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  1. Lightning Becomes Supernatural! This is my 5th challenge and I feel like I have a good handle on what works for me and what doesnt. I've made good progress with strength and weight and now I'm ready take everything I have learned and work my way to becoming supernatural (i.e. very fit, strong and badass). This is also a really fun way to celebrate the return of my favorite guilty pleasure TV show, Supernatural. More Like Sam Sam likes to workout and take care of his body. He understands that you have to be in good physical shape in order to properly slay demons and other like creatures. If I'm going to be strong enough to battle the supernatural I better workout.... often. The Plan: Since each supernatural creature is different, it would be best to cross-train and do a lot of different things. So, any type of exercise will count as long as it takes 20 minutes or more. 30 Workouts = 1 STR / 2 STA BONUS: If I complete 35 workouts I will take down Crowley and earn a trophy! (Supernatural T-shirt) Less Like Dean Dean has some food and drinking issues. He stuffs himself with bad carbs like pizza, subs, and pie. He also seems to drink nothing but beer and cheap whiskey. No wonder he is kind of moody! Instead of eating and drinking like Dean I'm going to follow Banting/Primal. High in healthy fats and naturally low in carbs. Plenty of water too. The Plan: 36 days of low carb = 2 CON / 1 WIS Weekly Average of 30 cups of water = 1 CON / 1 WIS Bonus: Each week that I hit my water goal = Trophy of a bottle of my favorite holy (sparkling) water Sometimes like Castiel Castiel just wants to help and be with his friends. I totally understand because I love hanging with my Assassins and helping during minis. I also enjoyed talking to new recruits and offering support, giving out pats on the back and the occasional virtual hug. The Plan: Participate in all Assassin Minis 1 STA/ 1 STR/ 1 CHA (these may change depending on the challenges) Meet and actively follow 5 new Assassin Recruits 2 CHA Become Supernatural Everybody has certain fitness things that they want to achieve, moves that make them feel supernatural and totally badass. The Crow pose is something that I really, really want to be able to do. Whenever I try it I get maybe a split second before I flop onto my head. I think, with regular practice I can dooooooo iiiiiiiiiit! The Plan: Work on wrist flexibility, the tripod pose, and the crow pose. I won't set a time limit. If I get on the floor and work on all three things it counts.21 times = 1 DEX / 1 STR
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