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Found 6 results

  1. I have found myself getting lost in all the quests. "Keep a sleep journal!" "Drink x amount of water every day!" "Clean out your closet!" "Eat this and this and stop eating this for Level 3 Nutrition!" How do you guys keep all this stuff straight? I'm looking for a way to look at all of my ongoing quests at once, without flipping through pages of my journal. Thanks, Rebels!
  2. No, my goal this challenge is not to look like this at the end... (I don't look good as a blonde, nor do I have the patience for that hairstyle) *Warning, rambling thoughts and nonsense ahead...you have been warned!* This will be my 10th challenge here at NF, and while I am not even going to try and lie and say they have all been perfect and successful, I have learned a lot in my almost 18 months here...first thing I have learned is as much as I would like to be, I am not, nor will I ever be, perfect...I am human (and a Scorpio, just so you know how much it pains me to admit the human part! LOL) As such I have always prided myself at doing and succeeding at whatever I set my mind to...like when I quit smoking two years ago, set it down, cold turkey, haven't touched one since...I had set my mind to it and that was that...so WHY is that not working for sugar/crap and exercise?? The only thing I have been able to determine is I am too focused on the 'perfect' aspect of it instead of realizing that I am not and allowing for the human aspect...(aka, me) I spend too much time beating myself up when I don't do something (or do, like have a bite of desert that my staff just made from scratch and they're so freaking proud of it, and determine that the rest of the day is down the drain because of it, instead of limiting it to one bite and going on with my life). So last challenge I realized when I wasn't focused on the "must do this workout this many times a week" to 'get the points' I realized I was doing more than I thought I was, like putting away 115 piece trucks instead of getting up and doing 20 minutes on the elliptical...so I am going to continue that philosophy into this challenge Goals this challenge Workout 3 times a week Eat Right (for me this is Paleo, YMMV) Work on course 3 times a week, at least 30 minutes Noted items...not challenge goals but need to keep in mind for a healthier work/life balance.. Leave work by 5:30, I have an alarm set on my phone to help with this Daily Housecleaning Checklist, so it does not get out of hand and overwhelming I enjoy reading, make time each day to read something (NF and FB doesn't count! I have tons of books on kindle that have not even been opened lol) Ideally I would like to get back to elliptical 3 times a week and kettlebell/bodyweight 2-3 times a week...but it's not about perfect this time
  3. Main Quest: Ready myself for the races. Run twice a week. I have four races coming up this year. I am actually doing well, all things considered. I haven’t run since January, and since October before that, and I was able to kill a mile in 13:41. My best yet. The goal is to keep training. I want to see a 13 minute mile, straight by the end of the season! (2 points per run) T25 6 days a week. A huge factor in my motivation lately has been the progress I’ve seen with Focus T25. I’m down in inches, I’m down in weight, and I’m feeling pretty stellar. The goal here is to keep that motivation and run with it. It’s a great cardio workout as well as muscular workout, so this will be my gym for the next 6 weeks (and then some). (1 point per workout) Shakeology DAILY. I have been a morning shake drinker for years, and now I’ve got Shakeo. I’m frankly loving the stuff, and I can tell when I’m not having it. This is my diet side. I need that nutrition, daily. The nutrients keep me running and jumping and skipping and smiling and they motivate me to stay away from the other crap. Plus, this stuff has killed my cravings for junk, so I don’t crave that McDonald’s or Cheeto reward anymore… Gotta keep that up for sure. (1 point per day) Side Quests: Life – Get organized I am sick of thinking I’ll get that craft room organized tomorrow. It’s always tomorrow. No – it’s going to be today. I am going to get those boxes sorted and ready for good will. I am going to set up my old computer to make an office/yoga space. I will post weekly progress shots. (0 points for nothing. 5 points for part way. 25 points for completion) Fitness – Get back into yoga I love my aquafit class, but I miss yoga. With T25, I have seen increased flexibility in my legs, but my hips are still a HUGE issue. This goal will be focused around my HIPS specifically. I need to do yoga 3 days a week, but I will be happy with one. A class at my gym – my friend’s class – online videos… It needs to happen. I will post a starting shot of my hip flexibility and we will measure progress by the end of the six weeks! My goal is to work on three specific positions: Frog, Pigeon, and King Pigeon. (1 point per yoga work out, 3 points max per week) And last but not least… My motivation is… My progress. I am finally seeing some, so I’ll be damned if I let it slide!
  4. Ok, this is my 5th challenge. And, I honestly had a hard time deciding where I wanted to go with this one. Obviously recomping is my main goal as there is still work to be done there, but I have aimed my last 3 challenges at just recomping and I needed something different this time around. I found I was feeling a sense of boredom, no challenge. Funny thing, since I have been reading peoples new threads I see that a lot of people are sharing a similar idea of wanting something new to add to their challenges. Sooooo, as my friend swampling titled her new thread..........here's to something old and something new! MAIN QUEST Recomp. There is still some leaning out to do and some muscle to build. Now, the three missions I have chosen to focus on this round are going to aim at more than just the recomp basics (macros & weight training), but still move me forward to that end, improving me physically in all aspects. MISSION 1: Macros. In my first challenge I aimed at eating when I was hungry, focusing on sensible portions and eating clean. When I began the recomp I started aiming to hit a specific number of CALS/ PRO/ CHO/ and FATS. And I have done that the last 4 challenges. You know what I found. I don't like it and it stresses me out. Having to weigh everything, measure it out specifically down to adding or subtracting beans or spoonfuls does not fit in my life well. Now don't get me wrong, if it works for you it is awesome for fine tuning your nutrition goals. But, ultimately for me.........I just want to teach my kiddos that they can enjoy eating sensibly and cleanly. So, I am going to perform a little experiment with this challenge. I am going to only track my food daily not actual macro numbers. I believe there are 42 days to this challenge so my goal will be to have 42 days of 'Good Nutrition'. Each day that I eat clean, sensible portions with no snacking or junk gets counted toward that 42 days. This also includes the weekly refeeds (usually Saturday or Sunday). That will keep it simple and refeeds are planned. I have been doing macros long enough that I know what enough protein and such looks like in my day. And I use protein powders and such so no worries there. My aim over the course of this challenge will be to see if this approach will be as successful as it was my first challenge and lead to continued inches lost. Grading: 42 days A 35-41 days B 25-34 days C anything under 25 is a FAIL for the challenge This will make things simpler because I can focus more on FAMILY meals and not trying to separate my meals from theirs ALL of the time. And how I successfully handled my first challenge. MISSION 2: Yoga (balance, core & flexibility). I did yoga once in a past life (lol). But have not in a long time. Strength training makes me stronger but really does not do much for my flexibility or terrible balance. (And it is terrible, uh hum. ) I was introduced to Bellyfit last challenge and there is a half hour section of yoga/ core work that I usually skipped, as I was just doing the cardio. So, I will have three days of weight training and 2 days of the week I will do Bellyfit with the yoga work or I will add another yoga workout on Bellyfit days. I can also choose to do yoga and some other cardio like my freestyle dance or Zumba. MISSION 3: Bellydance! This is not just for the core work involved, it is also just for the sheer darn fun of it. I took bellydance a long time back, and I loved it. But, like some things in life I just didn't because I told myself there was no time for ME anymore. Well, this is. Good core work and destressing and fun. I am going to relearn the basics of bellydance with this program: And I am also incorporating learning one of the numerous varieties of bellydance known as tribal fusion. I will be using this one: So I will have 3 days of weight training interspersed with 2 days of cardio/ yoga and one day (probably Saturdays) of a bellydancing lesson. Grading: A for 6 days completed, B 4-5 days completed, C 3 days completed, and a FAIL for the challenge for less. LIFE GOAL: This will be a continuation of my life goal from the last challenge just more simplified and encompassing and shall be known as Project Organization as it will be an inside out approach. The idea being to simplify and organize ALL aspects of my life. Unlike last challenge I shall not make this a daily goal but more weekly. The aim to be at least 3 days a week devoted to simplifying or organizing some aspect. Because, quite frankly, there are days (more than I would like to admit lol) that I do well just to make all the basics in a day happen. But, I thrive on simplicity and organization so it was important to me to carry this over to this new challenge. Ok, there it is in a nut shell. I may tweak this more later. And now a shout out to my accountabilibuddy Vilkacis (who has been with me 5 challenges now)....... LET'S DO THIS!!!!! :triumphant: :triumphant:
  5. MY MAIN QUEST Pick your Main Quest - where do you want to be in a few months? I want to have a kitchen free of temptation and steady habit of eating Paleo. 2. Pick three incredibly specific goals (diet and fitness related) that will help you achieve your Main Quest 1.) Understand Paleo 2.) Systematically clear out my home and kitchen of food that calls to me 3.) Work up to 10 strictly Paleo meals a week by the end of the challenge. MY SIDE QUEST Life Side Quest: Purchase sensitive toothpaste and brush teeth at least once a day.
  6. I am the type of person to set great, obtainable goals for myself, but to never complete them. I lose motivation or find excuses anywhere and everywhere. So I am hoping that the support from Nerd Fitness will help keep me accountable. Main Quest: In six weeks, I would like to complete a half marathon. I have a race scheduled for Sept. 8th, but if I can't make it, I still want to be able to run the distance. I don't care if the setting is a proper race. Goals: 1. I will run a minimum of three times a week. 2. I will start doing strength exercises to complement my training (bodyweight). 3. I will drink only water during the next six weeks. Life Quest: The start of a new semester is starting soon, and I have a lot on my plate. My side quest is to create a time schedule to help me keep my classes, clubs, and job all in order. I need to be organized so that I can do everything that I want to, but I tend to be terrible at organizing. Between Irish Dance club president, Ultimate Frisbee team member, full time student (Chemistry and Art History Major), and a job in a dining hall, I need to hold my life together so I still have time to be social. It sounds ambitious, but I think that I am up for the challenge.
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