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  1. My last several challenges have been less than stellar, things are not going the way I would like at home and stress eating is a thing...I need workout endorphins to be a thing instead. I know this, but often times take the easy way out. Not only is my other half not encouraging when it comes to eating and helping out anymore. Now I get guilt trips when I go to the gym, or if I do 5k's if they're on a day she happens to have off work It's not like she has a regular schedule I could go by when signing up for them. I'm really trying not to let the lack of support I have at home derail me any longer. For those that are new to my thread, I'm semi-addicted to 5ks, used to be 95% Paleo but have fallen off lately. I work as an accountant for a minor league baseball team. Season is crazy but I love my job! Off season is slow and can even be boring at times Last challenge I hired a personal trainer, he is aware of my limitations (I have RA, nerve damage in my neck from a car accident) and is working with me to lose weight and get into shape. I also booked a cruise for my next birthday (my 50th in October 2019) so I have a reward, now lets work on the goals! So yes, back to the goals I have by 50! I want to be able to run (yes run) a 5k, I want to complete a 10k, and I want to start looking to do a 1/2 Marathon. I want to lose about 45 lbs, or fit in the size I could wear when I weighed that just 7 short years ago. I want to be well on my way of having our debt paid off, by this time next year I want to only have the house, cars, and the big CC left, and the CC should be over 1/2 way there, oh, and the student loans...I'll work on those after I get the rest done. So, in order to meet these goals this is what I'm going to do: - Watch what I eat, the restrictive way of eating doesn't work for me since I am not the only one eating it. (I was doing plant paradox previously) Challenge goal, don't eat like an ass - Start working out again. I want this to be habit and second nature. Get to the gym! If I make excuses and don't go then do a bodyweight, kettlebell workout, or get on the treadmill at home. Challenge goal, get to the gym at least three times a week minimum, aim for five workouts a week total - Pay off 'one more' thing...I 'snowball' our debt to try to get it eliminated. I had this done for the most part then we bought the house, and everything we needed for it, etc...happened and it got a bit out of control, just need to continue working it till it's gone. This is almost done on the ones that can be paid off in a challenge and getting to the point it's going to take more than one challenge to pay them off completely. Challenge goal, finish paying off the last one I can pay off in one challenge and start on the next one. Don't go overboard at Xmas and make it worse! Bonus challenge goal(s), checking in here, I get busy and forget at times but I'm aiming for three days a week to not get off track. Domestic Rangering, since I have no help on this front either start using the Clean My House app I have again to keep me on track. I am in a house this year so that makes some things stressful, but I used my annual bonus to pay off some of the smaller things and used it to get things like decorations, etc...will use the rest to purchase gifts for the holiday so it doesn't derail the budget. The raise I got will help offset the increase in insurance and give a little bit more to put towards stuff in the upcoming year. I want to get back into candle making as well, I have a few friends with shops and that do craft fairs that we could split cost and help bring in more income.
  2. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lives in a pineapple under the sea? Gurdris the Imbiber! Flimsy and flabby and lazy is she! Gurdris the Imbiber! If nerdical fitness be something you wish Gurdris the Imbiber! Then drop in the gym, and sweat like a bitch! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIIIIIIIIS THE IMBIBER! Yarr, now that the musical number is out of the way... Main Goal: Become Wonder Woman and maintain the weight loss streak I started when I needed to make my shiny new engagement ring fit. Challenge Goal: Stick to a routine of exercise, fitness and keeping on top of laundry. No more collecting underpants - my fiance needs clean ones. Fitness Complete a streak of 10 unmissed workouts, totalling 20 with my trainer. Workout days are Tuesday and Thursday after work, Sunday morning. Loot: trainer and the co-worker who works out with me offered to pay for my dinner if we go out together after 10 workouts. Nutrition Follow my trainer's diet plan (lean meat and veg, low carb, low fat, no junk). Loot: additional plates, knives and forks for our understocked kitchen Mental Read before bed for at least 30 mins every day, instead of Facebooking in bed. Loot: art supplies Life Do laundry twice a week (folded and put away) Loot: new clothes Bonus challenge: Complete listening to an 8hr audiobook (Foundation by Isaac Asimov). However, it may only be listened to underwater, while swimming laps. No swim, no book. No book... No loot. Loot: Full body massage at the spa. Ohhhh yessssss... I've done challenges before but I'm doing this one after a long time away, so consider it a respawn but I'm adding in the extra 2 because I've already been able to maintain some of these goals for most of a month. Scoring: Mental 20xp Fitness 25xp Nutrition 25xp Life 15xp Bonus 15xp -------------------- Total: 100xp Accountibility: I'll update this Challenge log daily with my successes and/or failures and/or spongebob gifs and/or other gifs/all the gifs / no jifs only gifs.
  3. Hello everyone, So I am a South African and I want to move to America as a Personal Trainer. I have searched online for a couple of hours but can't seem to get a clear answer. So what are some steps that I can take to move to America? So I have two issues. I want to know what certificate or qualifications I will need to be able to get a job abroad. Do I need a Bachelor's or would a Personal Training Degree be enough. Would I need many years of experience? How many years would I need? I am currently in China and would like to start studying something fitness related. But my main goal is to move to America, so if I have to let one dream go(and study something else) in order to achieve another(move to America) then I would not mind. Reason why this is a very difficult decision to make is because I am not entirely positive about my future as a personal trainer(anywhere in the world). Although I have the knowledge and the willingness to do what it takes, I feel that my personality would hold me back. I am an Introverted person, and not a good salesman. As I understand it, those two skills are required to be a good or successful personal trainer. So would it even be a good for me to go into the fitness direction? Can anyone give me suggestions on what a good major would be for me based on the little information that I have given. Introverted(not shy); What to move to America; Also interested in computers, IT, programming; Thanks for any help.
  4. Hi! My name is Corum Gold and I’m a fitness addict and healthy lifestyle enthusiast. I am currently a personal trainer and strength coach working in Manhattan. Whenever I'm not working I'm usually playing Fallout 4 (I know, still). Another interesting fact about me is I'm ex-military. My time in the Army was short, but nevertheless, life altering. After three long months, I graduated as an infantryman and moved on to Airborne School tracking to be a Ranger (go big or go home, right?). I completed the school and my first two jumps out of the aircraft were a dream; however, on my third jump I was unlucky to say the least and wound up unconscious on the ground after a parachute malfunction. After two weeks in the hospital for a head injury, I was later discharged from the Army due to the concussion, and that’s what brought me here today. My credentials include: ACE Certified PT NASM – Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Pre/Post Natal Functional Movement Systems StrongFirst User Over the past few years I have also had the opportunity to train under the guidance of several well-qualified trainers including two IFBB professional bodybuilders, and several others. Aside from that, I spend much of my free time researching and staying up to date with the ever changing and evolving fitness world. I constantly read articles, watch videos, and do everything I can to learn more about my passion. My GOAL is to simplify physical fitness so everyone can enjoy a life of healthy, injury-free movement. I hope I can be a valuable asset here. Anybody who has any questions feel free to PM me. Also (shameless plug) I have a website - http://www.corumgold.com - that includes free personalized training programs if you just need something to get started with. It's all not-for-profit, I Just enjoy helping folks. Thanks, Corum
  5. Just completed the final exam (which I apparently didn't really need to study for, because it was mostly exercise science). On top of that, I finished my graduate course on Advanced Exercise Physiology with an A-. So it has been a pretty academically productive month.
  6. Hey everyone, Just want to introduce myself. I am a personal trainer/nutritionist that works with people of all types to help them reach their goals. Honestly when it comes to how the body works and the whole health and fitness thing I am a nerd so I like to learn and share information. I saw this site and became interested and joined to make myself available to those who have questions or need advice. By all means feel free to ask me anything that you think I can help with. I am not trying to sell my services or get new clients but I am available for that as well, but I am not going to push that to anyone on here because I know people like that are a pain in the ass. I also have a website www.hodgeapp.com and a youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC26tio4S7ItMr0tJLbo6q-A that i just started showing some of the interesting people I train lol, as well as give some insight here and there. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this and I hope I can be of some help.
  7. Hi all, I guess I'll start with a bit about myself. I'm not new to fitness, been in the game a while, but I find its been a bit like playing a game of darts blind folded. I'm trying to hit the bullzeye but I have no idea which way to aim. It's only been the last few years things have really started to click but I still have a long way to go. Qualifications A recently certified personal trainer Level 1 Olympic weightlifting coach with the AWF (Soon to be Level 2) Competitive Olympic weightlifting athlete since 2014 Fitness Nerd If it's not obvious from the meager qualifications I have my passion is Olympic weightlifting. My lifts aren't anything amazing and I've hit a wall for the last year and a half which I've finally worked out how to break down recently and have started to progress again. My current lifts are: Snatch: 105kg (231lb) Clean and Jerk: 127kg (280lb) Back Squat: 175kg (385lb) Front Squat: 137kg (302lb) I've done a heavy deadlift once in my life and I bench press once a year but here are my numbers for them: Bench Press: 105kg (231lb) Deadlift: 185kg (407lb) Bodyweight: 100kg Height: 6"3, 189cm BF: 12% Where I'm at I've been throwing myself at a brick wall trying to improve my Olympic lifts for a while now. I read everything a could, I analyzed programs, talked to coaches but I just couldn't seem to improve my lifts or even my base strength. I finally figured out my problem wasn't in my strength but it was in my mobility and how my CNS was firing. You can get away with a little bit more with this when your short but when your my height you hit a wall pretty quick when you aren't using your glutes at all. So that's been a focus of mine for the last 6-7 weeks and I've seen more gains in this time then I have in the last 2 years. Good sign I'm on the right track. I feel like I've got the programs in place and dialed in now to leave that to improve, but I've come to my next hurdle. Nutrition. It's always been a weak point of mine and it's something I really want to nip in the butt. One of my main hang up points has been there are so many different opinions out there it's very easy to get flustered and confused, which I was for a long time. But when you look at all of these things enough you start to see patterns, real or imagined, that start to join the dots for you. This is kinda where I'm at now. I can see the pattern, I've got a good idea what works for me now, I've made huge adjustments to my diet, I'm still perfecting it but I feel like I'm pointed in the right direction at least. That's more or less why I'm here. I've always liked forums and things but haven't really found any that gel with me, but I've been reading a lot of stuff and this one seems to be in my wheel house. I want a place I can be held accountable to my goals but also help people out if I can. My Goals Back Squat 200kg by the end of the year Snatch 110kg by the end of the year Clean and jerk 140 by the end of the year Have my nutrition on point. Mostly Paleo, supplementing with Protein powder. I think I've warbled on enough. I look forward to talking with all of you. Andrew Taylor
  8. I was going to have a great theme for this challenge, and then ..... SUMMER hit!!! I realized that I didn't want to spend a lot of time writing a story or fussing over making my goals fit into a theme. So, in honor of the lazy days of summer, here's a simple challenge. I'm focusing on good habits that will support my mojo when I find it, support growing healthy muscle (for OCR races), prevent injuries, and keep my mood sunnier than a clear day at the Lake!!! Goal #1 - Eat Real Food (+3 CON) When Luke Skywalker met Yoda for the first time, the wise old Jedi commented on the processed foods Luke had brought with him on this journey. While the emergency rations probably would sustain life, they certainly would not help him thrive during his training!!! Same thing applies to each and every one of us. We've all heard it - 80% of your training success happens in the kitchen. Well, it is time for me to spend more time in my kitchen!!!! For this first half of the summer, I am going to focus on eating meals with lots of protein, fruits, and veggies. Veggies in particular are my nemesis!!! After my childhood experiences with salty, canned, limp, "vegetables" each night, I will probably always have to work at incorporating fresh vegetables, but I have a plan. I have eggs for breakfast almost every day. SO ...... I am adding vegetables to my eggs to make a scramble each morning. I've already started in my between challenge challenge, and I like the variety. I am also going to have a nice "green" smoothie for a snack or lunch each day. By "green" smoothie, I mean that it incorporates at least some spinach or young kale along with fruit and protein powder. And, I'm going to build on the salad habit that I'm developing during the break. I have an info graphic on Pinterest that has recipes for vinaigrettes and suggestions for salad combinations. I usually have to add chicken or fish to make it a full meal, but I like the approach and will try to eat one most days. Score will be a percentage of successes over 108 opportunities (36 days x 3). If I end up working, I may need to make some adjustments, but I do have my bento box still and can find ways to bring a salad or a premixed smoothie. I HOPE I have this kind of "problem" this summer. I'm giving myself some leeway on this one, since there are a lot of weekend events that can wreck havoc on plans. Happily so. Goal #2 - Stretch Like a Cat (+3 DEX) Nagging hip pain and tightness have been reminding me that I am not 20 anymore ..... and even when I was 20, I couldn't skip stretching after a workout for long before I got injured. So .... it's time to work on that habit. I'm going to get the Supple Leopard book and commit to mobility work and stretching DAILY. Grading will be by a simple percentage of the number of successes over the 42 days. Goal #3 - Be 10% More Awesome (+3 STA) I've been averaging at least 10K steps per day, and I am going to increase my goal to 11K steps per day average. That's 462,000 steps during the challenge!!! I use my FitBit to track, and the steps can come from any activity. I might settle into a good running schedule again. Or I might just walk alot while playing Ingress after work. Who knows???? My life is still so unsettled that I am building in as much flexibility as I can while still pushing limits. Goal #4 - Get Out There (+ 3 CHA) I might have a job in an office. I might have a remote job. I might spend the summer gardening and taking my PT prep class. But I do know that I MUST talk to people. I don't do well alone, and hubby is still working down in the Twin Cities. So .... simple goal is to get out and talk to someone, face to face. Daily. Family does not count. Grading will be by a simple percentage of the number of successes over the 42 days. Goal #5 - Get 1/2 Done with PT Prep Class (+3 WIS) This will be a pass/fail grade. I've been wanting to get my personal trainer certification for YEARS, and I plan to focus on senior fitness. In part, because I am heading into the "golden years" and want to remain as active as possible. But I also think that a LOT of people at the gym and in the community could benefit from fitness advice tailored to the needs of older people ..... from an older person. So, I'm taking this lull period to study and hopefully pass the test at the end of the summer.
  9. Seeing as the job search is continuing to be unfruitful, I am considering a career change. I'm at the gym a lot.. I know a few things about lifting.. I like helping people, and I've taught fitness classes before, so I am entertaining the idea of doing the personal trainer thing. Anyone here certified? If so, which certifications would you recommend (or not)? Pros/cons? Things I need to consider that I may not have thought of?
  10. Sorry I don't have a fancy theme for this challenge. If anyone wants to suggest one, by all means, hit me with it I figured it was more important to get this posted than to delay it for "pretty-ification" So, I stepped into the realm of getting a personal trainer the other week. It feels so weird to have one, to have sat down for a consultation/talk and really got my brain picked and examined AND got to butt heads with a great smart guy. This challenge is really about me following direction (from someone I signed a waver form with lol). I'm kinda nervous about this and I'm really realizing just how stubborn I can be! This challenge is defined by the goals we set (and might change) depending on how my body reacts and such. I talked to Cody (mine and my wife's personal trainer) and purchased some sessions with him. I don't think I'll have the extra income to get more sessions after the initial four, but I am going to do my best to implement what he teaches and shares this challenge. He asked me what my main motivations were, so I shared them... he knows them now... no turning back, right? The goals I shared were the following: 1. Be healthy and around for my kids (best. motivation. ever.) 2. Do a real pull up (because it would be bad-arse!) 3. Do a Tough Mudder (because I'm crazy?) 4. Get more comfortable in the gym (told him about the mental struggles I've had and still do to some extent) 5. Get comfortable with lunges again (used to be in fencing in freshman year of college and loved it) I know they're all over the place, but he said they were good things and was impressed. Fun part is that I've got a trainer who's girlfriend is a HUGE nerd (and fitness) person. I really hope by the end of this time with him I can convert his girlfriend to Nerd Fitness lol. His exact words were "I believe my girlfriend loves Link more than she does me." He also told me one of his own goals is to do AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR, so that's pretty cool. Main Quest still remains, do a real pull up. Two "Simple" goals yet again. 1. Workout I'm working out 4-5 times a week. (3 workouts 1-2 cardio days)Doing my best to do what is prescribed. (not a clue what he's got in mind yet)I already know he wants me to do warm-ups on the stairs machine.... I think that's to get me more used to lunges and such (and to make me use something I've never touched in my life lol) 2. Food Metrics! Follow prescribed/adjusted metrics as best I can.Calories 2,500Carbs 250Protein 188Fat 834:1 egg ratioPic logging with Metal_WeaverTrack food on gym site as best as possibleHe said I wasn't eating enough to lose weight. Which after looking at things, it makes sense. I've basically been starving my body even as I push it. If I don't fuel it properly, it will go into starvation mode and hold onto everything. In this area, he kept mentioning low-fat foods and while I can't follow paleo to the letter of the law, it still made me cringe. I will do what I can to eat reasonably and still try and avoid so much of this 'low fat' stuff. If that means I have to cut out cheese (<has a moment of silence for this loss>) for this or do his suggested 4:1 ratio on eggs to egg whites... then I'll do it. It's just one challenge and I need to show some trust and willingness to listen to his advice. I know he's the type of trainer that's not going to harp on the food thing, so that's reassuring. I'm also going to keep pic logging with Metal_Weaver throughout this and doing my best to log things on the gym site so Cody has a good idea what I'm eating. Oh and I did get to pick his brain on warm-ups. He equated it to studying for a test the night before the exam. If you study all night and then don't get much sleep, you're going to perform worse on the test than if you actually got a full night's rest. Same goes for warm-up. It's to get the blood flowing, but it shouldn't be a separate workout all in itself. Overall, his take is that it's a mental thing to get you ready to workout. so that's good to know. I've also asked him to show me stretches to aid in whatever we're doing for the day, so if there's any pre-stretches that would make an exercise better I'm hoping to pick them up Note: Also, this month, August 16th, to be exact, I hit my 35th birthday. (My dad also has his birthday on the 24th.) So, that'll be something to both look forward too, but also to plan ahead for on how I'm going to handle the celebration. (I think if my parents give me cash for my birthday, I'm going to go up to the gym and get some more sessions lol) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This section is a reminder to myself that I have come a long way and yet the journey isn't over. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previous 9 Challenges: BlamedCat Wars: Episode 1: The Fatman MenaceBlamedCat Wars: Episode 2: Attack of the GroansBlamedCat Wars: Episode 3: Rehinge of the PithBlamedCat Wars: Episode 5: The Return of Three Dead NighBlamedCat travels to Mt. KoltsBlamedCat trains on Mt. KoltsBlamedCat's Second Rite of Ascension Challenge!BlamedCat's Return - Lets have a dark match!BlamedCat's Enough is Enough (Let’s get down to business) Challenge
  11. "Hello there- I'm new to the region, know anyone who can help a merc. find some work around here? I hear some Guilds might be hiring. "Me? Name's Smiling River. I used to be a pit fighter- aye, a monk of sorts. I was then accepted into the academy and didn't much have time for all that. Got me a belly while readin' manuscripts and whatnot. But... I s'pose you want to hear of my more recent experiences... "This here is the Kettlebell, my main weapon. I call her 'sweetheart', and she makes me sweat. Aye, and that's no ordinary rope, it's a speed rope, my secondary weapon. Lately I've been getting back into training, still reading lots like I used to, and trying things out. I even stopped eating grains and sugars. Paleo all the way... well, most of the time! And I've even begun looking into training others, too. The certification for that is still out of my grasp, but I'm getting there!" "I got me a hound too, his name is Cosmo and we go hunting everyday - for at least 30min. I try to train about three to four times a week, re-sharpening my skills, dig? I lift heavy things, sprint, and do Yoga. I guess you might call me well-rounded. "So, which guild fits me best do you think? How would I go about makin' friends in these parts?" (Sorry for the goofy intro! RL name is Andrey and I am into fitness, Role-playing in MMOs, and a host of other things! Nice to meet you!)
  12. How to know when it's time to break up with your personal trainer? I hate confrontation, but my trainer is almost always late, be it 5-15mins late, and it bothers me!! I spend a good chunk of $$ on gym fees + trainer twice a week.. My hubby would prefer I quit the PT sessions and save the $100/week or whatever it is (but fully supporting my choice atm and would not let me quit my gym membership!!) So I guess, I could quit this gym, join another, I like it enough but not fussed..it has weights and the usual cardio stuff, lots of classes etc. Or create my own program (like SL5x5 and C25KZ and classes) which would be enough I think. He's introduced me to deadlifts..which he was surprised to find are my favourite.. I like him as a friend and don't want to disappoint, but at some point I need to say something? I also liked the nutrition advice - he pointed out Marks Daily Apple and from there I found you guys... Any help would be appreciated, atm I feel like I'm stuck in the situation? Just weighing the pros and cons of it all I guess!
  13. So I'm back at again...I think this is like the third time...but now I have no excuses. Last time I started and my goal was mainly on swimming and time swims for work. I got that down pact I'm still doing that. I floated around on the challenge around December. I died when my neck came back to bother me and put me in a torticollis where I couldn't move my neck. Two months of pain and suffering I'm a lot better...I see a specialist this week about it too... But in any case now I'm back to really getting a higher fitness, this time focusing on building muscle and lifting weights. My goal.....don't really have it established completely yet. But it's supposed to help me towards paramedic training because I have to be able to lift so much and be really strong in my fitness. The how? Well I didn't know where to start. A new training center opened in my city. A Co Worker told me and I was going to join a class...but then I decided I would go with the personal trainer rout when one of the trainers is a qualified paramedic himself. he is now gearing my workouts specifically on working my way up for the strength of a paramedic. Which really excites me. (and kills me inside sometimes) So far I have finished three sessions with my trainer. I can lift a lot more weight than I thought I could...my left side struggles a bit but it's getting there. I have four sessions planned before I leave for about two weeks to China and may or may not get a chance to do a lot of working out...I'll accomplish some....but not going to be as intense as what I have been doing. When I come back I will be back at it again. Once I recover from jet lag. My week (once our pool is working again) will look something like this. Monday- Swim 1000to 1600 m Tuesday - Personal Training Wednesday-Swim 1000 m to 1600 m Thursday- Personal training Friday- Swim or rest Saturday- no personal training but work on what I learned.... Learning to love the agility ladder Sunday-Rest and hot tub. I will probably take the personal training up to three times a week once I get my money settled again once I get back from China. But for now I'm keeping my body from too much... I plan to accomplish the possible and take it step by step and hold myself accountable! Any support is good support!
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