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Found 8 results

  1. "Suiting up" Hiya, guys! Here's my challenge for the next four weeks! I'm really excited to check in and update as and when I can, and to keep up to tabs on other peoples'! I'm a workaholic and often let my dedication to my job override basic things like eating, sleeping and more. My main goals this month are going to be to navigate my new promotion (yay! Lets nerf this ♡✧ Mission 1: "Check me out, securing the point!" Navigate the first four weeks of my promotion at work ♡ Have quiet TLC time at least x3 work-nights a week. This could be as small as reading a book by candlelight or having a long indulgent shower. Will help to keep my brain at full-power and recharged for the next day! Mission 2: Dasi wanbyeokhage jakdonghanda! Turn my new(ish) flat into a home (and a proper place to recharge and call my own!) ✧ Put clothes away straight away. Is it dirty? Wash. Am I wearing it tomorrow? Hang. Is it clean? Fold and put away. Lets retire that 'clothes chair'. Mission 3: "Think you can keep up with me?" Exercise / get out / adventure; our least favoured enemy currently is the stairs. Lets change that.~ ✿ Walks at least four times a week! I'm aiming for long walks, possibly Pokémon Go. (I'll add some more criteria for XP and stuff tonight hopefully!)
  2. Tranquility, I will find it with this challenge. As a Zenyatta main, it's my primary goal. Primarily because I have a few weeks of break from school after a year non-stop. *happily takes deep breath* This is technically my third challenge, though I think of it as my second. School turned into a beast with multiple accelerated classes at the same time work ramped up. It was the worst timing ever. I've been waiting for this break and challenge. Based on previous experience, I'm going with the KISS rule here, keeping it super simple. In the past, I've tried to tackle too many goals at once, and then when I failed on one, it felt like a huge overall failure when I had such lofty goals to start. Fitness Goal - Hit the gym four times per week, one of those being Sunday so that I can take the one-hour stretch class. It feels amazing and I'm always so happy I went. Food Goal - Track all of my food on MFP. I tend to stop logging when I go over cals or blog sugar on a day, and I fall off from there. All days must be logged or I can't see my progress. If anyone wants to join me on MFP, the link to my profile is in my sig - I'd love to add friends there! Life Goal - Be conscious of my sleep time and ensure I get enough. - Update NF. I read so many amazing updates with awesome stories and RP and so much creativity, and I feel pressure -completely of my own doing- to feel like I should or need to commit to the same. It's ridiculous, I know, totally of my own making. Maybe because I'm an artist and I feel a need to add flair everywhere. :-P So simple updates at least once every three days, and they need be nothing more than brief updates on my three goals. Speaking of responsible bedtimes, I'm heading off. Wishing everyone well on their goals this challenge!
  3. Ah, more Overwatch themed goodness. YUP. This is the second half of a two-parter challenge, so welcome back! (Or, you know, welcome if you're just arriving!) A quick recap from my last quest, is my three overarching goals I'm aiming for this year! I've only got three quests this challenge cycle! (Keepin' it real-) They are mostly continuations in some way shape and form of stuff I did last time. All new characters, OF COURSE!! Soldier: 76 feelin’ spry~ Why is this doof my favorite Overwatch character?! Why am I drawn so strongly to the old, crotchety, war-torn ex-strike commander that has an angsty past with an old best friend and is now just out to GET SOME MOTHERFUGGIN JUSTICE?!!? Sigh, Jack Morrison I just can’t quit you. Continuing on with Elements in the second part of a 2-challenge span here! I’m gonna be as spry as Soldier when his damage output is boosted! As mentioned in the end of my last challenge, I’ve noticed HUGE benefits of this already, most notably - wrist flexibility and lack of aches and pains - lower back pain and tightness that has lingered for YEARS is gone, and I can deadlift again - left shoulder fatigue completely gone. Learning to mobilize my whole body again is a win-win situation. I’ll aim to do this 4 times a week, on top of my regular lifting schedule. A - Elements 4 times weekly B - Elements 3 times weekly F - GET OFF MY LAWN YOU FAILURE Genji a steady blade balances the soul I figured it would be fitting to continue my art quest from Hanzo to Genji - the pair are emotionally turmoiled angst-filled feuding brothers and Genji is a CYBORG NINJA SAY WHAAAAAT. Since I’ve been working on very basic anatomy, this quest will require a weekly drawing practice - one fleshed out skeleton a week! A - One figure per week F - [insert Japanese derogatory terms here] Torbjorn build ‘em up, break ‘em down! We are planning to put our house on the market in the springtime! *insert heavy breathing and anxious sweating* Just thinking about the whole process makes me extremely jangly, so in the interim time I’m going to do as much as I can to take the load off of us during the actual selling timeframe. This means a. pre-packing things we need but don’t really need over the next 3-4 months, and b. getting rid of ALL of the excess crap!!! I’m looking specifically at closets/clothing/wearable items for this quest - if this gets done quickly, awesome!, and I’ll move on to something else, but this is sure a biggie. I’m giving myself 4 weeks to get this big piece in a cohesive order. A - Successfully sort through and donate things I don't need while boxing up things I want to hang onto. F - MOLTEN COOORREEEE *gets annihilated by an angry turret by failing this quest*
  4. *So what if I've done this challenge before, I failed last time so I wanna succeed this time! This month, I want to keep it simple but add on to what I had last month. This is going to be rough BUT I can do this!! Plus, these challenges are working towards my goals/trophies I have set out for myself in my Roadmap. - D.Va Gaming - Goal: Platinum LEGO Marvel Superheroes and play through Fallout 4 - Lúcio Positivity - Goal: Complete the challenge. Stay positive and focus on the good things - Zarya Strength - Goal: Workout MWF and keep track of progress HERE (Highly inspired/stolen from Otterbyte) - Ana Career - Goal: Audition, email, read about career M-F - Mercy Nutrition - Goal: Eat 1 veggie side or 2/3 of meal and 1 fruit each day - Mei Read - Goal: Complete The Bane Chronicals this month - Widowmaker Flexibility - Goal: Stretch for the splits M-F _.-*-._.-*-._ - Trophy Goals This Month - City of Stars | Are You Even Trying? | The World Could Always Use More Heroes!
  5. Experience Tranquility! Why hello, Challenge #2! I'm glad that I have the challenge weeks on my calendar because it keeps me going! My first challenge of the year died off at the end. I was still (sort of?) tracking most of my food choices, but I could tell that I was only giving 50% of the effort. I realized that I don't really like putting heavy time constraints on myself. Having a routine is one thing, and something I am going to be working on, but I don't like doing things in time blocks. I am more of a "Make a List and Do each of the things as they come but not necessarily in any order" and I'm successful with it! I also realized that I sincerely miss doing yoga. I miss having it be part of a daily routine whether it was in the morning, in the afternoon, or bedtime yoga. It helped me keep a calm mind, fight fatigue, sleep better, and just have an overall better outlook on life. All of that said, lets jump right into it: The cycle begins a new... Quest One: "Repetition is the path to mastery" My first quest revolves around establishing a routine. There are not set time slots, but it will be important to maintain the routine as close as possible. Given that life will sometimes throw you lemons, or commitments, don't fret! Just plan accordingly. Daily Routine Brush teeth/wash face/shower Change clothes (don't hang out in pjs all day!) Take out items for dinner If crockpot meal, prep and set to cook Prep items early if possible Breakfast/Coffee with one or two shows If appointments are scheduled, consider breakfast/coffee on the go for both myself and Mom At least two-three housekeeping events (because using the word chore makes it look ominous!) Kitchen always Vacuum Dust Bathroom up-keep Recycling Bedroom de-clutter Maintain an active laundry cycle as to keep from getting behind Daily exercise Lunch at a reasonable time Plan snacks if appointments/errands run long Carry water at all times Play time Computer time Reading time More shows Dinner ready, at the latest, 6:30 PM Kitchen clean-up I think that this will be a great routine to work to establish. There are things that may change, or may be finished prior, which is why not having time constraints work best for me. I am also going to get back into the habit of grading myself! I think it's a good way to keep myself accountable, because who likes seeing a failing mark on anything they do? This particular quest is a Pass/Fail. Along with keeping it here, I am making myself a habit chart so that I can manually check off each time I successfully complete an item. It will also let me see how often certain things need to be done, and if they do not have to be done. I can also note if I substituted something else in an items place. Maintain Routine for Four Weeks: Pass Not Maintaining Routine: Fail Quest Two: "Life is more than a series of ones and zeroes" While the above is to help me establish and maintain a routine, this quest is going to help me remember that there is more to life than fretting over said routine. Once it has been established, and repeated, it will begin to feel like second nature. However, I find myself once again neglecting things that I was very excited to jump back into at the beginning of the last challenge. Therefore, this quest is to help me keep a steady foot on the road of art, photography, silly selfies, writing, and reading. Not to be confused the the play time part of the above routine, I want this to help me continue to build the enthusiasm I had just a few weeks ago. I was drawing, sketching, and just playing around with a variety of art media. I haven't done that in a while, and I can see a drastic difference in my state of mind. I was also sharing things that I was doing, and it really felt good doing so. Even if pieces weren't completed or, in my own opinion "good", I shared them. Not only was it building my confidence, others were voicing their enjoyment on seeing them! So my goal here is to share at least one piece of art every week during this challenge. If there is more, great! It can be in any state of progress and any media. As long as I am doing something and sharing it (here on the forums, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt, etc!), it will count! One Piece of Artwork Shared a Week: Pass No Artwork Shared: Fail Quest Three: "One cannot survive on strength alone" And here we are at the actual fitness part of my challenge. For a long time, I was so intrigued my Yoga. It not only looked cool, but I had always heard how much fun and relaxing it could be. I finally tried it, and actively did at least 15 minutes a day for a while. I was not only losing weight, but a lot of the aches and pains I've regained weren't there. My lower back didn't bother me, my hip joints weren't always sore, and I just felt better. It was good for both my mind and my body, and that is what I need more than anything. So, I am going back to it. Why I left it, it's hard to say. I tried to think about the reasons the other day, and while I did run into some life-related complications, I should not have let it stand in my way. Then again, at the time, I wasn't strong enough mentally to battle it. My ultimate goal is to start and complete Nerd Fitness Yoga Water A, which I believe is the beginner course. I was very close to being able to complete the first one before everything went belly up. While I work toward that, I will be working on the foundation and basic poses of Yoga to establish stamina and do some core strengthening. I know of some great Yogis on Instagram, and also found some good beginner Yoga routines through Pinterest. So, my quest for this challenge will be to do, at least, 10 minutes of yoga a day. It can be more, it can be in two different 5 minute intervals, but I MUST do at least 10 minutes. Even if it's working on one or two different poses. Repetition! 10 Minutes of Yoga a Day: A 10 Minutes of Yoga 4 Days/Week: B 10 Minutes of Yoga 3 Days/Week: C 10 Minutes of Yoga 1 Day/Week or None at All/Week: F Like Zenyatta, my ultimate goal this time around is to balance discord and harmony. Take the discord and throw it back to battle the enemy. Take the harmony and use it to heal wounds overtime. "We walk in harmony, my student." "I know the doubts that plague you."
  6. IT IS 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOSH I am so excited!!! 2016 was a royal dirtfire for most of us, and I dunno about you, but I’m quite ready to let the door hit it in its face on the way out. For me last year was especially turbulent, exhausting, scary, frustrating, and while it had some good moments it was overall quite a struggle. But adversity? Is GOOD, because it gives us the ability to turn into stronger stuff. Before I get to my actual quests, I feel it’s important to introduce my trifecta of over-arching goals for 2017. These are some things I have rolled around in my head for quite some time now - my Rangerbrain has the tendency to resemble a little hyped-up bird, flitting from thing to thing very quickly - and after prolonged evaluation these things are not just a flight of fancy, but goals that I’m still excited about months after their initial brain-storm. I’m going to do my best to work these long-term goals into each challenge cycle! OKAY! It’s challenge time! I’ve decided to revert back to an older challenge format I used in my first year here at NF. I’ll be taking something nerdy that I love - anime, book, movie, etc. - and theme my challenge after it. This challenge’s theme is O V E R W A T C H because I got the game for Christmas, I tried to hold out and not play that popular cool Blizzard game everyone’s talking about, but I played it and got insta-hooked and am now officially Overwatch trash. Right now Lucio is my favorite character to play because he’s pretty much a superfast BARD on roller skates with a speaker and turntables and his voice emotes are just HELLA FUN, I love switching back and forth between speed and healing and trolling enemies that can't hit me because I'm faaaasto~; I also like McCree but I’m really bad at him ahahaha, D.Va is another favorite choice and she’s ~*~귀엽다~*~ cute and super fun. ANYWAY. LET’SGOOOOOO~ D.Va time to raise my apm! START GMB ELEMENTS!!!!!! I am really really E X C I T E D about this! Elements is GMB’s introductory program that will set the framework for me moving better; it focuses on strength, flexibility, and motor control using varieties on 3 core movement patterns that you “re-teach” your body how to use. It spans for 8 weeks and my aim is to do this 4-5 times weekly - each session is anywhere from 30-45 minutes, depending on if it’s new and I need some time getting used to it, or routine, etc. GMB recommends doing no less than 3 sessions per week, optimally 6, so I’m going to start out with 5 and see how I feel. My weekly schedule then will (hopefully) look like this: M morning lifting T morning elements W morning lifting, evening elements Th morning lifting F morning elements Sa morning elements Su afternoon elements (while weekly meal prep is happening) Hoo boyo that looks intimidating. Ok. D.Va is strong with decent maneuverability, so I am going for the same here! My goal here is to stick to 5 sessions of Elements per week. I’m giving myself a little leeway to move them around if I have to but 5 is the magic number. A - 5 sessions done weekly B - 4 sessions done weekly C - 3 or less sessions done weekly Hanzo the dragon stirs within me Ok here we go on My Path To Draw Things More Gooder! I want to devote a couple of hours to this each week and post my results here. I’m most interested in drawing animals and people! I’ve got a specific sketchbook just for art that I’ll be carrying around with me, and I’ll share my progress here each week. Can I match Hanzo’s skill and fluidity? (Or is that Genji?) (Ehehe~) Sorry if it all SUCKS but we’ve gotta start somewhere, right?? :3 A - Art progress photos weekly B - Art progress photos bi-weekly F - RYU GA WAKA TEKI O KURAU (I deserve to be eaten by my own ultimate dragon-) McCree back in the saddle again McCree’s a deadeye and I need to get more mindful of tracking my nutrition targets too. This one is easy. Track e v e r y t h i n g on MFP for the duration of challenge. No goals or numbers to hit, just log everything and see where I sit. IT’S HIGH NOON FOR BAD FOOD!!!!! A - Logged for full 6 weeks B - Logged for at least 5 weeks C - Logged for less than 5 weeks Lucio break time's over, let's get movin'! It’s time to TAKE OUT THE TRASH. Not that my house is full of trash, but. In September I tasked myself with doing extreme house-cleaning and it worked REALLY well, well enough where I decided I wanted to make it a quarterly thing to keep up with it. Well, it’s that time again! A clean living space does wonders for my mental health, and every little bit of help in the winter months is huge. Rules - Like Lucio, speed is key here! Spend 30 minutes in each room, no more, or else I’ll get bogged down and never finish anything. Set a timer, clean what you can, and in 30 minutes, move on. A - Spent 30 minutes tidying each room F - Nope. Can I complete ALL of this stuff and get my very own Play of the Game?! WE'LL SEE. First challenge of 2017 rebels, let's do thiiisss!!!~ (every. time.)
  7. ...who wanted to rank among the best. These are my some of favorite characters. I have read their story, played their game, watched their show. They are who I strive to be and turn to for motivation. And thus, begins my story. :o) Main Story Quests: Achieve the Splits, Go Down to 18% Body Fat, Eat Healthier This Year: Horizon 2017 Dawn ~ Trophy Guide and Roadmap 2016 Challenges: Team RWBY Training, Overwatch Team Training 2017 Challenges: X-men
  8. I have been playing a lot of Overwatch lately and can't stop thinking/dreaming about it. SO... Let's make it my themed challenge this month! D.Va - Gaming 100% Uncharted 4 and Collect the 5 dragons in DragonVale Genji - Agility Practice yoga on off days and stretch until splits (front ways, both legs) are obtained Symmetra - Knowledge Read 30 mins a day and finish two books this challenge Zarya - Strength Green Arrow workout MWSa and Handstand progression everyday Lucio - Music Learn all the words to a tough song. Mercy - Spirit Read at least one chapter of the Bible a week and continue to go to church every Sunday Winston - Health Have one side of fruit or veggies with lunch and dinner Well that's it! I may have bitten off way more than I can chew.... but oh well. Live and Learn. Here's to my second EVER 4-Week Challenge.
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