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Found 1 result

  1. My main quest when I started this mission was to drop from 21% body fat to 15% body fat... Well I measured myself this morning and I SMASHED that goal!! 13.9% body fat. Just to illustrate, here is what I looked like on the first day I joined the Rebellion; (I've no idea what my BF% was, and I'm not putting it all back on just to check!) I hated myself pretty much. I wanted to change everything about my body; be someone else. I was the "skinny-fat" type of unfit and despite family and friends telling me I looked fine I wasn't comfortable in my own skin. Yet I was too lazy to get up off my arse and do something about it. Then I stumbled on NF and dragged myself up by the scruff of my neck. I'd just missed the challenge start so I started learning the ropes of the forums and blundering my way through my first workouts; hurt my ankles trying to go for a run, learnt to eat properly, and realized that how my body was feeling, wasn't right. I started to enjoy lifting weights and the burn and the racing heart that comes with exercise, and the feeling of being full and not bloated and sick when I ate a proper meal and cut back on dairy, gluten and grains. Start of the current 6-week challenge (I'd been preparing!) And I looked like this; (21% BF) Which was good, but I wanted to see my ab muscles. I also knew I had a long way to go lifting wise, and I wanted to gain a level here on the forums! So I gave myself a number to work for (15% down down from 21% BF) And went for it. I had a plan, I had a character, I had a quest. Something about it being like real-life WOW, and having to admit my faults when I logged on helped spur me on to continue doing good for myself. Then one week I gained weight (it ended up being hormonal mischief running amok through my body) and decided I should finally get a pair of calipers if I was going to keep seeing any results that wouldn't shut me down on the spot. Also the scales were starting to give me a shifty look. Day one of Week 5 and Weigh in Day has led to this! (now 14% BF!) Still no abs. Turns out THATS where all my fat has been sitting this whole time. But there is shape under that fat (that isn't "round") , my arms aren't pudgy and jiggly, and none of my clothes fit! (that's a good thing.) I feel like I have a body that I can go out and DO STUFF with instead of declining things like playing tennis or going out because I'm worried I'll look stupid or hurt myself. Now I look for any excuse to get into my bathers or take my shirt off or show off my arms and legs because I'm so pleased with how all the effort I've put in has paid off! I also keep getting sunburnt because I wear a lot less clothing then I used to and forget to put sunscreen on my lilly white skin. Whoops! If I wasn't standing in my own bedroom I would have a hard time believing that body is mine!
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