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Found 5 results

  1. I have a few trips planned during this challenge. Overall I'll end up visiting 5 states, 7 if you count the 2 additional that I'll be driving through. Half of the challenge will be busy with all the travel and with travel comes difficulties sticking to goals. So why not just plan the challenge around the travel? I'll be traveling with my kids for our annual family vacation, this year to the east coast, over the week of the 4th of July. We'll visit North and South Carolina and Georgia. The weekend after we return I'm spending a long weekend in Kansas City with my college besties. Then th
  2. "What's the smallest task I could do to still feel like I'm doing something for this goal?" -@NeverThatBored "I'm going to have Present Qbert do things now instead of saving them for Future Qbert to make my life easier" -Qbert My goals haven't really changed but I'm going to try framing this challenge differently. I know the things I need to do daily to reach my goals but sometimes life just gets in the way of meeting the goals all the time. Meeting every goal every day just isn't practical but there's no good place to draw the line. It's more impor
  3. Last challenge was a resounding success. The goals worked really well and I'm ready to build from them. I also need a break from the rigidity of points so this challenge just sets some guideposts that will continue to guide me on my way. This challenge focuses on the same pillars from my 2021 Roadmap posted in my battle log (link on the left if you're interested). I know it looks like a lot but it's not really that much more than last challenge. I'm going to try something different with the schedule for this challenge. I like to start on Mondays. Monday is the day you sta
  4. One challenge completed for the year and I'm feeling my mojo back again. I've learned not to take my mojo for granted so I'm going to run with it as long as I can. For this challenge I'm taking the points to a new level and using them to earn badges! The two main pillars of my 2021 Roadmap are fitness and General Health (essentially nutrition) and the core of the challenge but as always, this is balanced out with some life goals. General Health Goals If you've followed any of my recent challenges you know I've recently joined Noom and this has informed my goals. None of
  5. Time to kick off 2021 and this year is all about moving forward. You might expect something like this: But this challenge will be more like this: FITNESS First order of business is to actually get moving. I'm going to break through this mental block that has kept me from getting back to any type of fitness. It's something I need and I want, but I just don't want to, you know? I'm going to keep it simple with any gentle movement, anything. Yoga, stretching, going for a walk around the dog park, or the block. Pick up a sledgehammer and do a little
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