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Found 3 results

  1. No interesting story here. Sorry! I have so many ideas of what I want to do for these challenges, and of course, I always want to continue doing what I was doing before, that my google doc that I'm using for tracking was getting a bit ridiculous. So for this first challenge of the year, I'm prioritizing, and focusing on tracking the basic habits I want to build & continue, the ones that I think will benefit by being tracked. Here's my challenge (for those interested in reading more about my thoughts on each of these points, its all written out after). 1 - Main Life Goal - End Overeating - Step 1 WIS +3 CHA +2 • slow down and enjoy my food • this is a yes or no, per day. I don’t expect to be perfect, just to think about it every time I eat something, and to improve as time goes by. 2 - stretch every day for 10 minutes DEX +2 CON +1 • this will increase flexibility and reduce stress. • this doesn’t have to be 10 minutes straight, but can be 10 minutes spread throughout the day, especially if it means getting up from my desk at work regularly • this is a yes or no for each day 3 - strength 3 times per week STR +2 CHA +1 STA +1 • this will increase strength, specifically core strength, and great cross-training for summer running 4 - De-clutter / Cleaning / Organizing WIS +1 CON +2 • I will not make more of a mess for myself - when something is in my hand, I will put it away properly the first time - this is a yes or no for each day, 50% of the points • at least once per week I will clean or declutter or reorganize one “big†area - this is weighted for 50% of the points Things I may (or may not) track, but do not get points for: running (when I'm off work and its not too slippery) cooking new meals climbing (which I haven't done in ages but really want to get back to) I also hope to participate in more mini-challenges, which I haven't done in a long time. (And now its the long wordy version for anyone who is brave enough to continue!) My main life goal is to end overeating. I really want to be one of those people who eats to live. The occasional extra helping of something you really love once a year is okay, but that's not me... not yet, anyway. Its a pretty vague goal, but I feel like there are smaller steps I can take to work towards it, toward learning when I'm full. Here are what I think steps could be: slow down, drink more water, mindful eating, pre-portioned meals... I'm also going to continue with the strength training 3 times per week. I feel like I don't necessarily need to keep this as a challenge because I did so well at it last time, BUT I question whether or not I'd keep up with the 3 times per week without having the tracking to keep me accountable. Plus, I really enjoyed it and I'm proud of how I did last time, so I feel like maybe having a "birdie" in my corner is a bonus... I'll just give it less points. lol Cleaning - its such a challenge for me, still. I do want to declutter but I feel like maybe I need to switch it up a bit this time. So I'm going to stop making more work for myself - I'm going to put things away when they're actually in my hands the first time! Especially if its in the same room - example getting changed - dirty clothes can go right in the hamper, clean clothes will be refolded or hung... immediately. I do have a good system when I'm moving things between floors, so I'll continue that - there's no point running up and down all the time as that's a bit of a waste of time (or can be) but I'm going to put things away properly the first time. I think this will be a daily yes or no - did I do it or not. I will also do at least one "big" cleaning each week. Stretching & flexibility - I'm going to try this one again. Stretching for 10 minutes per day. I will also include, this time, if I get up regularly at work and move around and stretch then, too. So it doesn't have to be 10 minutes at one time. These aren't too assassiny, but I really do feel like an assassin more than anything else, so here I am again. Happy New year to everyone, and may 2014 be the best year yet!
  2. A year and a half ago, I lost 40 pounds, and I've managed to keep it off, even through last year, which was very stressful for me. Ideally, I would like to lose another 10 pounds, but since I am trying to get pregnant now, I don't feel that is the correct focus. Therefore, for this challenge, I want to focus on building good habits, habits that will take me through many (hopefully soon) life changes. My main focus: Eating 1) Stop over eating. (WIS +5) • A book was recommended to me and I have reserved it from the library. I should have it by the end of this first week, and I will finish reading it by the end of the challenge. I am hoping there will be suggestions from the book that I can add to my challenge, things to work on and evaluate. OR if I do not enjoy the book, I will do research and find out if there is another source I can work with. The issue is that I know I"m over eating, even when I'm doing it, and yet I do, so I feel like some external "pressure" could help. • I will also drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day, 12 if I'm running. This way, I know I am not eating when I am actually thirsty, not hungry. * I feel like this could be the most thing I've worked on. My secondary foci: Exercise 2) Run 10 km, 3 times. (STA +3, CHA +1) • I have run 9.7 km, my original goal was to run 10, but I feel like that is too easy. So, in the next 6 weeks, I would like to do three 10 km runs. • I would also like to run twice more per week, but shorter runs, whether its a run home from work, or Tabata training in the mornings. 3) Bring back strength training. (STR +3, CHA +1) • Strength training was a significant part of my original weight loss, and I've let it slip. I want to strength train at least twice per week. My life challenge: De-clutter 4) De-clutter (CON +2) • I have several areas to work on: bookshelves in my bedroom, the spare room / office, my closet and my wallet (I also need a new wallet). Success will be working on at least one area per week.
  3. wideeyed


    I've been sober from alcohol and other mind altering substances (with the exceptions of sugar, caffeine and nicotine) for 20 years. You'd think I'd know this by now. You'd think I would remember the roller coaster. You'd think it would be clear that cleaning up my diet would not magically make my life perfect. I forgot what I learned way back in the day. I forgot that when I am too hungry, too angry, too lonely, or too tired, I get into trouble. I got home from my last day as a Cub Scout camp chaperone. It's been brutal for me - temps near or over 100, and we've done a LOT of walking and hiking. I haven't wanted to come home and cook, or deal with food at all. The puppies haven't let me sleep until the alarm goes off all week. The husband gets sad if I don't stay up and watch some anime with him. Today was an extra hike. So 4.7 miles of walking over the course of the day (and about a gallon of water, and a planned and clean breakfast and lunch). I got home, and I was STARVING. But I hadn't gone grocery shopping this weekend, because, you know, the family needed certain stuff done, and hey, I could do it after camp, right? Starving. First time I've been hungry since going Paleo, and I was REALLY hungry. Tired. Hungry. Angry (because, dammit, why didn't I get the groceries?). I made a can of tuna. Ate it. Told the boys to find whatever they could for dinner in the fridge (plenty of non Paleo stuff for them in there). I'm going to take a very hot shower and wash the filth from camp off, and I'm going to take my meds, drink some Valerian tea, and I am going to SLEEP. Because I'm no longer hungry. I took care of myself, even if I resorted to commercial mayo. I'm no longer angry, I just know what another goal needs to be. I'm still tired, but I've got a plan for that too. There are just these days, see... They happen. But I don't have to let them control my reactions.
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