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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, all. I'm not brand-new to the Rebellion, but I'm recommitting today for the coming year. I am 31, and hoping to have my first child in the next few years (I'm not trying now, as I'm teaching abroad in Japan, but will probably start next year or a year and a half from now). For those of you who were into fitness before and during pregnancies, what kind of goals did you set for yourself? i want to be in the best place physically ( my doctor is already giving me the "older first-time mother" rigamorole) for the challenge of being a healthy mum throughout the whole process. If you were given a year to prepare for your first kid again, what goals would you set for yourself? BTW - I am a pescetarian living in Japan, with limited Japanese skills. I tried in America to eschew additives, but it's difficult to be very label-conscious with limited reading skills.
  2. Since there was some demand for it in the veg*an forum, I've taken the initiative to make a new accountability squad for vegetarians and vegans (and if any reduced meat eaters want to come along, they're welcome too as well)! We shall call ourselves: The Veggies! Anyway, the sign up for the squad is here (you might have to scroll down a bit), but if you introduce yourself and provide a link to your challenge thread, I'll put a list in the OP so we can all pop into each other's threads to say hi and lend support. If there's some enthusiasm for mini-challenges, we can try some of those as well. I was thinking that week 1 could be a good time to try a new (to you) vegetable. Members - Challenge thread Sterre - Sterre strikes a balance Brekketechie - Brekktechie takes flight! Tzippie Longstockings - Tzippie | Adapting to Arborea - A Ranger enters the forest yllwrssr4me - Slow Recovery From Evil Curse Raxie - Raxie's Holiday Calm Ocelot - Simplicity's Strength kaelvan Side Challenges Week 1 - Try a new (to you) veggie! Week 2 - Post one of your favourite meals from your cookbook (or wherever you store your recipes)! Week 3 - No challenge. Week 4 - Try a new recipe!
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