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  1. Bards, Paladins, Innkeepers, Clerics, Healers (and more?) of All Guilds... TAG! You're IT! A tag matching system to help nerds find other nerds of the same role-play occupation... With the new changes on Nerd Fitness, the old questions of "Why don't we have a Bard's guild?" or "How can I best find other nerds with the same 'class/occupation/interests'?" have surfaced again. After reading people's ideas on the CHALLENGE AND CLASS CHANGES AND UPDATES thread, I realized we don't need any new features or additional guilds. We have the necessary tool already at hand! All it will take is for a few good nerds to band together and teach people to hack the existing tag system to good advantage. The beauty of this approach (beyond the fact that it means no extra work for the hard-working NF admins and site team!) is that it is totally configurable, readily available, and should be able to adapt to any of the new features and changes that will appear on Nerd Fitness in the coming months. Are you with me? What I'd like to do is start a sort of "meta-accountability group" team that would help connect nerds that want to play "tag" to be more accountable to each other. What I see this group doing is to make up a list of suggested tags, and then fanning out across the forums to let people know that there is a way to connect with others of similar interests, whatever their guild affiliations may (or may not) be. This approach to tagging can work independently of the guilds, as the occupations that are most mentioned/requested cross guild lines, much like most of the regular accountability groups. And I believe that once a little coordination is in place, it could encourage "tag" groups to form their own accountability groups as well, thus strengthening the entire system. My hope is that this method will help people feel more at home in their guilds, appreciating the camaraderie and help system already there, and also fulfill the concurrent need to connect with others of similar interests across guild lines. Who wants to play "TAG"? You can sign up to be a guild-focused flagger and/or an occupation-focused tagger. Both roles are needed, but have slightly different responsibilities. Everything below is really just a simple perception shift from "class" or guild-based thinking, to "occupation" based thinking. Guild Flaggers are nerds who know one guild well and have connections to many individuals within it. They work within their existing guild to let those they see looking for like-minded people know that there is a way to connect with people of similar "occupation" outside of or across guilds. This can be done via challenge threads, posts in guild chat threads, or PMs, by providing links to the tag spreadsheet we will create as part of this group and by providing instructions on how to tag a topic post. Occupation Taggers are people who know quite a few people in more than one guild and most likely have connections to a number of individuals with similar interests, regardless of their guild affiliation. They work with anyone they see looking for like-minded people and let them know that there is a way to connect with people of similar "occupation" whatever their guild affiliation. This can be done via challenge threads, posts in interest-related forums (general forums, accountability groups, PVPs, battle logs, etc.), or PMs, by providing links to the tag spreadsheet we will create as part of this group and by providing instructions on how to tag a topic post. As a "meta-accountability group," I expect most people interested in doing this will be rebels of some experience who find that giving something back to the NF community is fulfilling and helpful to their own challenges. That said, you don't have to many challenges behind you or know a lot of people to do this. The only pre-requisite is to be willing to reach out when you see the opportunity. GUILD FLAGGERS DarK_Raider Raxie Rurik the Ranger shaarawy ShadowLion OCCUPATION TAGGERS darkfoxx LadyShello mr_willes NeverThatBored SkiBlue Introduce yourself below and let me know if you want to be a tagger or a flagger.
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