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  1. Current Weight: 223 Goal Weight for 2013: 200 Goal #1 – Defeat level round one boss, Starbucks! Last Challenge: In my last challenge I bombed this section. I just started drinking coffee and coke like a mad woman. Its crack I tell you. It happens when I get nervous and anxious. So I was able to start drinking 6 cups of water BUT the caffeine still has a hold of me. But this time I am not going to straight into the high level boss caffeine, nope! I’m starting off at level one, Starbucks. How and Why: Continue drinking my water like I have been. I’m up to six cups of water. Who cares that I have the gold card? I spend roughly $1200 on coffee! Instead I will have two choices #1) make coffee at home as it’s cheaper or #2) don’t drink coffee and go for water instead. I have the following cheats (as in going to Starbucks): Cheats: Week 1: 3 Week 2: 2 Week 3: 2 Week 4: 1 Week 5: 1 Week 6: 0 Grades: A = 30 Days B = 27 Days C = 24 Days D = 21 Days F = Below 20 Stats: +1 Sta, +2 Con Goal #2 – Strength Configuration Part 1 (45 Push Ups, Non-Stop)! How and Why: I want to apply to the FBI academy but I’m afraid that I am too weak to get through the physical examination. I want to start working on being able to do push ups. I can’t do a single push up at the moment but I will be starting up high using a table before I get to the floor. So these pushups are off a table. My grade will be based on how I do the Monday morning that I am supposed to report in: Week 1 – 1 min, 30 seconds rest for 3 reps Week 2 – 1 min, 20 seconds rest for 3 reps Week 3 – 1 min, 10 seconds rest for 3 reps Week 4 – 2 mins, 30 seconds rest for 3 reps Week 5 – 2 mins, 20 seconds rest for 3 reps Week 6 – 2 mins, 10 seconds rest for 3 reps Grades: A = 42 B = 39 C = 36 D = 33 F = 30 Stats: +1 Sta, +2 Str Goal #3 – Stamina Configuration Part 1. How and Why: Again another FBI fitness test is based off of the sit-ups but in one minute (I need 57). Right now I can’t even do a sit up. It hurts way too much as my spine curls out not in. So right now the only thing I am focusing on is trying to get the motion down without hurting my back too much. My grade will be based on how I do the Monday morning that I am supposed to report in: Week 1: 10 seconds of sit-ups Week 2: 20 seconds of sit-ups Week 3: 30 seconds of sit-ups Week 4: 40 seconds of sit-ups Week 5: 50 seconds of sit-ups Week 6: 60 seconds of sit-ups Grade: A = 30 B = 27 C = 24 D = 21 F = 18 Stats: +1 Str, +2 Sta Goal #4 One Does Not Simply Step Into Their Doctorate Program Currently I am working towards submitting my PHD proposal. It may or may not happen this year. I am scared. So I am adding a bunch of things I need to do to get that moving along. Sign Up for the GRE (.5 Con) Finished! - My test will be November 1st! E-mail professor at Georgetown (.5 Cha) - Happened on June 25th and He wrote back! E-mail professor at Berkeley (.5 Cha) - Happened on June 26 E-mail professor at Oxford (.5 Cha) - Happened on June 26 E-mail professor at Brown (.5 Cha) Happened on June 26 Find Jeff (.5 Con) Finished! He will not respond but I did find him. So instead I will say find an internship. Update: I have sent my resume along with a cover letter Read a book a week. (.5 for each book) Update: I've read two books. Stats: +1 Con, +2 Cha, +3 Wis
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