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  1. Hey all, back to jump in on the challenge. Even if a bit late I turn the big 50 this year in November. I really, really want to be in a better place with my health. I wrote down some goals I would like to achieve on or before my birthday. In the perfect dream scenario, be under 250lbs, able to do 10 pull ups, and running 10k distance. Hopefully, close to getting that under 30 minute 5k. Blood sugar levels are good, and I am off as much medication as possible. Level 50 in Pokemon Go too (very very doubtful) Now these may entirely be too much to try to get to in such a short amount of time. Though I think I can get the running in, or close to it. Pull ups and weight will happen how they want on the journey haha. Level 50 in Pokemon Go sounds like a good idea, but pretty much would not happen. I'd have to ear like 320,000 XP a day. 45-46 took me 8 months haha. Now big goals, but I have to start smaller. Get much smart goals to wok my way to my eventual goals. This New Years hasn't started the best for me mentally, One reason I hadn't posted. It took me to say just do it to get the post going haha. Now for anyone that has seen my challenges before, this shall be very familiar goals. Some possible issues happening during the challenge: We have just changed insurance, so I will have to get a new doctor setup, and try to get an appointment asap. Will need medicine I am sure. I might be really really trying to look for work. Not exactly easy after being stay at home Dad for going on 13 years. Goal#1 - Sleep As always, I need to get sleep in a better place. If I am to do the exercise and losing weight I want, I need to be able to have some recover. Gains made at rest My son is out of school for another week, but I am ready to get things on track asap. For now, the focus is on shutting down things at 10pm. Then get to reading. At 11pm I need to head to bed. I'd like to get it a bit later, but during school times, I need to get up earlier. I want to give myself the best chance to get the rest I need. There may be some nights I do get to bed later. Like bowling night, or the night I catch up on TV watching with the wife. I'll figure those out as they happen. 10 points per night, all 7 days. 70 points on the week. Goal#2 - Food Now this first week, I am just not ready for what I originally had in mind. I also just started tracking again yesterday. I wasn't going to start tracking, but it just kinda was what my brain said to do haha. Week 1, I want to focus on tracking my food. No real calorie limits or anything. In my head I'm like under 2500 calories, but we will see. I've been really thinking of focusing on my real hunger signals. Not the random I just want to eat something. I also want to just start making better choices. I wanted to come into the challenge starting to do a lower calorie higher volume type diet, along with some meal prep. I think that might be more of the focus to start up week 2. For now, week 1 is just to track what I eat. I also am tracking my morning blood glucose numbers week 2 - Will decide later 10 points per day, all 7 days. 70 points on the week. Goal#3 - Exercise It's time to get more active. To start, I am going to walk. 15 minutes a day. Hopefully, I will use the Pokemon Go daily incense as a way to make it fun too. I am also including times when I am out walking in stores with the wife. Like the last couple of days we had been out and doping stuff. I want to run, but at my current weight, it would not be good based on when I did it in the past. After week 1 I want to move to a 2 x 15 minute walk, or a single 30 minute walk. Then continue to start building it up from there. I think I will be ready to start running in about 20-25 lbs lost and if I am getting in the 3 mile walks like I use to. So first goals first. I do want to start working out too. Week 1, it's enough to just walk for me right now. My brain is barely having that haha. I have a pull up bar that apparently can hold a lot of weight. I hadn't opened it yet. It's been sitting here for a really long time. I have some assistance bands too to try to help out for some workouts. Unless I just want to get started in week 1, workouts I will start doing in week 2. I figure some bodyweight with some dumbbells home workouts to start myself up. Then Week 3 or 4 maybe I can also add in the apartment complex gym to get in some weights. Will just have to see how things are progressing. Maybe I go earlier to the gym here if I get my wife going too. Week 1 is just walking each day 10 points, 70 in the week. Week 2 will add more Goal#4 - Downsize stuff I've tried to really get through some stuff, but it hasn't been consistent. I don't want to be like "I have to do 1 hour each day" or something, then get overwhelmed by that. I am making it really small. 5 minutes. If it's just organizing something to prepare for a larger group, that's fine. 5 minutes a day, I can handle that, right? Of course, I will work on things longer then that, but 5 minutes could get me started. Also any days that I have tv watching days, I can always take a box of something of go though it. I've got my cards to organize and get rid of, comics to get all boarded up and gone through to see what I might keep. Then all the other house stuff. I have computer parts and such that I haven't used. Just kept for "Just in case I might need it" Which has saved me a few times, but honestly, I have too much stuff for these new days. Might even go though the DVD/Bluray stuff too. We have plenty that I haven't touched in years. 10 points a day, 70 on the week So there is my challenge. Things may change. My brain is fighting me, but I just need to keep fighting. Thanks to @fleaball for checking in on me too. I appreciate it. I will do my best to stay involved in this challenge, and hope to get to support others Measurements: (Probably coming Tuesday) Chest - Waist - Bicep (L) - Bicep (R) - Thigh (L) - Thigh (R) - Weight - Challenge points Week 1 (01/01 - 01/07) - 0/280 Week 2 (01/08 - 01/14) - Week 3 (01/15 - 01/21) - Week 4 (01/22 - 01/28) - Week 5 (01/29 - 02/04) - Total points -
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