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Found 24 results

  1. Yeah, I'll still be climbing and talking about climbing, but there aren't any climbing goals that I wasn't already going to be doing. Instead, the focus will be on cool art and crafts projects. Recently, I bought a 3d resin printer! It's so incredibly cool! I'm still a noob, but I'd be totally happy to answer anyone's questions about 3d printing. So far, I've printed things using other people's 3d files. Now, I want to learn to create my own 3d models. I also have to paint all of the family D&D campaign minis. And I have crochet projects. And I have a piano to practice
  2. Hi. Long time no see, everyone! I finally have the time and am in a mental space where I'm ready to return and get back into shape. On the bad side, moving + covid means I no longer am doing parkour. There isn't a good gym nearby, and I'm at the moment injury-phobic enough that I don't want to risk outdoor play. I'm still battling very low energy levels and weight gain (ugh, tamoxifen), but I'm still in remission! On the good side, hiking has been nice, I've started cycling, and I'll be joining a climbing gym soon. The kids loved their new school last year, and they're both i
  3. Warriors' Barracks: Run 2 5Ks before challenge is over Exercise 4x a week Monks' Temple: Professor Grant Horner's Bible reading lists: Monday - Thursday Memory verses every day Athenaeum: NASM course - take test on Module 3 & start Module 4 Piano - 175 hours per week or 35 minutes 5 x a week
  4. I'm keeping this one really simple and focusing on eating habits. For the last year, I've been trapped in this vicious workout cycle, where I push too hard because I want to do the things I used to be able to do, I strain something, and then I'm sidelined for a bit. So, I'm backing away from pushing myself in the physical arena and instead pushing myself with better eating. Also, the kids start (virtual) school next Thursday, so I need to keep things easy and loose this challenge. Goals: 1. Delay the meals. Whenever I have a yogurt and coffee at 7:00, lunch around 1:00,
  5. I wanted to start on date but as always, Monday came and went... and here I am, at least not a week late xD! First of all, hope you're having a great start of the year. South here we were having great summer, beach days until a polar front passed over. So we went from over 30ºC to almost 10ºC. Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own. – Bruce Lee My mantra this month. Losing weight. I can't count calories, I've tried... but I've failed. So I'm sticking with dish sizes, portion and not ha
  6. I wasn't sure whether I would participate in this challenge, and I'm going to aim more for fixing my mindset than specifically doing more. Over the last year, I've had a bad tendency to stick with the easy path, rather than challenging myself. This is possibly why I've been so meh with everything. So, I'm going to avoid the low hanging fruit and make a point of challenging myself. 1. Exercise: Whether it's parkour, jogging, yoga, or just a home strength workout, the goal is to push myself in some way or try something new. For parkour, I need to try new moves or new sequences.
  7. Welcome everybody! I'm a 26-year-old British guy who likes gymnastics, climbing, calisthenics, circus, weightlifting, ... and generally try to do too much. Last August I quit my job as a software engineer to go travelling around the world, volunteering for charities, learning new skills, and generally chasing excitement Brief summary of my journey since starting at Nerd Fitness: Jan 2014: joined the forums and planned to learn backflips outdoors by February. Hahaha that did not happen, but gymnastics and weightlifting happened lots Jul 2014: reached 10 seconds for hands
  8. Hello everyone! So excited to be back with the Rebellion and doing these challenges again. I tend to take about 4 or 5 attempts at things before they actually stick but you know what they say, try try again and all that. This month's challenge will mainly be focused on nutrition. I am going strict paleo. There, I said it! On my last thread I talked about how I feel like I am no longer just a beginner. I've been working on myself for long enough and seen changes in myself often enough to want to kick things into high gear. I currently possess the body that I thought I n
  9. TW: depression, anxiety, hopelessness What. An. Incredibly. Shitty. Day. Let me just start by saying that I have depression and anxiety. It's relatively mild, in fact the official term for my level of depression as explained to me by my doctor and therapist is "sadness". It seems to be mostly manageable and I have good days and bad ones. Most of my bad days correlate with work. I really do not like my job. I work in a retail store in a mall, we sell mostly household items. It is a mindbogglingly boring job that mostly involves dusting and human communicat
  10. For once, I'm keeping things short and sweet. I need to focus a lot more on being more organized with my life and being more efficient with my time, and a lot less on chasing shiny things. Of course, I'll still be posting about parkour and my normal stuff, and I'll still be eating right + exercising. I just don't want to make that a huge focus. Goal 1: The morning routine - Each morning, right after sending the kids to school, I will complete the following morning routine before letting myself get distracted by other things: -Brief (or longer, if I feel like it) yoga flow
  11. I fell in love with fencing. Obviously this calls for a Utena-themed challenge. So last challenge did not end so well for me. I was getting burned out on life and everything, and then tragedy hit and I just couldn't with anything anymore. After giving myself the past couple of weeks to regroup and recuperate, I have a clearer path going forward in all sorts of things, which makes my summer less panic-inducing (if you're just joining in, work is going to be crazy busy PLUS I'm going to be in rehearsals for Evita starting on May 22), and I know what I want to do with my fitness goals
  12. Welcome everyone If you followed my previous challenges, this is going to be familiar, but for everyone else here's a brief introduction: I'm 25 from the UK, and I specialize in gymnastics, weightlifting and bodyweight skills of various styles (video: summer training sampler). I'm also a software engineer, mental calculation competitor and amateur composer. I put way too much chili sauce on everything. Mmm Because my topic titles are clearly now just calendar-related puns, here's an infographic depicting a variation of the March of Progress that I do not want in my li
  13. Whoa, for the first time I'm actually late posting my challenge Anyway, welcome everyone - if you followed my last challenge, this is going to be quite similar, and for everyone else here's a brief introduction: I'm 25 from the UK, and I specialize in gymnastics, weightlifting and bodyweight skills of various styles (video: summer training sampler). I'm also a software engineer, mental calculation competitor and amateur composer. Goal #1: the list: yep, I'm having another list of goals and workouts, as this format seems to work well for me This time I'm adding in a few extra things tha
  14. Main goal: Climb all of the things! Parkour all of the things! Thumb my nose at gravity! Make and post videos of all of the things! My schedule is already really full, so I'm not biting off too much this challenge, fitness-wise. I already spend a lot of time doing parkour, rock climbing, and yoga. When I can manage to squeeze it in, I also like hand balancing, playing with weapons, hiking, rucking, and playground workouts. I'm also trying hard to remember that rest days are important, too. Even if I don't have so many direct fitness goals, I tend to log and talk incessantly about th
  15. One of my all-time favorite movie series was Peter Jackson's version of The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. Such a rich story, brought to life in a way that was beautiful and amazing on so many levels. Not to mention shot in my favorite place, New Zealand. Anyway, what better way to frame my upcoming challenge than through the richness that is the fellowship of the ring. 1. The grace and beauty of the elves: Music We just got a piano! I used to play... and I want to get better. So I'm going to practice. Five days a week, I'll practice 20 min or more. Starting with some Ha
  16. Challenge Number Three! These goals have been set on the assumption that I get to start my driving lessons within the next couple of weeks, and so a lot of my evenings will be taken up with this. If not, then I'll revise them accordingly. I'm also away visiting home for a week, during which I'll just have to improvise with the training. Main Quest: Summer holiday on the beach! I say this every year, but I'm really focussing on it this time; in August I'm going on holiday with my family. We'll be going to the beach, we'll be going swimming at least one other time, and I've absolutely had
  17. My Main Quest is to use my work as an escape from ‘life’ rather than use ‘life’ to escape from work. Let me explain. I’m lucky enough to have a really creative degree and I tend to procrastinate from doing the work (which I love but am self-conscious about) by picking irrelevant things to fix in my life. Like healthy eating or fitness. My fridge will be awesome, with meals prepped and healthy snacks while my work suffers neglect. Problem is, I’ll go too far and end up eating broccoli and tofu for a week straight while running and doing SS. So I’ll burn out and crash, all the
  18. Hello everyone, and thank you for clicking on my thread! I find it hard to believe that I'm on my third challenge already, time really does fly. My last challenge started out well but I really fell off the wagon towards the end, and I want to do better this time around. During the last two months of summer my daily and weekly schedule would change all the time, and the inconsistensy of it made it hard for me to keep up a workout routine. Last week my studies started again, and after a whole week of being back at campus every day and still not taking time to work out, I'm tired of my sloppiness
  19. Blah blah blah torn acl blah.. I'm going to try to focus on non-injury stuff here, and if you really want to follow the injury rehab, go to my daily battle log. For the time being, my Main Quest and Motivation are the same: rehab the damned knee and do it right. Try to stay sane and productive while riding on the rehab road. I'm not even going to think about my real quest and motivation until I'm over this roadblock. I am, however, finally at a point where I can actually make plans and set goals, rather than structure my life around regaining some sense of normalcy and reducing stress. 1. I
  20. I'm not doing karate this challenge. But I am going to do this challenge right. It's going to be challenging. It's going to take effort. And it's going to be worth it. I'm going to keep this simple. No exceptions. No codicils. Just a goal to reach and a prize to obtain. LONGTERM GOAL: 6 PACK CARDIO! What: Run 100 miles Specifics: None, really. Just run 100 miles over the course of the challenge. Sprint or jog, outside or treadmill, it doesn't matter. Why: I'm signing up for a half marathon in September. A coworker told me that I have time to prepare for the Chicago Marathon in October, but
  21. HERES JOHNNY!!! Nah its just me again. Im back, but this time im taking it down a notch. Last challenge, i had a few too many thing to focus on and things fell through the cracks. So im only doing four this time. And heeeeerrrrre they are 1: Practice soccer once a week +1 STR +1 STA Im probably not going to play school soccer this year, but will probably try out next year, so i have to keep in shape. 2: Drink two bottles of water a day +1 CON Ive stopped drinking all soda ( ) so ive been drinking Arizona teas and water. I want to drink more water this year because last year i was dehydr
  22. :IC Journal: I just received notice that I’ve been given an N7 Commendation. I haven’t had the best track record, but someone apparently sees some potential in me. It’s a big deal. N7 is the best training, best equipment and best assignments you can ask for. And they ask the best of you in return. I haven’t been off earth. Hell, I can count the number of alien races I’ve met in person on one hand. But if I’m going to do this… and make it, then I’m going to have to start figuring out how to take the best of their traits and master them for myself. I’ll have t
  23. Why, hello there. My name is Adam and this is my first post on the NF forums. I am 18 years of age, currently finishing up my last year of high school, and love sports, playing piano, video games, and nature. I would currently classify myself as an ogre/warrior, as I am 5'11", 210 lbs., and around 16% body fat, with a heavy genetic predisposition for gaining weight (whether that be fat or muscle). I have decent muscular development, and definitely need to drop some body fat and maybe gain some lean muscle mass. I am excited to begin my first challenge, as it marks the inception of a great, l
  24. Hi All. Sea Level here. I've lightened the load by jettisoning the "At." I'm not always at sea level. Sometimes above, sometimes below. This challenge will be all about going with the flow. Starting Stats: Level 5 | STR 12.5 | DEX 11 | STA 12.25 | CON 9.75 | WIS 8.75 | CHA 4 Goal 1 (Fitness): Hang Around. I really love playing around on my pull-up bar, and I will likely be investing in rings in the near future.This goal is essentially a three-workouts-a-week goal, but some focus this challenge will be with hanging fun, and stringing moves together. Pull-ups, chin-ups, German hangs (?!), tu
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