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Found 3 results

  1. Has anyone ever had to deal with a person in their class/dojo whom you have a very hard time training with? I'm really enjoying Krav Maga except for days when I get stuck partnered with this one woman. She is much bigger and stronger than I am and she will not dial back her intensity. Normally I don't mind a partner who pushes me, but I get injured every time I pair with her. Badly enough to have to leave the mat twice now. I've tried avoiding partnering with her and have asked her to slow down, but I'm still getting pounded. It's becoming a deterrent to going to class. Any advice?
  2. Challenge 2 - Mommawolfie Gets Scoutly Main Quest: To get to a level of fitness where I feel worthy of joining the Scouts for Challenge 3 To do this I will: Mini Quest 1: Run 5km without stopping (STA) - C25K a minimum of 3 times per week Mini Quest 2: Build a minimum level of core body strength (DEX and STR) - Complete BBWW 3 times per week, progressively increasing the number of circuits: :- Week 1 and 2 - one circuit 3 times per week :- Week 3 and 4 - two circuits 3 times per week :- Week 5 and 6 - three circuits 3 times per week Mini Quest 3: Eventually ride bike to work once a week (DEX and STA) - Build up to riding a minimum of 12km a minimum of one day per week (6km each way) :- Week 1 and 2 - Ride 6km 1 x per week :- Week 3 and 4 - Ride 9km 1 x per week :- Week 5 and 6 - Ride 12km 1 x per week Life Quest: Paying off/down my credit card (Ultimate end game to eliminate debt and buy a house) (WIS and CHA) - Increase credit card payment, pay $1000 minimum off over the 6 weeks - Credit card can ONLY be used if I have to move house (real possibility due to rental uncertainty atm) or veterinary emergency - Take it out of my purse and freeze it in a lump of ice so I have to really think about it before I use it (and post photographic evidence that I HAVE frozen it)
  3. Sept. 19, 2013 Day 1 of P90X Have you ever pushed yourself so hard during a workout that you had to vomit and poop at the same time? I did. Although I'm not exactly proud that I had to cut my exercise routine short today, I am proud that I finally took the first step to getting my physical health in order. My workout for today was the "Chest & Back" routine. It's primarily composed of push-ups and pull-ups. Those are two of my favorite exercises, so I had a lot of fun until my insides wanted to be my outsides. My mistakes were Not properly pacing my exercises Half-assing my warm-up Eating crappy food right before I got startedAfter making odd cat noises and doing my best not to turn into a Barfmander, I decided to lie down. Not a beautiful start, but it's better than what I did yesterday (i.e. nothing). Here's to a better tomorrow.
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