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Found 13 results

  1. My last several challenges have been less than stellar, things are not going the way I would like at home and stress eating is a thing...I need workout endorphins to be a thing instead. I know this, but often times take the easy way out. Not only is my other half not encouraging when it comes to eating and helping out anymore. Now I get guilt trips when I go to the gym, or if I do 5k's if they're on a day she happens to have off work It's not like she has a regular schedule I could go by when signing up for them. I'm really trying not to let the lack of support I have at home derail me
  2. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lives in a pineapple under the sea? Gurdris the Imbiber! Flimsy and flabby and lazy is she! Gurdris the Imbiber! If nerdical fitness be something you wish Gurdris the Imbiber! Then drop in the gym, and sweat like a bitch! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIIIIIIIIS THE IMBIBER! Yarr, now that the musical number is out of the way...
  3. Hello everyone, So I am a South African and I want to move to America as a Personal Trainer. I have searched online for a couple of hours but can't seem to get a clear answer. So what are some steps that I can take to move to America? So I have two issues. I want to know what certificate or qualifications I will need to be able to get a job abroad. Do I need a Bachelor's or would a Personal Training Degree be enough. Would I need many years of experience? How many years would I need? I am currently in China and would like to start studying somethin
  4. Hi! My name is Corum Gold and I’m a fitness addict and healthy lifestyle enthusiast. I am currently a personal trainer and strength coach working in Manhattan. Whenever I'm not working I'm usually playing Fallout 4 (I know, still). Another interesting fact about me is I'm ex-military. My time in the Army was short, but nevertheless, life altering. After three long months, I graduated as an infantryman and moved on to Airborne School tracking to be a Ranger (go big or go home, right?). I completed the school and my first two jumps out of the aircraft were a dream; howeve
  5. Just completed the final exam (which I apparently didn't really need to study for, because it was mostly exercise science). On top of that, I finished my graduate course on Advanced Exercise Physiology with an A-. So it has been a pretty academically productive month.
  6. Hey everyone, Just want to introduce myself. I am a personal trainer/nutritionist that works with people of all types to help them reach their goals. Honestly when it comes to how the body works and the whole health and fitness thing I am a nerd so I like to learn and share information. I saw this site and became interested and joined to make myself available to those who have questions or need advice. By all means feel free to ask me anything that you think I can help with. I am not trying to sell my services or get new clients but I am available for that as well, but I am not
  7. Hi all, I guess I'll start with a bit about myself. I'm not new to fitness, been in the game a while, but I find its been a bit like playing a game of darts blind folded. I'm trying to hit the bullzeye but I have no idea which way to aim. It's only been the last few years things have really started to click but I still have a long way to go. Qualifications A recently certified personal trainer Level 1 Olympic weightlifting coach with the AWF (Soon to be Level 2) Competitive Olympic weightlifting athlete since 2014 Fitness Nerd If it's not
  8. I was going to have a great theme for this challenge, and then ..... SUMMER hit!!! I realized that I didn't want to spend a lot of time writing a story or fussing over making my goals fit into a theme. So, in honor of the lazy days of summer, here's a simple challenge. I'm focusing on good habits that will support my mojo when I find it, support growing healthy muscle (for OCR races), prevent injuries, and keep my mood sunnier than a clear day at the Lake!!! Goal #1 - Eat Real Food (+3 CON) When Luke Skywalker met Yoda for the first time, the wise old Jedi commented on the processed
  9. Seeing as the job search is continuing to be unfruitful, I am considering a career change. I'm at the gym a lot.. I know a few things about lifting.. I like helping people, and I've taught fitness classes before, so I am entertaining the idea of doing the personal trainer thing. Anyone here certified? If so, which certifications would you recommend (or not)? Pros/cons? Things I need to consider that I may not have thought of?
  10. Sorry I don't have a fancy theme for this challenge. If anyone wants to suggest one, by all means, hit me with it I figured it was more important to get this posted than to delay it for "pretty-ification" So, I stepped into the realm of getting a personal trainer the other week. It feels so weird to have one, to have sat down for a consultation/talk and really got my brain picked and examined AND got to butt heads with a great smart guy. This challenge is really about me following direction (from someone I signed a waver form with lol). I'm kinda nervous about this and I'm really real
  11. "Hello there- I'm new to the region, know anyone who can help a merc. find some work around here? I hear some Guilds might be hiring. "Me? Name's Smiling River. I used to be a pit fighter- aye, a monk of sorts. I was then accepted into the academy and didn't much have time for all that. Got me a belly while readin' manuscripts and whatnot. But... I s'pose you want to hear of my more recent experiences... "This here is the Kettlebell, my main weapon. I call her 'sweetheart', and she makes me sweat. Aye, and that's no ordinary rope, it's a speed rope, my secondary weapon. Lately I've been ge
  12. How to know when it's time to break up with your personal trainer? I hate confrontation, but my trainer is almost always late, be it 5-15mins late, and it bothers me!! I spend a good chunk of $$ on gym fees + trainer twice a week.. My hubby would prefer I quit the PT sessions and save the $100/week or whatever it is (but fully supporting my choice atm and would not let me quit my gym membership!!) So I guess, I could quit this gym, join another, I like it enough but not fussed..it has weights and the usual cardio stuff, lots of classes etc. Or create my own program (like SL5x5 and C25K
  13. So I'm back at again...I think this is like the third time...but now I have no excuses. Last time I started and my goal was mainly on swimming and time swims for work. I got that down pact I'm still doing that. I floated around on the challenge around December. I died when my neck came back to bother me and put me in a torticollis where I couldn't move my neck. Two months of pain and suffering I'm a lot better...I see a specialist this week about it too... But in any case now I'm back to really getting a higher fitness, this time focusing on building muscle and lifting weights. My goal
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