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Found 9 results

  1. So, for the past several days I have been going out to eat a lot, eating a lot of junk food, and eating because I'm bored and depressed. I have made some bad decisions. I have stayed strong in one area. I have not gone back to drinking soda. I'm using that as my motivation to get going again. I have not completely fallen off the wagon. I've been depressed and stressed out in my personal life. I'm having the biggest falling out with my best friend who I have known for 20 years. She is going through something horrible that I cannot help her with and she is lashing out at me. On top
  2. Instead of challenges I'm switching to this method for a bit. That way I can have some kind of accountability and still be part of the forums. I have a respawn post I made if u want a back story. So let's just jump right in. Today I had coffee, heavy cream but no sugar. Keeping sugar out of my coffee is ONE good thing I have stuck with. As a hungry as I am now, I am fighting the urge for fast food and just eat the healthier lunch I brought. And I had a delicious breakfast of pecans, banana, and cottage cheese. Better than the sausage and biscuit I've been craving. A few good things today.
  3. Been putting this off for a while but if I start it, I am sure I can roll with a little momentum. I've been absent off and on from the forums because I can never seem to organize myself anymore or put my fitness as a priority (because I really kinda hate it). But now I am the heaviest I have been in many,many years. I have been battling the same 10 lbs for over 2 years and now I have gained even more. I was doing well for a little while, cut out the vending machines and sodas. Even did some morning yoga which I loved. But everything gets overwhelming and now I am having to rush my child t
  4. Hi guys. I'm currently on stronglifts 5x5 with accessory work and I just came home after a workout and after my protein shake. I was hungry and we had roasted chicken and venison with potatoes. So I've put some good portion on my plate, ate it and then I went to the kitchen and started to eat it straight out of the roaster and I ate probably too much.. It was really fatty too.. This was sometimes happening to me more regularly and hasn't happened for a longer time, but today it just struck me ( In fact, I'm trying to gain weigh, but this is probably not the way I feel like I got out of a
  5. Hello! I am looking for a partner(s) that can join me with on my Epic Quest to slay an Archdemon (aka my bad eating habits) for this challenge and many more challenges to come! Age/gender doesn't matter, just as long as you are an active rebel in the forums and someone that needs a companion or accountability partner in return. I am struggling with food addiction, binge eating, overeating, depression, sciatic nerve pain due to a herniated disc, and lack of motivation. I also lack accountability and consequences (aside from that dinner binge that will pile up on my butt). Most details about
  6. Hello everyone! My name is Amanda! I am from a big town in Rhode Island. I am currently 225 pounds, roughly 80 pounds overweight for my height. Between a neurological condition, going to college and working in a fast food restaurant I have made unhealthy decisions that have led me to where I am. My biggest struggles are making the right eating decisions and holding myself accountable. I am a chronic justifier, but no longer! Today is the second day since I have made the decision to make myself even more awesome. I am particular interested in the Paleo Diet (who doesn't want to be able to e
  7. Some days I want to eat. I mean I really want to eat. Over the last 48 hours or so, I have desperately wanted to scarf down an entire pizza, followed by a ginormous banana split and some deep-fried stuff (I don’t even care what the stuff is, as long as it’s deep-fried. Maybe a deep-fried banana split?) I’m not necessarily hungry (the craving has been almost constant, even right after I've finished a meal)I’m eating plenty of fats (in the form of almonds and avocados)No refined grains or sugars that could be jacking up my insulinI’m not particularly depressed or stressed or angry --
  8. A year and a half ago, I lost 40 pounds, and I've managed to keep it off, even through last year, which was very stressful for me. Ideally, I would like to lose another 10 pounds, but since I am trying to get pregnant now, I don't feel that is the correct focus. Therefore, for this challenge, I want to focus on building good habits, habits that will take me through many (hopefully soon) life changes. My main focus: Eating 1) Stop over eating. (WIS +5) • A book was recommended to me and I have reserved it from the library. I should have it by the end of this first week, and I will finis
  9. After successfully tracking my food habits last challenge (I eat ALL things), i received the following communication in my Superhero inbox: It is time for me to don my battle armor and ride to war against Galactus, the Devourer. Goal #1 - Strengthen My Army: My fitness habits are pretty good, so I am not too worried about this. I will be completing Stage 3 of NRoLfW and then moving onto another strength program, although i am not entirely sure which one just yet. I will also be partaking in the Spark Challenges on Fitocracy with Chammy (another one of our intrepid Guild Leaders). My
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