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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I miserably failed my last (and very first) NF 6-week challenge and since a new one is starting soon, I though "what the heck" and signed up for this one. Previously, my goals were a bit too ambitious. I over-estimated my abilities greatly and thought I could handle the exercise, diet change AND uni. I was very, very wrong in all three areas. So I'm back. I started a daily battle log about 1 week ago detailing my transition to paleo, and now I want to convert it into a 6-week challenge. As far as I understand, those who have attempted and failed their first challenge proceed to post in the Adventurer's guild for their second challenge. Correct me if I'm wrong and I'll move my thread to the recruits. Main Quest: Lose about 3Kg by end of 6 Week Challenge. (Current weight 60Kg, goal weight 57Kg) Motivation: Goal 1: Eat an as-paleo-as-I-can-afford diet at least 80% of the time, with veggies taking up 50% of every meal. Grades A = 50% veggies & paleo 80%, B = 50% veggies, paleo 50% OR 30% veggies, paleo 80%, C = 30% paleo, 30% veggies, D = 30:20 paleo:veggie, E = 20:30 paleo:veggie, F = anything less Goal 2: Reduce those cheat paleo snacks I love to eat all the time to twice a week (i.e. only 2 paleo treats per week) Grades A = 2/wk, B = 3/wk, C = 4/wk, D = 5/wk, E = 6/wk, F = daily Goal 3: Climb up and down those stairs at work instead of using the elevator when I have time when moving between floors. Only permissible exception is if a superior expects me to follow them into the lifts, or if I'm really time poor and there are 7 flights of stairs to climb. Grades A = 90%, B = 80%, C = 70%, D = 60%, E = 50%, F = <50% This goal will be tracked in a daily tally of each encounter. I may end up just uploading photos of the tallies due to convenience. Life Quest: Make and follow a reasonable study plan for my Mid-Year Finals in June. [insert panicked face here] Grades = same as Goal 3, and tracked in a similar manner. Fun facts about me: I like most things pink, I'm a Taylor Swift Fan (i.e. I have all her albums, but not such a big fan where I stalk her online or know who she's dating and whatnot) and I love cuteness! Hence all my stuffed animals from childhood are still littered around my office and bedroom. My parents recently gave me a ginormous stuffed dog that I affectionately named Spot (to my parent's dismay, lol). I openly admit I'm child-like, in a small body, but with a profession that requires suits most of the time. The question: "shouldn't you be in high school, sweetie?" gets old quick, although I'm happy to know I'm not the shortest at my workplace, so I get to share our clients' love around. I don't know how I'm going to work with my daily battle log and this 6-Week Challenge thread, but we'll see how I go.
  2. I haven't even had a successful day of paleo yet and I am frustrated with the limitations. I basically live on beans, chickpeas, peanuts, yogurt, milk etc (and veggies!). I do eat some meat but it's not an everyday thing for me. I don't have a wide variety of meat that I like enough to eat all the time. I can make do without grains mostly but I love those too. I don't have any problems with trying new foods, I just dont want to feel like I need to give up everything that I love as well. Does anyone have any thoughts for what I might look into? I've heard mention of the keto diet but I'm not sure if that would be best for me either...
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