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  1. ********************************************** References / Sources of Information. Gymnastic Bodies Programs 8 Weeks Out - particularly for recovery information ********************************************** G'day everyone, This is my fourth Holo-Log (the previous ones can be found here). This new Holo-Log has been created to record a focused eight week period, where I have the opportunity to remove a lot of life's distractions and achieve some quality training. After my previous logs and, more importantly, the life experiences I've gathered I believe I am worthy of being promoted to a Padawan. For this Holo-log's class I have chosen Jedi Sentinel, which is a mix between Assassin and Monk. Sentinel is also perfect as it mixes my personal philosophy study (all Jedi need introspection, reflection and meditation), technical interests (computer science and cyber security), martial and warrior skills (career) and preference for mobility and power (gymnastics). Physical Training Sun – Recovery Session & Thoracic Bridge Stretch Time required – 90 minutes Mon – Gymnastic Strength Training – Upper Body (odd weeks); Core (even weeks) Time required – 60 minutes (20 mins warm up, 40 mins GST) Tue – Running Training & Front Split Stretch Time required – 90 minutes (60 mins stretching, 30 mins running) Wed – Gymnastic Strength Training – Core (odd weeks); Upper Body (even weeks) Time required – 60 minutes (20 mins warm up, 40 mins GST) Thu – Running Training & Middle Split Stretch Time required – 90 minutes (60 mins stretching, 30 mins running) Fri – Gymnastic Strength Training – Upper Body (odd weeks); Core (even weeks) Time required – 60 minutes (20 mins warm up, 40 mins GST) Sat – Gymnastic Strength Training Lower Body; Hand-Stand 1 & 2; Movement Time required – 90 minutes (20 mins lower body, 30 mins Hand-Stand, 40 mins Movement) Rest - Rest will be used when required. If I wake and do not feel like training, I will note this under Force Attunement. However, I will do my training. If this occurs two days in a row, then the programmed training will be switched for a recovery session. Force Attunement - This is an indicator of how I felt prior to exercise. 1. Out of alignment. Tired, fatigued, sluggish. No desire to train. 2. Normal connection levels. Considered the 'base-line'. Desire doesn't play into this. You are capable of training. 3. Heightened connection. Above a normal level, resulting in increased optimism and feeling of well-being. I am not going to worry about any other conditioning. No circuits, no weight lifting, no getting side-tracked with other training. This will be tough when I return to Australia, and I will need to become flexible with this, because my mates will want to train. If that is the case, consider the following priority list to do before any other training: - GST Upper Body - Hand-Stand - Movement - GST Lower Body - GST Core - Running Mental Training Daily - Post article for work education (work days only). Weekly - Listen to one educational Podcast and record notes. - Game (video, board, anything) for no more than 21 hours, but no less than 7 hours. - Contribute to finishing one non-fiction book. - Contribute to finishing one fiction book. Monthly - Read one non-fiction book and record notes. - Read one fiction book Emotional Training Daily - Read Daily Stoic and write to family on my reflections. - Write the evening notes in my Journal. Weekly - Reflect on the week. Monthly - Write to yourself in the future, ‘what you want to be at the end of next month’. - Review personality assessments.
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