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Found 5 results

  1. This are mostly personal musings, but it'll help me hold myself accountable by writing in daily. The more focused I am on my goals, the more likely they'll come to fruition. Current Stats: Female | 26 | 230 lbs. Class: Rebel | Level: 2 Fitness Goals: Mon: at home workout | Tues-Thurs: 30 minute gym workout | Fri: at home workout | Sat: rest | Sunday: 15 minute outdoor walk Diet Goals: Reduce soda to one a day | Reduce carbs by 50% | Drink more water Life Goals: Practice Spanish 15 minutes a day - 5 days a week | Social interaction at minimum once a week
  2. Heyas, in the last few months i've looked through tonnes of blogs, studies and articles. Learning so many interesting things about health and nutrition, yet barely implementing anything i learned. Over the next few challenges i plan to change this. I will gradually add in interesting practices over time, instead of attempting everything the start. With the end goal of being the healthiest i can be, even if i only keep that up for a month. I'm going to attempt to enchance my nutrition, cognition and physical health as much as i can over that time period, im curious as to how i'll feel by the en
  3. Hi everyone, I strangely just got butterflies in my stomach as I started typing this! Maybe it's the fact that I'm putting myself out there, to be held accountable by you all, and that I'm opening myself up to complete strangers... I'm 27, female, and have struggled with my health and weight since the moment I hit puberty. I have PCOS and I know that I can better control it with a healthier lifestyle (rather than being on meds 24/7), so I'm taking action to avoid becoming diabetic; to avoid a sedentary lifestyle; to gain control over my physical and mental health; to love living life. A few
  4. Hey sexy fit nerd rebels! Happy 2014! Its time for a new challenge! And not just any challenge, the first of a brand new year. Smells like...fresh grass and...possibility... Now usually, this time of year is littered with people making mad crazy plans, massive life overhauls and vowing to be a completely different person by February. But rebels, we know that huge, sweeping changes are not the way forward. Oh no, it is the small daily shift, one more rep, ten minutes earlier, saying 'I don't', that breeds habit change and true transformation. So, with that in mind, I am keeping it simple. Thi
  5. Not that I am all settled into this Nerd Fitness Madness, I thought I'd make a proper introduction. My names' NewMe. There is a specific reason why I chose that name; to remind myself that I am actually creating a New Me. It's going to take some work and a lot of hours, but for the upgrading of my life, for defragging away negative thoughts and habits, it is worth the hours put into it. I'm a College student working on getting my certificate in American Sign Language to be an Interpreter as well as continue performing with my Viola, (been playing now for 13 years), to compose music for Vid
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