that I want to maintain and recognize that because of the frag
  13. These are all scored daily, either full credit or half credit (or no credit) for each day. Tallied up for each goal, scores are A=25 days, B=20 days, C=15 days, D=10 days (out of 28 days) So a passing score is just slightly better than half credit on all days, which seems reasonable. Kettlebells - Simple & Sinister Get back to Pavel's "Simple & Sinister" kettlebell routine, with custom warmups and stretches to address my various achy parts. For this challenge, full credit is: Any Mobility drills or warmups, 5-10 minutes. 10 sets of 10 swings - 35lb (16kg),
  14. Between grad school, wedding planning, report cards, testing, and a million things, I had to sit February and March out. But it's spring! Days are longer! Snow is wetter and heavier! Green has begun to appear! And I am back for a new challenge (one which I have already started... shhh) Quest 1: STR ↑ I will attend the gym 3x or more a week. Days of the week will change, but I plan to do at least 2-3 days of Stronglifts and at least 1-2 days of cardio (Zombies Run!) Quest 2: Food LVL ↑ I am using Staci's level 1 lunch plan I already did it this week, but I have some i
  15. Happy Monday. This is my third consecutive challenge. I rocked January's but had some issues with February's. For March I'm going to be going back to basics since life will be more complicated this month. We sold our house and closing is March 25. I currently live and work near Detroit, MI during the week. I've got a one bedroom apartment in a large apartment complex. I lost my job in the late spring 2015 and found a much better one in August...4 hours from our beautiful house (that we bought Feb 2015!! ) near Youngstown, OH. My husband is in the OH house but he just had hernia surgery last
  16. I walk away for a few weeks.... what the hell happened to my forge?!? Ohhh yeah.... kind of didn't put anything away and left things to fester Time to clean this up!!! So, I ghosted out right after the start of the last challenge, didn't have anything to contribute, left you all high and dry, and for all that I'm sorry Time to get back on track. The last month has been a considerable change for me and now it's time to get things organized, get things cleaned up, and get things better around here. Goal One: Heating Things Up In The Smelter I need to get the home fires burning hot and str
  17. Wow, that break really flew by. Between our anniversary, a long weekend family trip, and the start of our county fair, it's already time for the new challenge! To recap where I am now. I am a bit more than halfway through a pregnancy. I've been gaining weight well and we found out little one #4 is a girl! Long term goal: take care of myself the best I can so baby and I can be in good shape by her arrival in Dec/ Jan Quest 1- continue gaining weight and eating well STR-1, STA-1, CON-2 Quest 2- I don't want to get out of bed at all in the mornings. I'm sore and in pain when I firs
  18. So I have soft goals of getting the house clean enough to really live in and limiting screen time. Right now, I'm spending all of my time uselessly wandering the internet because I can't stand being here, but the feeling intensifies after I've been somewhere and come back. Some of the decluttering and organizing is up to hubby, so I'm not going for a firm milestone in progress. What I do want to do is really documenting how much effort I'm putting into what I can do and post it on tumblr. Password is: ilovenerds The old stuff really shows how the house has been worse. The text part of
  19. This Challenge: <32% Body Fat The Big Goal is to be under <25% body fat, and qualify as 'fitness' level. Short-term, under 30% by Christmas. I have some major motivators going on right now: Seeing family at holidays -- want to be as fit as everybody elsePost-Christmas vacation in Cancun! Annnnd bikini.Moving from California to Ohio early next year -- must make the most of good weather!Next year I'm doing a triathlon, and need to be able to keep up with my marathoner momAs additional motivation, I'm going to post progress pictures (eeeeeeeek) for the first time ever. Last challenge,
  20. I decided to use a positive topic this time, so let's see if reality conforms to it by the end. "Gobnait is competent" Since my goal of making the house comfortable relies on hubby's help, I'm going to focus on what I can do to keep things from going to heck. I think part of that is to focus on fun instead of frustration. If I get into a kitchen-rut again, I may go on a cooking strike. By November 2, I should have a list of "Things I should be doing" that is hanging up instead of hidden away online. The kitchen list that is already on my fridge, once I write "Know what's for dinner" on
  21. By all rights, she should have been home by now. In the middle of her previous mission, a sudden injury had put her in the care of the Druids, who helped her find not only her way back to health, but the strength and will to cross the lake on her way back home. She had planned to climb the mountain and down the other side, but as she looked for the best climbing route, had heard sounds of a skirmish between a band of orcs and a lone elf. The orcs had been uncharacteristically stealthy. The elf had been taken by surprise, suffering several wounds before he managed to draw his bow. He was a
  22. I'm late to the party on this challenge. More proof that I'm choosing the right goals. My main goal this challenge is to get more on top of things. The messes in my house, garden and garage are the most obvious things. Last challenge I made substantial improvement in getting enough sleep by going to bed on time. I started meditation as part of a mini-challenge and signed up for a meditation class at work. I feel like I’m halfway up the mountain for most of my goals. Exercise/wellness adventure challenge I signed up for a spring wellness challenge at work to add some variety to my e
  23. Hello all, So I'm taking the plunge and committing to a challenge. I'm actually a bit anxious about this. I have a very checkered history with weight loss in general, but it feels like the right time to recommit to myself. Main Quest: To reach a happy, healthy place where I am healthy and in shape. Sub-Goals: Write down everything that I eat for the next week.Week after -begin making healthy changes to my food (To be determined after looking at the data set).Prepare lunch the night before on work days.Make my own breakfast at least two days a week.Motivations (My Big Why): Honestly,
  24. So I'm doing some prep work getting ready for my first challenge in April, and I decided to put together a sort of personal recipe binder/nutrition guidebook. (Which is actually a challenge in itself for me, if you saw how I lived you would know organization isn't my forte!) Using recipes from cookbooks I love, stuff I've pinned on interest, and other sources, I'm attempting to organize a easy reference for myself. The thing is, doing this from scratch is a pretty big task. I've got a publisher format I like, as well as a binder ready to hold all of my print-outs, but I'm still sorting some
  25. I took the last challenge off as I was finally home after being gone for 12 weeks, and in a new house to boot, so I was just focusing on getting back into the swing of things, and work was crazy busy, yadda, yadda, et cetera, et cetera. But now I feel somewhat refreshed and ready to tackle another challenge. My focus for this challenge is organization. The office supply section is my favorite place of any store that has an office supply section (unless it's a bookstore). I need to re-establish evening routines for myself and the kids; my middle schooler (for one more semester) really needs o
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