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  1. Hey guys! I'm back for another challenge and am hoping to shed more fat, build more muscle, and improve my diet! This time I will post before and after shots to help me with accountability. I didn't do this last time, but think that posting pictures will give me more motivation for sticking with my diet goals. I will also take measurements and record my weight at the beginning, middle, and end of this challenge. For 3 weeks during this challenge, I will be doing the Superhero Challenge! The tagline is "Unleash Your Inner Superhero" which I think is awesome. Totally goes with the NF tagline "Level Up Your Life"! I love the positive mentality of both and the mindset of becoming the best possible you. I've got a long list of fitness and life goals that I'd like to accomplish and see this challenge as one of a series of steps in making my goals a reality. The Superhero Challenge starts September 21st and goes through October 11th. Basically, it's a 21-day paleo + exercise challenge. You must eat Paleo and exercise/stretch/move for at least 10 minutes every day. When you sign up, you get access to a 3 week meal plan, some exercise videos, and an accountability forum. Seems like a pretty good deal to me! I also think it's pretty doable - everyone can spare 10 minutes every day for exercise. My mindset up till now has been that I need to set aside 1 hour 4-5 days a week for exercise. At the end of this challenge, I want to make being active a daily thing - whether its a full gym workout or 10 minutes of stretching and walking. Although this Superhero Challenge is only for 3 weeks, I'd like to keep those diet and exercise habits going throughout my whole NF challenge. The goals. . . . 1. DIET - PALEO Dairy and Legumes are allowed in the Superhero Challenge (since they don't bother my digestive system)No Grains - bread, crackers, flour, etcOnly paleo sweets. If you followed me last challenge - battling the sugar beast has been one of my struggles. Last time, I allowed myself to have (any type of) sweets on the weekends, now I will only allow paleo "sweets", which I must make. These recipes I make will have less sugar than what I was eating before that way I continue making progressAll Paleo Meals = A; 1-3 Non-paleo = B; 4-10 Non-paleo = C; 11-16 Non-paleo = D 2. MOVE - 10 MINUTES EVERYDAY Movement = stretching, running, walking, HIIT, and/or strength training3-5 of these workouts must be solid gym workouts 30+ minutesRun/HIIT sprints 3+ times per week. My goal over this challenge is to reduce my 5K time to 27-29 minutes. I'm running a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5K in November and am hoping to beat my sister! My ultimate goal is to get my running time down to the 26-28 minute range by the time of the race. Yesterday, I ran a 5K in 34 minutes. To meet my goal, I've got to cut off a minute a week, roughly. That's a lot of progress to make, but I think it is doable! Edits can be made if necessary.Exercise Everyday = A; Minus 1-5 workouts = B; Minus 6-12 workouts = C; Minus 13-20 = D 3. DRAW Sketch at least once a week. I enjoy drawing, but never make time for it. I'd like to get back in the habit of drawing so I can improve my skills6 times = A; 4-5 times = B; 2-3 = C; 0-1 = D SIDE QUEST: PUMP UP This post is entitled: Becoming My Own Superhero. I want to have that mindset this challenge and see this challenge as training to reach superhero status. My ultimate fitness goal (several years down the road) is to do basic parkour. I want to keep that ultimate goal in sight this challenge. So each week I plan to watch one parkour youtube video to pump me up and get excited about where I'm going. Having this mindset will help keep up my energy and focus on my goals for this challenge. Starting measurements and pics coming soon!
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