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Found 9 results

  1. So, for the past several days I have been going out to eat a lot, eating a lot of junk food, and eating because I'm bored and depressed. I have made some bad decisions. I have stayed strong in one area. I have not gone back to drinking soda. I'm using that as my motivation to get going again. I have not completely fallen off the wagon. I've been depressed and stressed out in my personal life. I'm having the biggest falling out with my best friend who I have known for 20 years. She is going through something horrible that I cannot help her with and she is lashing out at me. On top of that work is getting stressful and I wonder if I'll lose my job. Then of course the election didn't go as I had hoped. There's so much negativity around me. Last night to try and combat the depression, I went out with some friends to a bar for Tuesday night trivia. I ended up getting nachos and drinking beer. It was a fun night, but today I feel guilty about it. Even though I feel guilty about it, I found myself overeating junk food again today. Finally after lunch I told myself to stop it. I'm just making things worse. I have an itch to actually get up and move right now because I've been so sedentary today. I put down the candy and picked up an apple. I'm going to the gym tonight with a friend. Today is my respawn day. I will make sure I get back to where I need to be!
  2. Instead of challenges I'm switching to this method for a bit. That way I can have some kind of accountability and still be part of the forums. I have a respawn post I made if u want a back story. So let's just jump right in. Today I had coffee, heavy cream but no sugar. Keeping sugar out of my coffee is ONE good thing I have stuck with. As a hungry as I am now, I am fighting the urge for fast food and just eat the healthier lunch I brought. And I had a delicious breakfast of pecans, banana, and cottage cheese. Better than the sausage and biscuit I've been craving. A few good things today.
  3. Been putting this off for a while but if I start it, I am sure I can roll with a little momentum. I've been absent off and on from the forums because I can never seem to organize myself anymore or put my fitness as a priority (because I really kinda hate it). But now I am the heaviest I have been in many,many years. I have been battling the same 10 lbs for over 2 years and now I have gained even more. I was doing well for a little while, cut out the vending machines and sodas. Even did some morning yoga which I loved. But everything gets overwhelming and now I am having to rush my child to school very early in the morning. I hate to make excuses but it's been difficult. Do I want to lose body fat? Yes, absolutely! Do I want it more than anything? No, not really. There are other things I am working for in life that take a lot of time and priority over it. I am having a HUGE balance problem. I see a lot of people that love working out and want to push their bodies to see what it can do. Or workout till they are exhausted. I don't. I hate it. So that leaves balancing diet right? Well.... I kinda have an overeating addiction that I have also been fighting for years. I refer to it as the "Archdemon." It kicks my ass every time, especially when I am emotional. I've tried many methods and many groups, still can't seem to shake it off even just a little bit. I had been going to the gym at lunch with my hubby until I hurt my back last January and I was forced to stop. Since then I did a few things here and there, but I'm just really out of the habit. I hate working out. I hate it so much. But now I am paying the consequence. I tend to get overwhelmed by the timing of the challenges, so I decided to start a daily battle log: Doing what I can when I can. Small steps. I can't just leap into it, my life's way too busy and I get burned out too fast. But I have to jump start something again because I can no longer fit into many of my clothes. They are all uncomfortable and I'm just miserable. So I guess I am picking my battle: Hate working out or hate not fitting in any of my clothes?? I have reverted back to wearing my old maternity shirts or my husband's t-shirts that are 1 size larger than my own.
  4. Hi guys. I'm currently on stronglifts 5x5 with accessory work and I just came home after a workout and after my protein shake. I was hungry and we had roasted chicken and venison with potatoes. So I've put some good portion on my plate, ate it and then I went to the kitchen and started to eat it straight out of the roaster and I ate probably too much.. It was really fatty too.. This was sometimes happening to me more regularly and hasn't happened for a longer time, but today it just struck me ( In fact, I'm trying to gain weigh, but this is probably not the way I feel like I got out of a control and now I don't even feel like eating another meal in the evening ( What should I do with this??
  5. Hello! I am looking for a partner(s) that can join me with on my Epic Quest to slay an Archdemon (aka my bad eating habits) for this challenge and many more challenges to come! Age/gender doesn't matter, just as long as you are an active rebel in the forums and someone that needs a companion or accountability partner in return. I am struggling with food addiction, binge eating, overeating, depression, sciatic nerve pain due to a herniated disc, and lack of motivation. I also lack accountability and consequences (aside from that dinner binge that will pile up on my butt). Most details about me can be found on my profile page, but here some basics. I am a 36 y/o mom that works a full time job and I have been struggling with my weight since I was a small child. I have only been within a healthy weight range 1 or so years out of my entire life. I am about 80 lbs overweight, but I am considering going by body fat% or body measurements from now on. I have recently cut out sodas from my daily diet, as well as sweetener from my coffee. Right now the only exercise I am able to do is walk (due to the herniated disc) and I have just started the Walk to Mordor challenge. Aside from all that fitness stuff, I love video games, anime, drawing, watercolor, sewing, cosplay, and good ghost stories. Hoping to meet some awesome folks for the journey!
  6. Hello everyone! My name is Amanda! I am from a big town in Rhode Island. I am currently 225 pounds, roughly 80 pounds overweight for my height. Between a neurological condition, going to college and working in a fast food restaurant I have made unhealthy decisions that have led me to where I am. My biggest struggles are making the right eating decisions and holding myself accountable. I am a chronic justifier, but no longer! Today is the second day since I have made the decision to make myself even more awesome. I am particular interested in the Paleo Diet (who doesn't want to be able to eat whenever they want?) and strenth training, so I must be a Ranger! After poking around on NerdFitness for a couple of days, I am ready to do whatever it takes to get comfortable in my own body. I joined the community because I need help holding myself accountable for the choices I make when eating and exercising. I am looking forward to this experience!
  7. Some days I want to eat. I mean I really want to eat. Over the last 48 hours or so, I have desperately wanted to scarf down an entire pizza, followed by a ginormous banana split and some deep-fried stuff (I don’t even care what the stuff is, as long as it’s deep-fried. Maybe a deep-fried banana split?) I’m not necessarily hungry (the craving has been almost constant, even right after I've finished a meal)I’m eating plenty of fats (in the form of almonds and avocados)No refined grains or sugars that could be jacking up my insulinI’m not particularly depressed or stressed or angry -- a little bored, perhaps.This happens on occasion with no apparent triggering mechanism, and can go on for days at a time. The worst part is that if I give into the craving, it won’t help. I’ll stuff myself until I am in physical discomfort and still be unsatisfied. It’s obviously not an actual physical need. So what gives, and how do I get over it?
  8. A year and a half ago, I lost 40 pounds, and I've managed to keep it off, even through last year, which was very stressful for me. Ideally, I would like to lose another 10 pounds, but since I am trying to get pregnant now, I don't feel that is the correct focus. Therefore, for this challenge, I want to focus on building good habits, habits that will take me through many (hopefully soon) life changes. My main focus: Eating 1) Stop over eating. (WIS +5) • A book was recommended to me and I have reserved it from the library. I should have it by the end of this first week, and I will finish reading it by the end of the challenge. I am hoping there will be suggestions from the book that I can add to my challenge, things to work on and evaluate. OR if I do not enjoy the book, I will do research and find out if there is another source I can work with. The issue is that I know I"m over eating, even when I'm doing it, and yet I do, so I feel like some external "pressure" could help. • I will also drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day, 12 if I'm running. This way, I know I am not eating when I am actually thirsty, not hungry. * I feel like this could be the most thing I've worked on. My secondary foci: Exercise 2) Run 10 km, 3 times. (STA +3, CHA +1) • I have run 9.7 km, my original goal was to run 10, but I feel like that is too easy. So, in the next 6 weeks, I would like to do three 10 km runs. • I would also like to run twice more per week, but shorter runs, whether its a run home from work, or Tabata training in the mornings. 3) Bring back strength training. (STR +3, CHA +1) • Strength training was a significant part of my original weight loss, and I've let it slip. I want to strength train at least twice per week. My life challenge: De-clutter 4) De-clutter (CON +2) • I have several areas to work on: bookshelves in my bedroom, the spare room / office, my closet and my wallet (I also need a new wallet). Success will be working on at least one area per week.
  9. After successfully tracking my food habits last challenge (I eat ALL things), i received the following communication in my Superhero inbox: It is time for me to don my battle armor and ride to war against Galactus, the Devourer. Goal #1 - Strengthen My Army: My fitness habits are pretty good, so I am not too worried about this. I will be completing Stage 3 of NRoLfW and then moving onto another strength program, although i am not entirely sure which one just yet. I will also be partaking in the Spark Challenges on Fitocracy with Chammy (another one of our intrepid Guild Leaders). My workout is 2 days on and 1 day off, in rotation. So some weeks I'll be off 2 days and others 3 days. Goal: Achieve 10500 points on Fitocracy during the course of the challenge Measurement: 9900 - 10500pts = A, 9000 - 9899 = B, 8500 - 8999 = C Reward: STR +2, DEX +2, STA +1 Goal #2 - Do NOT Devour All Things: In order to break habits, I need to cut out more bad things so I will continue to avoid the things I've already identified as well as continue to make at least 80% of my meals from home. The past two challenges, i have not measured my macros but rather the moods that effect my eating and the foods that i am actually eating. This challenge i will actually measure macros - average 1700 cals/day at a 50.2/24.9/24.9% split for Protein:Carb:Fats. I am doing Leangains, so it's essential that i measure. Goal: Achieve 12000 calories per week Measurement: within 5% of target = A, within 10% = B, within 15% = C Reward: CON +5 Goal #3 - Keep the Armory and Troops Organised I hate doing chores. I seriously hate it, but it's necessary (cos i hate living in a mess too - double edged sword). I get lazy and then the chores pile up until a Sunday morning and I then spend a few hours cleaning. Luckily I was dishes when i cook so there's barely any mess in the kitchen, but if i do a few things everyday i can at least have those few hours on a Sunday to do things I really want to do. I've decided to employ chore wars for this as it's a fun way for both J and I to get involved (and he just loves this kind of thing). Goal: Achieve 400 points per week Measurement: 375 - 400 points = A, 350-374 points = B, 300 - 349 points = C Reward: WIS +2, CHA +1
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