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Found 2 results

  1. So I'm a little new to this whole forum thing and definitely new to collective fitness things... A little about me: Sandavia Student, Office Wizard, PC Gamer, Ensign Trekkie, Trivia Team Captain, Pun Enthusiast My story starts almost a year ago when my health started to spiral into oblivion. At first, I attributed my exhaustion to poor sleep habits, high stress and regrettable food choices but as I began making tweaks to my water intake, started going to bed earlier, and chose healthier food options, I barely noticed a change and couldn't seem to catch a break. 6 months, 4 positive strep tests, 2 colds, and all of my sick days (plus many unpaid days) later, my newly acquired doctor ordered a sleep study. Apparently 45 minutes of REM sleep a night is not enough for a functioning immune system, let alone a healthy human being. Fast forward to today; I've been using my CPAP machine for about 4 months and have noticed a startling improvement in my overall health. I am 25 pounds down, wearing jeans in a size I haven't fit into in 5 years, I have more energy, my wit has returned, and I'm ready for the next step! I've been a far-off observer of Nerd Fitness for a while and it felt like fate when last week I was attempting to implement bodyweight training (specifically squats and planks) into my day and I received an email about how to do the proper squat. I can't wait to start this lifestyle and journey with you all! No more excuses. Engage!
  2. Hi all! I've joined the chat a couple times and really enjoyed meeting a couple of the regulars in there - Ratchetz (sp?), Catspaw, that other one who changes her name based on what she's doing..., spezzy, and that's just from memory. I can tell that The Rebellion is going to suit me just fine. Lessee... I'm 27, been married for a year. I was in the best shape of my life before my long distance boyfriend moved in--but, as they say, love causes weight gain! I was on track for a while, and even did numerous 5k, including the Warrior Dash, then I had a major set-back. I developed a back injury, seemingly out of nowhere, that set me back considerably. I found it difficult to work out due to muscle spasms and nerve pain. I've regained about 23 pounds over the past year and a half. You can't out-run the fork, especially if you're not moving. I've gotten the issues mostly under control thanks to the help of regular chiropractic care, but I'm still working on physical therapy to re-condition the muscles. It really doesn't help that I'm so overweight. I love to play PC games--I've been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2, and I'm gearing up for the release of Wild Star this weekend. My husband and our friends play board games (like Firefly, and Risk), and card games (MTG), as well as console games (we had a Mario themed wedding). My real-life end-game would see me at about 180 lbs, having fun in 5ks and not experiencing chronic back pain any more. Currently, I'm 243, have back pain daily, and I'd be considered sedentary except for the fact that I stand all day (even though I work at an office). The mini goals that I have to get to the end-game are to: 1. Participate in my first 6-week challenge (I'm already signed up!) 2. Transition to a paleo template 3. Remain committed to daily physical therapy I'm really inspired by everyone's PRs and accomplishments. If you'd like to welcome me and inspire me, tell me (in short) where you were when you started with Nerd Fitness and where you're at now. I love to read success stories. Best, Aminarra
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