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Found 5 results

  1. Bought Level Up Your Life the other day. I never actually got around to posting a hello or an intro so here's my origin story - and also my 20SoC for the day, because this much honesty on the internet associated with any part of my real name is vaguely terrifying. I'll be posting in 3 or 4 parts - not quite sure how far this is going to go, but I'm posting part 1 before I edit it into a blank document. Childhood Chiara was a plain child and maybe a little on the fat side. Growing up she was more interested in reading than making friends. She was more likely to be in the backya
  2. Hey nerds! I'm using your (positive) peer pressure to keep myself on track for this fitness journey. I've never tried a fitness community before, but you seem like my kind of people, so here it goes: I'm 24 and just graduated college (summa cum laude!). Of course I spent my spare time eating Ramen and drinking frequently. Now I'm back home, saving money for a car/apartment until summer, and I'm bored out of my mind. I got a job working from home, so it's all too easy to be sedentary after a polar winter hibernation. My friends in the area all moved to the city and the isolation su
  3. Ey up! Firmly forcing myself to delurk and make some friends, despite my natural inclination to hide in the background on forums. I'm a 5"7 twenty-one year old Scottish/Yorkshire lass (makes for a really odd accent). I was born and raised in a small village in a little corner of Yorkshire that I like to think of as my very own Shire (though I'm a rather tall hobbit). I'm coming up on graduation from my undergrad (hopefully), and am very much going through a quarter life existential crisis. The past six months/year have...not been great. I've been struggling with completing my degree due to s
  4. Origin Story Pushing his way through wave after wave of ninja zombies the hero Kung Fu Johnny slowly worked through the nine levels of the Mijikkujutsu fortress. The weeks of fighting would have been to much for all but the strongest, but Kung Fu Johnny had the ability to temper his strikes with his chi and enhanced combat skills. As he reached the top of the nine towers Kung Fu Johnny was meet with one last challenge. Could he strike down the demonic martial artist Mijikku, defeat evil andlearn the strongest attack known in the multiverse? The sound of the ancient evil overlords head bo
  5. Origin Story: On a small inland coastline, tucked in between a sprawling dark forest and miles of open water, was the bustling town I called my home. Raised to be an inquisitive lass by a Merchant and Healer, I grew up traveling across the land and learning to aid others, to the point that it became part of who I am. Not long into childhood, the joys of exotic foods and ancient tomes made themselves known, and frequency of my adventures decreased. It seemed the more knowledge I acquired, the more my figure acquired. Fast forward to the cusp of adulthood; standing at only five-six of feet,
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