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Found 17 results

  1. Long-ass background: The Body Rocks FUEL: Stick to intermittent fasting schedule with an 8-hour eating window (10am to 6 pm). Broth or miso is allowed in the evening. Proper hydration (more water) that avoids dehydration (less coffee, less alcohol). Continue the intention to eat plant-based foods until dinner. WORK: Continue the 20x20 from the last challenge past completion. At least 20 workouts, at least 20 minutes each session of: Endurance: 16 of 20 Strength: 11 of 20 Flexibility: 18 of 20 Use endurance sessions to get my 3-mile running pace up to at least 6 mph (in preparation for the fall autumn epic quest). Continue the push-up progression (10 days at 10, 20 days at 20, etc...I'm in the 30 days of 30 now). The Mental Rocks FUEL: Get the sleep routine set: go dark by 11 pm and get out of bed every day no later than 5:45 am. Read fiction at night instead of playing games on the phone. WORK: Finish the final academic quarter of my life. Use pomodoro at work to make steady progress on important but unexciting projects. The Spirit Rocks (fuel and work are one): Take a morning walk: at least 30 minutes in nature (or at least outside). Practice mindfulness three times daily: on the morning walk, in the yoga session, in the moments before sleep. Yoga streaking? Accounting: I'll use the attached table to keep score: 2 points for each workout (first three), and one point for each day I count as successful (within reasonable parameters). I'm aiming for at least 5 points per week in each category. Best wishes to all!
  2. My dad needs help coming up with a workout plan, but for whatever reason, does not want to see a fitness trainer. I am currently twisting his arm to see a nutritionist, but a fitness trainer is out of the question, so I would really appreciate some advice. My dad is a 59 year old man that has plantar fasciitis, has torn his acl a while ago (it still gives him problems sometimes), gout, and high blood pressure. He has had bypass surgery about 12 years ago, and has been recently diagnosed with diabetes. As of right now, doing anything too physically strenuous is out of the question due to all of his health issues. However, he needs to be more physically active than occasionally walking on the treadmill. I workout but I am not a fitness expert and I do not know how to accommodate his health issues. Does anyone have any advice on exercises that he could do to help him lose weight/increase his overall quality of life? Thanks!
  3. Combat roll - a white water kayak term for successfully completing an Eskimo Roll under duress in a rapid (as opposed to flat water). I'm into white water kayaking which gets harder to do every year (I'm 55). My MO is generally to spend 4 months getting in shape (flexibility, drop wt to 164, general strength conditioning) in preparation for kayak season which starts around mid-April for me (when there is still ice on the banks). In the Jan challenge my wt dropped from 176 to under 173, then if Feb it went from 173 to 168. During those 2 challenges, I also increased my flexibility through stretching and general strength through wt lifting. Main quest for this challenge: Round out my kayak season prep w further wt loss, increased back strength, and improved cardio. Goal 1 - Big 3 - Same as Jan and Feb, no need to change what works. Protein shake for breakfast everyday, salad 6 days/wk, and exercise every day. I've yet to fail at these this year Exercise will consist of any one of the following: A) Wt lifting 3/wk + 14 stretching exercises - B ) Core + flexibility - 5min tread + 4 core exercises (lying crunch, seated ab machine, decline situps, machine twist, back bends) + 14 stretching exercises. Add 1 set of pullups which might only be 1 rep. C) Sport - type depends on season but I like variety (indoor wall climbing, kayaking, hiking, skiing) D) 10 freebody squat placeholder - a couple times a month life throws a curve that takes up all time so I use a placeholder which consists of just 10 freebody squats. It has no significant physical benefit but is just to remind my brain that exercise is now a daily habit. The salad will count as completed on the 1 day/wk I don't eat a salad as long as it is the only day I did not eat a salad. Goal 2 - Back strength focus during everyother wt lifting workout My lifting routine for Feb was: 5x5 cable pulldowns 5x5 bench 5x5 shoulder press 20 sitouts 1x10 plate lift/press/reverse curl 15 stretches. Kayaking (and pullups) require a lot of back work. So I'm changing my routine to: On strength w/o days, alternate the following 2 routines: Routine 1 - same as above. Routine 2: - starting Feb 28 Cable pulldowns 4x5x77.5, 1x5x120 Bench 1x5xbar&95, 3x5x120, 1x5x135 Seated low cable row 1x10x60, 1x10x75, 1x10x90 High machine row 1x10x90, 1x10x180, 1x5x180 Pullups 1x2 EZ curl bar 1x50 15 stretches Goal 3 - Wt loss I don't usually set wt loss goals, preferring to set the goal as diet changes. But I need to drop 4 lbs this month to reduce my stomach slightly more (stomach fat reduces the ability to roll well). So my goal is for my 3day average to drop 1lb/wk. Goal 4 - Cardio improvement - NOS NOS stands for NO Smoking. I intend to quit this month. The first 3 days is the most painful so I got a prescription for Wellbutrin and you take that for a couple weeks before quitting to diminish the side effects of quitting. So I have to quit at some point during the 3rd or 4th week. There, it is stated, and therefore it will be. I'm not into failure. Edit: Goal 5 - Add floor straddle progression to core w/o's Read this on starsaparts thread yesterday where there is a link showing how to do it. Awesome core exercise. Added this on 3/3. Edit Again: When I did this the second time, I noted some pain in lower back. The next day the pain was more intense. I've noticed this on stretches where you bend the spine and now make sure I don't over bend the spine. So I am dropping this goal from the list. Grading: I'm not into the "well at least I tried" mindset. I'll be grading each category weekly. If I missed any category on any day, the week was an F. If I kept every category, I got an A. Pretty simple.
  4. This challenge is going to an odd one for me. I'll spend 1/2 the challenge here in DC, then spend the 2nd half in California. I'll stay a few days with family, then friends, then off to Santa Ana to relocate my office there. I'll be flying back to DC on Ground Hog's day. So, in keeping with Ground Hogs day, I'll basically repeat my mini-challenge. 1. Keep up the tracking, including a mid-day tracking point. Make sure to eat on schedule; this is really going to be important while I'm in CA. I'm spending a few days with my family and think I'll need to buy some of my own food to stay on track. 2. Take my medication ON SCHEDULE. Everything works better when I do this. 3. 10k steps a day, bonus for averaging 11k. Shouldn't be hard while I'm doing the office move, but very tricky while I'm visiting my family. 4. Be creative; knit, crochet, make jewelry, go to museums or other sights.
  5. This place looks familiar…wait…I’ve stumbled back into Rebellion Headquarters! Yes, I’ve been gone for a year now, but I’m back to try a challenge again. Goals (Cliff notes): 1. Enter everything I eat into MFP 5+ days a week. Bonus for a full week. 2. Get to the gym (be active)! Weeks 1 & 2; 3 days/week. Weeks 3 – 6; 4+ days/week. I can substitute a day of walking for the gym. 3. Drink min 40 oz. water on non-working days. Easy as pie at work, but when I’m home I have problems. 4. Life goal: Get out and do things! I want at least 4 adventures for the challenge Goals and stuff (the War and Peace version): My husband of 37 years passed away in May of 2014. I kept up with a couple of challenges after that, but I realized my too-big house and yard were eating up my time. Once I decided to sell, and dove into getting ready, I just couldn’t keep up and didn’t join any more challenges. Well, I cleaned everything up, got rid of mountains of stuff, and sold my house. My plan had been to rent, but once I started digging into the rental market it wasn’t looking good. My realtor found me the ideal place in Pasadena, CA (no, I can’t walk to the Rose Bowl). The property has two houses; a large and a small house. The small one was empty and the large one free; the plan was to live in the large one & get it prepped for rental, then move into the smaller. Meanwhile, life threw me a curve ball or two as well as an opportunity. I was diagnosed with asthma & I was asked to fill a 1-year temporary assignment in DC. So I’ve now been in DC 3 weeks. I’m in a nice furnished “corporate†apartment not far from the Verizon center. I brought my cat, and a minimum of other things. I’m still sort of getting myself put together, but I’m going to start this challenge. 1. I don’t have a food scale (or a me scale for that matter), so I’ll do my best to estimate serving size without weighing things. The point is to be aware of what I’m eating. 2. The gym is in the apartment building and has the usual cardio equipment and some weight equipment by Matrix. Before I can do any body-weight training, I’ll need to get a mat. The main point is habit building. 3. It doesn’t matter where I am, I don’t get my water down on weekends (too much tea!) 4. I’m in a new city on a new coast. If I can’t find things to do, I should be ashamed of myself.
  6. WARNING: THIS CHALLENGE IS ABOUT VULNERABILITY, CHRISTIAN FAITH, AND RECOVERY. "Hi, my name is Granny and I'm a grateful believer in Jesus, who struggles with codependency, resentment, and food." For the last 3 years I've been a member of Celebrate Recovery (a Christ-centered recovery program), and this is how we introduce ourselves. While I haven't struggled with drugs or alcohol, I am the child of an alcoholic and the child of an abuser. I do struggle with other behaviors that have hindered my maturity as an adult. Things like stress eating, people pleasing, procrastination and workaholism. Everyone has hurts from the past that they don't know what to do with; habits they've developed to help them cope with the unresolved conflicts in their past; and hangups about how they view themselves and the people around them. CR uses the 12-step model from AA, the principles in the Beattitudes, and cognitive behavior life skill tools to help untwist the damage in our lives. The Rehab Challenge: In this challenge, I'm going to be working on rehabilitation, both in mind and in body. I'm struggling with the aftermath of being injured in a car accident. The last day of the previous challenge (7-19), my hubby and I were in the left lane of a 3-lane road that's also a one-way street. The guy in the middle lane made a sudden decision to take a hard left turn into a business driveway across our lane, and cut in front of us, so close that we couldn't avoid the crash. He said he didn't see us, and I believe him; we must have been in his blind spot and he didn't look over his shoulder before turning left. Now it wasn't a serious accident; we were only going about 35mph, both cars' engines were still mostly functional, even though the body and frame of both were damaged (the other car likely beyond repair). My husband and the other driver were unhurt. Me, on the other hand, I have a Cervical Sprain, which is also considered whiplash but this one was side-to-side instead of back-to front. I also have two compressed discs in my neck, and the injury is making that area of my neck particularly problematic. Soft tissue damage is still being assessed at this point. It could have been alot worse, physically! But it's taking a toll on me psychologically. I'm in pain, seeing doctors and chiropractors and on the phone with insurance agencies and the lawyer, multiple times this week, which takes alot of my time. I'm also working-- owning my own business means I don't get to take a couple weeks off. I can't do my workouts or play disc golf, pick up my grandchildren, etc. I'm having a hard time keeping resentment at bay. I'm also struggling with a desire for revenge, financially. I don't believe that's the right thing to do, so I'm trying to put those emotions into proper perspective so that they don't influence my behavior. *So my goals for this challenge:* Main Quest: Create a plan to rehabilitate physically. Part of this plan will be to keep all doctor appointments, ask probing questions about my condition to make sure I completely understand what is being said, and make a plan to work my body back to it's previous state (or better!), whether that involves physical therapy or other forms of physical activity. Measurement: Keeping all appointments, making a plan for physical therapy, and following through on regaining my physical abilities: +5 Con Second Quest: Keeping it real. Part of this plan will be to recognize when I'm tempted toward using my injury for greed, and reaching out to my accountability people when those thoughts come. Same thing when I can't do something I want to do because of the injury-- recognizing when I'm tempted to hold my anger or frustration inside and nurse it into a cold resentment. I will choose not to either minimize my injury in order to speed the process toward playing disc golf or working out, nor play it up for laziness or to get out of a responsibility or to get sympathy. Measurement: Reaching out to my accountability team, attending all recovery meetings, and refusing to fall into psychological traps or acting out: +5 Wis
  7. Welcome to my 50th Birthday Challenge! I turn the Big 5-0 the first week of this challenge, so to celebrate being in the best shape of my life as I turn a half-century old, I'm celebrating in a big way by having a giant 6-week-long Luau Party! At this party, we're gonna have plenty o' fantastic music. I have a Hawaiian play list, and here's one of the songs to read this post by: We'll also have fantastic, healthy recipes like this one: Hawaiian Pork Chops. And we'll play disc golf! Yeah, baby. Yeah. YEAH. My Quests! Main Quest: to play at least one round (18 holes) of disc golf EVERY DAY. That's 3.5 miles of walking per round. If the weather doesn't permit, then I make 100 putts into the temporary basket. Or both if I'm feeling particularly outstanding! Measurement: 42 games of disc golf in 6 weeks: +5 DEX. 35 games of disc golf in 6 weeks: +3 DEX. 20 games of disc golf in 6 weeks: +1 DEX. 2nd Quest: to eat protein for breakfast. GRONK NEED PROTEIN! I don't care whether it's a whole bag of edamame, a microwaved chicken breast, or leftover ham from dinner. But I need to get at least 20 grams of protein in me at the start of my day! Measurement: 42 protein breakfasts in 6 weeks: +5 STA. 35 protein breakfasts in 6 weeks: +3 STA. 20 protein breakfasts in 6 weeks: +1 STA. Life Quest: to post a bikini photo shoot set at some point in the 6 week challenge (Hear that, Razzy?!!). I'm delighted to be healthy and energetic and athletic at 50! Measurement: 3 bikini photos: +5 CHA. 2 bikini photos: +3 CHA. 1 bikini photo: +1 CHA.
  8. I missed the 6-week challenge, but I've got my own 8-week challenge that I started last week. And like the board says: "Nothing says accountability like letting the world read what you're doing." So here goes nothing! I plan on posting raves, rants (damn you, Taco Bueno), and just any general thoughts that may come to me while I go on this journey. I'm always open to any words of encouragement from my fellow Rebels! Fitness Goal Average Weight on 8/3: 168 Workout Plan Heavy Weights, 4x per week Fasted workout Nutrition Plan Intermittent Fasting (at night) Life Goal Save for Trip to DC Average Weight on 6/9 (Start Date): 174 Now it's time to really be brave. Here's a pic. Hopefully after 8 weeks, we'll see some improvement.
  9. Last night I decided what my goals are going to be for this challenge. I'm still working on meeting all the required reps and time of the Beginner Body Weight Workout. So that's my Main Quest: to perfect the Beginner Body Weight Workout (BBWW). To do this, I will practice the BBWW workout 3x a week. Measurement: working out 3x each week: STR +7. Working out mostly 3x, but sometimes 2x: STR +6. Working out mostly 2x but occasionally 3x: STR +5. Quest 2: Participate in the Rebellion. To do this I will update my challenge thread 3x a week and participate in the Guild Mini's. I will also participate in Accountabilibuddies and encourage new rebels. Measurement: Update challenge 3x a week AND do all the guild mini's: WIS +3. Update challenge 2-3x a week and do some of the guild minis: WIS +2. Update challenge 1x a week or less, and not do any of the guild minis: WIS +1. Life Quest: Clean up the yard! I have alot of brush to get rid of, leaves to rake, small trees to cut down, and bushes to prune. Measurement: Complete all 3 items (brush, leaves, pruning): +5 Charisma for my property. Complete most things (some brush, some leaves, some trees, some pruning): +3 Charisma for my property. Complete only a little of each: +1 Charisma for my property, as in "E for Effort". I have a high motivation to get this life quest done by the beginning of week 4, because my husband's parents and siblings are coming for a week's visit. I also need to not get bogged down in tiny details, like sifting all the volcanic rock and replanting all the daylilies.
  10. This is my first 6-week challenge. I am relatively new to NF and don't know much about keeping up with forums or "quests" in general. I am a 53 y/o female. While most people say I don't need to lose weight, I know the truth. I need to get my weight/fitness back on track. Been working at it for a while now but need to get serious, as the older I get the more difficult it gets to keep the weight off. Main quest: Achieve/maintain a healthy weight and fitness level for life Goal 1: Do some type of workout EVERY SINGLE DAY Goal 2: Meditate for at least 5 minutes at least 5 days a week Goal 3: Limit consumption of beer to weekends only and moderately Life quest: Pay bills as soon as I receive them!
  11. Hello! I'm a 56 yr old female who is just returning to physical activity after five months of physical therapy. Soft tissue injury was caused by SI joint dysfunction and rotated pelvis. Just started pilates and yoga to prevent future injuries, and we returned to the water for rowing, last week (indoor winter training ended). I have been an athlete for three years, since I took up competitive crew rowing in the master's division (that's an age group, not a skill level). However; telling myself that all this exercise entitles me to sugary treats has been my insanity. I'm ready to give up sugar, but I swear it is addictive. Quest: Lose 40 pounds, get healthier, enjoy long life with athletic husband I married 34 yrs ago. Mini quest 1: Cut my sugar intake down to 10 grams per day. mini quest 2: Practice Yoga at least three times per week Mini quest 3: Watch MELT DVDs, learn techniques and practice them at least four times per week. Tracy Indiana
  12. This is a group for those of us who have a few more birthdays than the average Rebellion member. We love all the young whipper snapper members of the Rebellion , but it is nice to have a place to chat where people understand some of your cultural references (it was our generation that first loved Star Wars) and what is like to train when your body is not as cooperative as it once was. If you are over 50 (or close to, I'm not 50 yet myself) and want to join up to find all the other old wise people, this is the group for you.
  13. Main Quest: to perfect the Beginner Body Weight Workout (BBWW). To do this, I will practice the BBWW workout 3x a week. Measurement: working out 3x each week: STA +7. Working out mostly 3x, but sometimes 2x: STA +6. Working out mostly 2x but occasionally 3x: STA +5. Quest 1: increase my plank time from 20 seconds to at least 35 seconds. Measurement: Increase plank time to 35 seconds: STR +5. Increase plank time to 30 seconds: STR +4. Increase plank time to 25 seconds: STR +3. Quest 2: Participate in the Rebellion. To do this I will update my challenge thread 3x a week and participate in the Guild Mini's. I may also participate in Accountabilibuddies and encourage new rebels. Measurement: Update challenge 3x a week AND do all the guild mini's: STA +3. Update challenge 2-3x a week and do some of the guild minis: STA +2. Update challenge 1x a week and not do any of the guild minis: STA +1.
  14. Last year (July to Dec 2014) I took getting into shape pretty seriously. I have a simple home-gym (bench, barbells and dumbbells), and did some walking and jogging. Taking things slowly and cutting out starchy carbs and alcohol I lost over 20 pounds, and actually was below my "imaginary" Target Weight (154 lbs/70 kg/11 stone). Though I dropped two inches from my waistline, my gut resisted. Then the crash: Work became impossible; stress-levels rose to near heart-attack level, my lower back was aching, and I was always starving. Instead of morning walks, it was straight to the desk; and in the evenings, crash with a glass of wine. It's now been 10 months of doing nothing, and I need the Re-Start! So I'm going to try the "20-Minute Hotel Room Work-Out". But at 55 I realise I've got to modify, so my schedule will be a 3-day cycle Early Morning: Work-Out, Walk, Off-Day (repeat). Diet? I'm not going to go overboard. I already eat a fair share of vegetables and limited starchy carbs, but the evening glass of wine has got to go. I'm still not over weight [male, 160 lbs/73kg; 6'1"/185cm], but I've got about 15 lbs of fat at my belt! Ideal? to lose the fat without losing weight. I've never been strong, especially in the upper body, so reps & sets will be based straight out of the book, that is, the book of my own body, taking things slowly enough to see how I feel, and yet keeping the eyes on progression. It's December 2nd -- 30 days brings me to the New Year. "Ya gotta start somewhere", so it's time to give my glutes a re-kick ;-)
  15. My quest for the rest of the Calendar year (at least) is just to take care of myself. Goal 1: Eat right. I will track on MFP; eat a minimum of 1400 calories, not exceeding my burned calories by more than 50. Hoping to avoid junk but not setting anything specific for this. 1 star/day for staying within target, with bonus star for no grains. Goal 2: Take care of me. Take supplements and medications at the correct time. Saline rinse; 3 days a week. I couldn't really do this while traveling, so I need to put the habit back in place. Goal 3: Stay in motion. 3 workouts/week. Minimum 2 strength. Bonus if the workout exceeds 1 hour. Life goal: Ave 2 hours/week on creativity. Knitting, needlepoint, furniture finishing, etc. I've found a great throw pattern to make for my "old" assistant who just got married, so that will be priority one.
  16. I am new here and thinking about trying the challenge. I am female, 50 years old with a difficult medical/physical background. I have been researching diet and other lifestyle changes for several months and I am ready to make a change. I would like to connect with others around my age. My first goal is to quit smoking and find an exercise program that I can manage physically. Any suggestions anyone?
  17. This a quick summary of my first day's progress on the 6wc. Pretty good on practice and workout, so-so on food. Overall, I did alright today - got my pics up on my challenge thread and I have my detailed food, workout, and practice logs recorded on paper to post later. Plan to get this to the next step Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, but right now, it's time for this ranger to hit the hay to be ready for a full day tomorrow. One step at a time. Need to catch up with accountibilibuddies, too.
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