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  1. Hello, all! I was on here a long while ago working on my fitness and am returning several years later (and several years older - welp!) from an entirely different country and with completely different goals, ready to work on myself again! 😄 Back then I was in my late teens and concentrated heavily on cardio and studying to great success, but I also had far less to contend with back then. I'm quite a changed person now, with a job I love in a city in England, an intolerance to lactose that I was free of as a youngster (boo), and an only slightly detrimental work ethic (
  2. When we last left our hero... I was last active here in 2015-2016, but have had a few false starts since then. The short version is that I've been dealing with depression most of my life, and since 2013 have lost both parents, ended two relationships, and of course have recently been dealing with the effects of the pandemic as someone who works in and is finishing up a degree in hotel and restaurants hospitality. It's been really, really hard to have any motivation to do anything. My depression has gotten a lot worse, I haven't been doing well in school or work, and I have gained about 20
  3. Discipline A good assassin practices discipline, and great assassin lives it. Instead of focusing on different aspects of being an assassin, Snuggles needs to focus on improving the discipline in her life. She needs to focus on the things she can control and actively change. Physical #1: Working on the back. I have joined a Pilates group that meets twice a week. I also want to get back into my physical therapy. Week #1 of my challenge: Focus on physical therapy 3 times Week #2 of my challenge: Focus on physical therapy 4 times & Pila
  4. Lilmissbri joins the Game of Thrones Now, obviously, the ending hasn't happened yet. BUT this probably my favorite show of all time besides Avatar: The Last Airbender (for completely different reasons.... obviously). Season 7 started last month and it's all I can think about these days! So let's make it the theme. Mwahaha. - - Become No One ~ Fitness Goal: Complete this 14 day pilates challenge. -- Grow a Dragon ~ Diet Goal: Drink 3 bottles of water and serve dinner with veggies every day. Bonus: New paleo recipes I actually l
  5. So last challenge didn't go so well ... lets modify and try again ! Recently i realized i gained 10 pounds, which is super duper awesome, i'm finally back to my regular weight prior to kids 7 years ago. BUT.... i don't quite like the way my shape looks now. Too jiggly for my liking and i'm not fit at all. Time to kick myself in the butt and tone up those muscles ! So the goal is to make muscles and feel awesome and strong, while keeping that weight I finally managed to gain. From past experience, i know that adding things from my goals into my morning rou
  6. Hello. I was here quite awhile ago using a different name. I've had a pretty rough time since then and have completely fallen off the mat, as I like to call it. I haven't worked out in well over a year, so I've decided to start back at beginning, this time as a mermaid. Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid... then always be a mermaid. Just Add Water As a person with depression and anxiety, the suggested amount of alcohol and caffeine is none. I do believe in moderation, but lately I've not really been living it. The problem is, I love the ritual of coffee in
  7. (Kind of a placeholder for my official re-introduction. You may know me from before, but I'm starting over completely.)
  8. Hello everyone! If you saw my last challenge, you know that April was kinda ridiculous for me, in that there was just a whole lot of changes and I never really had time to spend on myself. I've decided that May will be better, so I'm starting now! I'm switching back to my original challenge format, just because I want a bit more structure this go around, since my life is still in flux (someone else gave notice at work, it's unknown how this will affect my already affected job). I don't forsee any trips etc coming up this time, so I'm ready to get rolling. (I'm a Monday
  9. Hey Druids All of my previous challenges have been with the Assassins, but I hope you don't mind me visiting, since my goals this go-round are closer to this group's style. After some adventuring... I seem to have taken an arrow to the knee, and to let my body recover I'm going to lay off of high-impact workouts and stick to yoga, pilates and meditation along with tracking my food this challenge. I'll have to see how my knees and strength are doing after this challenge to know if I'm ready to go back to running around and jumping off of things, but for now I need the (deceptively, I know
  10. I'm using this challenge to shape some new behaviors for the next four weeks. I've had a super successful summer as far as archery is concerned, which is great. Interestingly, I've got a 15K race on October 2nd, so that's going to affect the initial week of my challenge, since I'll be tapering. Lots of yoga and short, quick runs until right before the race, and then nothing for a day or two, and then the race. After the race is over, however, I want to get back into the gym and lift some. I've been spending a lot of time training for the race, so the majority of m
  11. I don't have a full challenge sorted out yet, so this is kinda a place holder. I've been on NF a little over six months now. When I started in September 2015 my goal was to lose 20lbs by Christmas. Instead I gained 3lbs, am up to the heaviest I have ever been and it's getting to the point where my clothes don't fit. I know that I'm stronger than I was six months ago, but I still cant do a push up, I'm not as strong as I want to be and I REALLY don't like how I look at the moment. I know this challenge is going to have to focus on my diet, and that means tracking. But I
  12. ☆☆☆ ☆ Main Story, Goal 1: get back to pre-wedding weight (Goal 2: Pass avg fitness test Goal 3: 25% or less body fat Goal 4: gain post apocalyptic survivalist fitness level Goal 5: ???) Quest 1: Workout 3x a week! (09/12 +3STR, 07/12 +2STR, 05/12 +1STR) Quest 2: Primal 80/20 + 90g max weekly avg + 1500 max weekly avg! (3/4 +3CON/1CHA, 2/4 +2CON/1CHA, 1/4 +1CON) Quest 3: Weening off dairy! 10oz max weekly. (3/4 +3CHA, 2/4 +2CHA, 1/4 +1CHA) ☆☆☆ My motivation ☆☆☆ 1. I want to be a good example for my sisters and future children 2. To optimally manage my mental health 3.
  13. So I'm gonna try and make this a bit simpler. I think I will be better off focusing on a couple of things and doing them well, really making them habits, and then evaluating how I did at the end of the challenge and going from there. This is basically me telling myself to SIMPLIFY MY CHALLENGES I've been re-watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (and also The Legend of Korra). Mostly, I've been listening to Uncle Iroh. So this challenge is about connecting/listening to my inner Iroh and using the wisdom I've earned. I'm asking myself the things that add the most value to my life and making t
  14. Alrighty then. My stomach had other plans for my last challenge. I did lose weight, but probably not in the most healthy way. Dang it. What I did learn from all that is, just keep going. And maybe if I make my goals a little smaller, I can do more celebrating and certainly that will make me keep going. So, I will keep walking but I'll be dropping my daily goal to 6,000 steps. That's around 2.5 miles a day. So average 17.5 a week and 65 miles over the whole challenge. I may not get to freaking Mordor fast, but I will get there. I'm keeping meditation. Maybe more mindfulness will make m
  15. Pre-Challenge Spiel So my previous challenge was meant to reset my body and my mind for the upcoming year. It did that to an extent. It forced to make more time for myself in my busy (and getting busier) schedule and also to really focus on what I am putting into my body. I have upped my water intake significantly and aside from slipping up on a business trip week, did not drink alcohol for the whole month of January. I feel pretty great and refreshed and am so ready to start hitting things hard again! But going hard is uh... hard. For those of you who haven't been following me, I had a hi
  16. [whitewineandcathair] " Recycling the theme from my abandoned challenge, because I got a little distracted that time around. OK. A lot distracted. To make a needlessly long story short, I've been dealing with some hormonal issues for quite a while now, and the most recent birth control pill I was put on gave me a pretty serious case of the Don't Wannas. I was dealing with depression symptoms, lack of motivation, and brain fog. All of which make these challenges, uh, extra challenging. I'm on a new pill now, and have no idea how well this will work out, but here we go... ...builds
  17. This will be my second challenge with the druids. I feel good here, and I am sure this is the place to be for my quest to physical and mental health. I will turn 50 this year, and by the time I reach this magic date I want to have my life in order. In detail, this means to focus on physical health by doing yoga and pilates on a regular basis and by cleaning up my diet again. I've been slacking on my paleo, not liking the consequences. Mental health is something that for some reason I tend to neglect, and this needs to change. Usually, I sort of race through my work days, and if someone as
  18. Hi everyone, I'm new to the Druids - I'm 48, perimenopausal and 2 sizes bigger than I was 2 years ago. It won't shift, no matter what I do so I need to learn to accept my new size and focus on exercise and diet to make me healthier instead of obsessing about weight. I've a bit of a dodgy knee and a rotator cuff injury that puts lifting anything out of the picture for a few weeks. So, for the first challenge of the year I'm going to work on mindset, with the ultimate goal of being happy and healthy with my new size and shape. The Druids seemed like the right place to be for this month Quest
  19. Hi everyone! I have plateaued and I need help changing my workout routine. I currently do soccer once a week, cycling twice a week, and barre and yoga once a week. I want to substitute pilates for barre and add weight training into my routine but I have some questions. 1. Can I do pilates on Monday and weight training on Tuesday? I know your muscles need a rest between strength days but I thought that this might call for an exception as pilates works your muscles differently from traditional weight training. 2. [more specific] Can I do pilates on Monday and a metabolic conditioning class
  20. So I've been lurking here like a lurking lurker. Thought it was about time. Background: Medical & health research by way of bio anthropology, chem, & emergency medicine. I have long since given up on trying to measure my health & fitness by my weight. My standards have become: endurance, in/cm, definition, clothing fit, general feeling of physical wellness. BMI is absolute bullshit for individuals. I am well aware that only a very small percent of a percent can lose- and keep- weight off. 'Health' is subjective. My goals: Clothes that do not bunch or rub the crotch out a week a
  21. Hello all! I'm working on a lot of stuff and decided to start a battle log! I'm moving in the next month, so no challenge for me this next round. But I'll be back better than ever in 2016! I wanted to keep up the accountability and stay involved here, so here I am! A little bit about me: Growing up my main exercise was ballet and I did that for 12 years. Going into college that kinda all disappeared. The freshman 15 wasn't really a problem, but the sophomore 10 definitely happened (that's what happens when you give up and eat fries for most meals after your father passes away). In grad schoo
  22. Steven Universe Challenge Steven Universe is about a group of Gemstone based beings who save the world, and notably ALL Gems are female (well technically they are a uni-gendered race that uses female pronouns ). GIRL POWER! The show has a couple of main themes: the power of compassion and the necessity of strong, trusting relationships. I love the show for the amazing characters, beautiful animation, fun and catchy songs, and hilarity ("my mind is the internet, I know every continuity mistake ever made on television"). Awesome characters I wasn't able to fit into this challenge includ
  23. [WHITEWINEANDCATHAIR] ...BUILDS A BETTER CORE [+3 STR, +2 STA] For this challenge, I've decided to separate my core workouts from my yoga practice. I found that simply planning to get to the mat three times per week gave me every excuse in the world (it's hot, I'm tired, I'd rather stretch) to skip the Pilates and core strength exercises I would like to accomplish. I am challenging myself to three core workouts every week of this challenge. (Follow my Battle Log for details on the workouts.) A = 16 - 18 core workouts B = 14 - 15 core workouts C = 12 - 13 core workouts ...UPGRADES
  24. GRAVITY FALLS THEMED CHALLENGE, YO! Format: week to week challenge goals (thanks deftona!) in categories of: NutritionCreativeLife GoalPreparationMaintenance Here's what I'm starting with. I'll see how the first week goes and then if I need to I can edit/ re-evaluate from there. Quest 1: Smile Dip Days in deficit! Action: Goal is for 6 days in deficit for the week Grading A= 6 days in deficit B=5 days in deficit C= 3-4 days in deficit D=1-3 days in deficit F= 0 days in deficit Quest 2: "Grunkle Stan, I’m an arts and crafts master. Why do you think I always have this glue g
  25. HELLO. I'm Cody. Since I'm a first-time Druid, allow me to re-introduce myself. I started yoga about two years ago to offset the strain of my job as a baker. Yoga definitely soothes my sore muscles, but I'd hit a bit of a wall, as far as strength and stamina. I've since added Pilates and bodyweight exercises, and am starting to feel a lot better. My first challenge was designed to increase my strength and stamina by increasing my workout lengths, and by tracking my food to make sure I'm getting enough fuel. Currently, my challenge is similar, but I will not be pushing forward as much as I ha
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