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Found 8 results

  1. Are you a Nerd? Would you like to head to the Scottish Highlands for a weekend with lots of other Nerds? Do you like cake? Or whisky? Or beer? Or bacon? Can you get yourself to Edinburgh (or direct to Fort William) on 3 October? Guzzi and I are planning an epic weekend of fun, frolics and heavy lifting and would love it if you came along. There will be a (very informal) powerlifting competition for those who want to take part. There will be eating and drinking. There will almost certainly be a variety of outdoor pursuits (well, Fort William is famed for it). More details to follow but please post your notes of interest here!
  2. Attention all Adventures from all classes! A New and as of yet unnamed party of Adventures is forming! The Goal is to share challenges, inspire each other, and work toward common challenges for the party! (For example we could try to lose 100lbs as a group for a reward) open to any and all who want to help and be helped
  3. Hi, Im getting married August 15, 2015, and my bachelorette to Cancun is May 29, 2015 OMG, ive got 6.5 weeks, and this is my challenge: 1. To lose the most of fat that I can doing kickboxing 3 days a week and step for 2 days a week for an hour each, and rest 2 days for cardio. 2. For muscle building Im going to do The lower body 2 - 3 days a week and for upper body 2 days. 3. Kind of a paleo way of eating (no refined sugars, no flours, no bread or pasta, no cakes or pastries) Im saying kind of beacuse sometimes maybe I will eat a corn (mazorca), and maybe beans, but I will try my best to not eat them. 4. Continue with the process of New skin in my face with the treatment. (As I have one week since I started) This involves taking care of my skin and my face. 5. Get done as much as I can with my Wedding, because the days are counting (124 days until wedding day) Thats it, I guess im a recruit or something like that because is my first time in this challenge
  4. Hi all. Forgive me if this has been suggested in the past, or if I've posted in the wrong place. I had an idea for a slightly different kind of nerdy challenge we could do here at NF. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Imagine if several people banded together into a virtual adventuring party. They'd set off onto a quest together. I envision there being some prewritten "modules". Here's an example: The Crystal Pools - Queen Belova has tasked the party with retrieving an item of immense power from the Crystal Pools atop Winterborne Mountain. Part I: The party must travel to the foothills of the mountain and ascend to the peak. Each member must run, bike, or walk 5 miles on level ground, then another 3 miles on elevated ground.Part II: Along the way, the party encounters a band of orcs. After the battle, the party must heal. Each member must perform his combat routine*, after which they must each perform the healing routine*.Part III: Once at the Crystal Pools, the party must navigate to the island at the center of the pool to retrieve the item. Each member must perform 3 sets of 10 reps on a rowing machine, and swim 15 laps. Retrieving the item requires each member to perform one Maximum Strength Feat*Part IV: The party, low on rations, must return to the Queen with the item. Each member must make one Diet Feat* You only move on to the next part after the entire party has met the goal. If that happens in one day, great. If it takes a week, also great. If it takes a month, party members can encourage the holdouts to get it in gear. * Healing Routines, Combat Routines, Maximum Strength Feats, etc: These routines would be different for each person. Each party member defines for him or herself what these look like. For instance, I'm a fencer, so my combat routine might be to win at least one fencing bout (or maybe to win one 5-0). The Healing Routine could be a non-physical activity or goal. I enjoy painting, so my healing routine might be something like "Post one new painting online that I'm really proud of". The Maximum Strength Feat should be something that pushes your workout limits. For me, it could be defined as "3 sets of squats, 16 reps each, 200 lbs). Another party member might define the Combat Routine as three karate classes in a week, or a new Free Running routine, or 30 minutes on the heavy bag. The point is, these categories are up to the party members to define for themselves. I could see members of the NF community writing adventure modules for other parties to run through. You could even have an ad-hoc adventure, without a module, where the group takes turns GMing - one week, one member sets the group goal (and the narrative); the next week, another member takes over the story and decides the success factors, and so on. What are your thoughts?
  5. This is going to be a full-on party challenge. Enough with the grinding, torturing, willpower-consuming challenges! The only thing one “should be doing” is dancing That extends to an overall attitude. I’m tired of doing one thing and thinking I should be doing something else. It’s a non-graded goal that I’ll be working towards, getting rid of distractions and a guilty feeling that I should be doing something else instead. Now, back to the party
  6. Hey everyone, My name is Amy and I've joined up with NF, I've found the chat room to be a great place to chat with people daily, get input, feedback, share stories and challenges. I've decided that I'm serious about weight loss and fitness in general starting in the winter, when I was thinking, "I need to get in shape for nursing!" and told myself that I would start in the spring. Well, it looks like spring is finally here in Alberta, and I've pretty much quit soda, started drinking tons of water (not literally ), eating lots of fruit and veggies and limiting unhealthy meals and treats to a very small number (once or twice a week, on average). My over reaching goal here is fitness for nursing, but I thought I could also have a lot of fun on the way, setting other goals until I'm in nursing, general fitness goals, being able to get active in small group activities, getting out to enjoy nice days while being active, either at the gym, cycling, or something else fun. Making getting active a fun thing and a challenging goal has been something which is also a driving force. Some of my interests in physical fitness, at varying levels of interest are: Crossfit (curious), Adventure Race (Curious), Rock Climbing (Interested), Cycling (Interested), Lifting (interested), Volleyball (Interested) Some of my favorite video games: Final Fantasy VI, Lufia (SNES), Breath of Fire, Dark Souls II, League of Legends, Earthbound, Final Fantasy Tactics, Legend of Zelda, and more. Some of my favorite books/series: George RR Martin's Song of Fire and Ice, Glen Cook's Black Company, Tolkein's Silmarillion and Hobbit, Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game series, Brom's The Child Thief, many Mercedes Lackey books, and many more. Other things I've enjoyed is anime and manga in a broad sense.
  7. Here is the Nerdiversary Party plan All party food will be Yummy and make me happy when I eat it (ie. No gluten or dairy, limit sugar to ONE treat per week, except pre shark week, I get 3, and REALLY try to limit allergens)There will be lots of bendiness (back to 3x/week yoga)Will try new and exciting things with new (and old) friends (participate in all Biggest Loser 2.0 mini challenges)Preferably, all gifts will be Fiction books (I will read nothing but Fiction books for the entire challenge)There will be juggling (I got myself into a juggling PvP! O.o)No grades, no pass/fail, just going to enjoy the next six weeks the best I can, and do the things I love and that make me happy and feel good. My birthday falls on the Wednesday before the challenge ends, so it's a double dose of party!! "If it ain't fun, I ain't doin' it"
  8. Hey all, I know it is still about a month and a half away but I am trying to put together a halloween costume and could use some help. My fiance and I are planning on going as a pair and she has already figured out that she is going to be going as poison ivy. She is making her costume. I don't know what I should go as. Batman or Robin would be the obvious choice but I don't really have the cash to dish out for a good costume. Bane could also work but I am not THAT jacked yet. then there are the other villans joker, twoface, penguine ect. OOOOH Idea! I could always do a homemade version of the darkest Night black ring batman (aka zombie batman) This could be fun and shouldn't be to hard to do hmmmm. What is everyone else going to be doing this year?
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