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Found 4 results

  1. I sat out the last few challenges due to vacation/work travel/life. I've been on-again, off-again with working out and eating healthy (big surprise, I know). I was supposed to do a Spartan Sprint last weekend with coworkers but we ended up deferring due to collective injuries and conflicts (I am not injured but not prepared). I think we're going to be targeting a race in early November, which means I have 7 weeks to ACTUALLY TRAIN THIS TIME. As many races as I've done, every single I time I've undertrained...not just butterflies-at-the-starting-line-doubts, but clearly missed too many workouts
  2. So here we are again. I'm a bit late posting this challenge. I had two other challenge ideas to choose from for this round, and they were both great, but I haven't been feeling it enough to take the plunge. I took my longest break from working out in AGES over the past two weeks. I had a headache/spine pain issue for a week, during which I managed one sort of half workout before accepting that I couldn't handle working out in that state. Then by the time it faded I was on vacation without a plan because I hadn't known if I would recover enough to even be able to do ANYTHING so I wasn't prepare
  3. As you may know, one of my workout challenges this 6 weeks is to do more every time I work out. It's paying off! This morning I churned out a full 4th bodyweight circuit for the first time. Bam! Having it settled that "today I'm going to do more than last time" has kept me from getting complacent or bored. And I have left every workout shaky, sweating, feeling "I have done something big today". If you wanna check the numbers out - I log my workouts on Fitocracy, and my cumulative totals on my daily battle log. (One of these days I'm going to figure out what my max-out reps are for each of
  4. Alrighty, this tricky coyote's back in the game and is planning on F-ING FINISHING THIS TIME!!! Body: 1. Log food 6 days out of 7. I've seen how good this is for me and I need to commit to doing it. The cheat day must include ONE incredibly healthy meal in it. 2. Plan and follow through with all physical activities: it goes in the planner, and you do it when you should be doing it. Spinning should happen 2x/week, yoga 1x/week, lifting 3x/week. 3. Chocolate and sugar intake in general needs controlling. Two pieces a day is PLENTY. If you have a sweet craving, go drink water, wait an
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